Jan. 18th, 2013

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so, I think I'm coming back to lj. maybe? kinda? it's peer pressure. goddammit, Kate. you drag me over to tumblr, you drag me back here, I'm helpless to resist you.

so uh. I'm maybe coming back to LJ, because I feel more talkative lately - it's mostly gonna be Suits. and possibly a little of my frenemy named Teen Wolf, which I hate but keep getting sucked into thinking about. probably not so much Teen Wolf on LJ as tumblr, where the reblog button factors heavily. although, Dylan O'Brien. cutie. edible, adorable cutie.

Where was I?

ah. if you're seeing this and you're not interested in either one of those things, you should probably filter / defriend now - I know I've been quiet for years so it hasn't mattered much whether I was filtered on or not, but it might become annoying to you in the future.

also, I recently decided / realized that I couldn't give two shits about the fandom politics / social niceties of friending status, so if the only thing keeping you from fleeing altogether is the fear that you'll hurt my feelings, go with god.

I haven't decided how sharey I want to be about non-fandom things - I pulled way back into a turtle shell years ago, but I miss the warm squishy cuddle-puddle side of being a fangirl, so I'm poking my head back out again.


Jan. 18th, 2013 05:25 pm
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I meant to say in the other post, for anyone who *is* grooving on Suits, I highly recommend [livejournal.com profile] mskatej's episode...reviews? wrap-ups? reaction posts?

anyway, she's my Suits-fan brain-twin, and I feel like making my own reaction post would be completely redundant when I can just go over there and say THISTHISTHIS.

last night's ep reviewed here


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