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you know, I'm enjoying NBC's Dracula quite a bit - from the promos I saw before the pilot, I expected it to be terrible, but I look forward to new episodes quite a bit. it does take itself Very Seriously, but they've managed to ride the line that keeps that from being a bad thing? and somehow they've suckered me into investing in the primary will-they-won't-they, though I'm also digging the femmeslash.

it's probably tied with Blacklist for my favorite new show of the season, actually - that one seems to have struck some perfect blend of procedural and daddy issues. stir well and serve with garnish.

Hostages is kind of diverting, though I'm not in love with it. SHIELD is still kind of disappointing, though I'm still watching because sometimes they hit the mark, and I think I'm too invested in the franchise *not* to watch it. still enjoying Grimm, though I wish it hadn't gone full-on arc-based. I was enjoying having an episodic genre show back on television

Arrow...Stephen Amell. Good Lord. there are actually a lot of things I enjoy about that show, but I'm pretty sure I'd keep watching without any of them because the power of the pretty compels me. I don't think he's the *most* attractive man, or the most charismatic, or the most anything at all, but then you put him in front of me and I kind of temporarily forget his mediocrity. there's some kind of witchcraft going on there that I haven't figured out yet.

Elementary continues to be flawless in every way. that's all I have to say about that.
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