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omg, ok. so uh. I can't give you a real summary for this, or any real warnings. it's a thing. but I am sticking a big fat angst warning on this sucker. I think I was channeling my own. uh. into something completely unlike my life.

Title: Lover's Spat (1/1...really)
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spangel
Summary: human au. that's all you're getting.
Warnings: angst. ANGST. that's all your getting, though there should be others.
Disclaimer: not mine. witness my empty pockets.

what the hell was in my wheaties this morning? angsty wheaties. )
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this uh. came out of nowhere one night when I couldn't sleep. and I was thinking about what Spike would think about when he couldn't sleep. and naturally, it was all about Angel. :P

Title: The Reason
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Rating: uh...PG-13? discussion of cocks, but no action.
Pairing: all of them. and none of them. vague enough for you?
Summary: Sometimes when he should be sleeping, Spike thinks about why they all love Angelus best.
Warning: err...only warning I can give is that it went a wee bit meta on me. sorry for that.
Disclaimer: so not mine, in any profitable way. but you can't stop me from making them walk and talk and whine in my head.

Spike's sorta bitter.... )
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I seem to be on this teen makeout kick *coughs* see, this wasn't even the one that I intended to write last night. it's just the one that happened. which means the one I intended to write is probably gonna happen later. somehow I don't see any of you complaining that there could be more teen makeout spangel on the horizon.

oh, and I should say this is unrelated to the last makeout fic. different 'verse.

Title: Spin the Bottle
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Spangel
Rating: eh, PG-13. I know, it's one gets off. my Spike always swears like a sailor, though.
Summary: I think the title pretty much says it all. the boys get cornered into doing something they don't want to do (no, of course not!) by one of the classics.

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so, I've been having this mad craving for teen Spangel making out. I conned [ profile] sexymermaid into writing a little spangel-makes-out-on-the-schoolbus for me, and it's lovely and can be found here, but I am of the opinion that there can never be too much boykissing, so I was antsy for more. jan told me to just get on with it and write more schoolbus porn making-out, but I was restless. then [ profile] vamptastica suggested making out at the drive-in, and this ficlet was born :D

ps, I really need more spangel icons. any suggestions?

Title: The Drive-in
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Spangel
Rating: NC-17
Summary: teen human AU. boys making out and fooling around. in a car. much hotness to be had, there.
Warnings: uh. they're 17 <shrugs> take it or leave it.
Disclaimer: just playing with Joss's toys. he left the toybox open for us, but they still belong to him.

boy kissing. hurrah for saturdays! )
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so, once upon a time [ profile] spankspike wrote me two little whorefics that pushed all my buttons in all the right ways. and I promised her that I would write a sequel to the scenario that worked her own kinks. And then I got busy. And there was sadness across the land.

But! I finally finished it today, and I make up for the tardiness by presenting you with something that is ridiculously long for a one-shot. if you haven't read spanky's The Birthday Special yet, you probably should check it out before you read my sequel. it's muy bueno, and who would turn up their nose at hot spangel whorefic? a crazy person, that's who! I normally don't like William, but hers is delightful. Her fic did a really good job of drawing out William for us, and it made me want to crack open Angel's hard shell to release the tasty little nut inside (....I think I'm in a weird mood today. sorry.)

anyway, I hope you enjoy it, babe. I think you will.

Title: Icing On The Cake (1/1), sequel to [ profile] spankspike's The Birthday Special
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Spangel (Angel/William)
Rating: so very NC-17
Summary: I'm too lazy to make one up right now. whorefic. Angel's a young rentboy, William is a 30-year-old virgin. well lookie there, it's a summary.
Warnings: more or less underage sex, prostitution, light light sub/dom, um. schmoop. I feel I should warn for schmoop.
Disclaimer: not mine. the boys aren't mine, and neither is the original story idea, which belongs to [ profile] spankspike who graciously agreed to let me play. jeez, I'm stealing all over the place. klepto.

whorefic, ahoy! )
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so I was watching that episode in Angel season 3 where Connor is newly returned and after ripping off some dude’s ear to save a junkie, Angel tracks Connor to an abandoned hotel where he is trying to revive said junkie from a fatal OD. and I blame [profile] sickchicks for infecting me with the daddy!kink, but my brain took that episode in a whole new direction.

all told I don’t think it’s that extreme, a lot more thinking than actual doing, but read the warnings and don’t come crying to me. he’s a vampire and he didn’t raise the kid, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Title: New World, Old Ways
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Angel/Connor
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash, incest, underage sexual acts, I think it’s consensual but I could see an argument for noncon
Summary: so, I was watching As3’s A New World and I started thinking, what if that scene in the motel had gone differently? it's pretty, if I may say so myself.
Disclaimer: the characters belong to Joss and ME...alas, alack.
Feedback: please, I am a fan of the constructive criticism!

unbeta’d cuz I’m impatient

this way to the smut )


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