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if you have a account involving fandom and ficcing, drop me a link. I'm greedy for your recs. I already know that meretrix, felis, entrenous and apreludetoanend do. anyone else? *smooches*
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now that I've finally gotten around to it, haha. I know yall have some good ones, so gimme. het, slash, whatever pairing, I don't care, just *gimme hands*

spn 3.01

Oct. 7th, 2007 02:35 pm
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I finally managed to watch it online. whoo

spoilery thoughts behind the cut )

also, I watched that Stupid Girl sam/jo vid and I really got the hankering for some good spn vids, which I haven't really delved into as yet. wanna rec me some "classic" vids in that fandom?

meta recs?

Sep. 29th, 2007 05:02 pm
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I'm very post-y today.

I need meta recs...for now, particularly ship manifestos and essays about writing fanfiction. other topics, I'll look at later.

throw em at me, baby.
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why do they call him "Pastor" Jim if he's a catholic priest (or is he? is he something else? I don't know that anyone else wears the clerical collar like that except catholics)

also...anybody got some pastor jim fic recs? *ducks* not necessarily porn. know...I like him.
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gah. help me out, sisters. jesus, this is like my millionth post of the day. I have rainy-day day-before-moving restlessness I think.

I want to read an old favorite / old classic. where my boys are eeevil. but not really darkfic. just, you know. they're evil. I do love their diabolical little brains. and porn, which each other or with someone else. anyone, pretty much. *pulls the slot machine lever and sees what you spit out*

ETA: I just realized that "evil but not darkfic" might be confusing. by this I mean, I don't want, you know, graphic rape and torture. just, you know. evil seduction and evil and more evil. if that makes any sense


Aug. 27th, 2007 08:55 am
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ok. *cough* I have a confession to make. I have a new rps otp.


really. really really really. it's not that I don't enjoy occasionally reading j2, I have just, yesterday...that chris/jensen CURLS my fucking TOES.

and casey is laughing at me right now. so is steph. because before I started hanging around with those bitches, I didn't do chris or lindsey in fic. yeah, fuck you both. this is all your fault.


if you need some proof of the hotness, try this one, orrrr this one, orrrrr OMG THIS ONE MOST OF ALL.

so you know...rec a sister if you know any.

and also? the idea of in-passing Dave/Jensen occurred to me and my head damn near spun off my body. anyone? anyone?


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