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so, okay. one of the few recentish episodes of Bones that I actually enjoy is Mayhem on a Cross...the one where the underground metal band uses their friend's skeleton as a stage prop.

I've always been kind of fond of the lead singer kid who's the murderer. he's just so fucking *obnoxious*, in a realistic way. the way kids that age are, especially those predisposed to think their pain is monumentally epic and beyond compare. plus it cracks me up that he obviously wants to be Jack Nicholson.

but here's something I never noticed before: the guy's stage name is Pinworm.

and as soon as I realized that, I had a moment of deep, deep love for whatever writer slipped THAT in there. because you know what a pinworm is? it's a parasite commonly found in the rectum or lower colon of small children. the females crawl out at night and lay eggs around the anus, which makes the child's ass itchy...the child rubs it against things, and then another kid comes along and puts that object in their mouth, and that's how pinworms are spread.

this kid, this obnoxious, pretentious, PAIN IN THE ASS of a kid, named himself after an ass worm. an itchy, itchy ass worm.


so to whoever was responsible for that detail, you were a rockstar in that moment. (too bad the rest of the time, your entire writing team is made of FAIL.)
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how come Max Keenan was tried for the murder of Deputy Director Kirby, who he killed at the end of Judas on a Pole, and not for Garrett Delaney, who he killed at the beginning of the ep? the exact same evidence they used to try him for one could have been used for the other, since it was the exact same MO.

*sigh* I know, what do I expect from that show, really. but still.

for a long time I also thought the charred body they find at the end of the s1 ep, on the scaffolding of the Washington Monument, was also meant to be related. but now that I look back at it, I guess not. it just always seemed like that dramatic a statement was going to tie into something somewhere, and all it was was the backdrop for Booth and Brennan to reconcile after he exposed her belly in court. kind of a waste, really
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- "I thought [the hand] was human, but I'm just a vet." ....I don't even know how to respond to that. unless it's a chimpanzee escaped from the zoo, making the call that the HAND with the OPPOSIBLE THUMB is HUMAN is kind of a no-brainer, even when you *don't* have medical training. the first digit can be offset in a bunch of species but the proportions of a human hand are really fucking characteristic. especially when it's attached to a set of wrist bones clearly not designed to bear weight. dumb fucks.

- the vet calls it an autopsy, and scoffs when Dr. Brennan corrects her with "necropsy" as the proper terminology. it was valid when *Booth* needed to be corrected, but the vet would call it a necropsy herself. maybe if she were an 70yo man who had been practicing veterinary medicine since he was in his 20s, I'd write off her reaction as sort of old-guard vet med, but at her age, she'd have come up using the proper scientific terminology. in fact, a medical doctor would be highly likely to make that mistake, instead. my best friend doesn't know shit about what goes on on the veterinary side of the fence, whereas vets have at least layman's knowledge of the human medical community.

why why why do they make that woman such a moron. vets trained in the last 20 years are not country bumpkins. or, if they are (cuz really, a few of my classmates were...rather bumpkin-ish), they are WELL EDUCATED country bumpkins.

- Brennan supposes that if someone has been engaging in cannibalism, they'll catch a prion disease (a human equivalent of mad cow), with no mention of what a long shot that is. one person engaging in cannibalism one time (or even more than one time) does not a recipe for prion disease make. prion diseases do tend to run rampant through societies with a culture of cannibalism, but it's an infectious disease. it's hard to catch the flu all by your lonesome if you're not in contact with a population that carries the flu. similarly, to catch a prion disease from eating someone, the person you eat must be infected with prions. which is far more likely if they themselves are a cannibal. I've been to Washington state. there are some kooks, but not a whole lot of cannibalism going on.

ok. whew. I've had that on my chest since the episode aired, hahaha. for some reason, that ep bugs the SHIT out of me. sloppy sloppy writing. *shakes them*

while I'm bitching about my medicine-based shows: a somewhat spoilery note to the creators of House, and every other medical show in existence )
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so I was just chilling out and re-watching Killer in the Concrete, and two things occurred to me:
1. hot pokers. always with the hot pokers. poor guy.
2. Booth/Max Keenan. no, seriously. I wants it. I don't know why, but I wannnntsssss it. I can totally see the slash on that one! me! who doesn't see slashy booth except in my prurient fantasies. why hasn't this been done? *pouts*

*sticks out tongue at everyone who just shuddered in disgust at me*
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so, I figure my page for other fandom is looking a little bare. so...drabble call! I'll take the first ten for sure, then pick and choose. other fandoms, plus...*debates about doing crossovers* yeah, ok, I'll do crossovers with the buffyverse too.

(I know I didn't actually fulfill my last two drabble calls. I suck. this is why I used to not do them, but I'll try my best with this one)

gimme a pairing and...we can say either a kink, or...let's see. a funny situation? sure. haha *makes it up as she goes along* alrighty. I'll do...

Bones - Booth/Zack, Booth/Bones, Booth/Angela, Angela/Bones...erm...that might be it. Booth/OMC I can do.

BSG - Laura/Lee, Lee/Starbuck

Oz - Keller/Beecher, Keller/O' there are so many people it's hard to remember. other than those two, hit me with something and I'll let you know. oh! the priest is hot too. lmfao.

POTC - any combo of jack, will and elizabeth.

spn - don't particularly wanna write wincest. I can put either of the boys with a crossover situation.

qaf - I can probably work with any combo of brian, justin and michael. i also adore emmett and his little football guy. ehh...try me with other pairings and I'll let you know.

if you're going for a buffyverse crossover, please don't ask me to slash gunn, and please don't ask me to think of Giles naked. kthanxbye.

ok. *is terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone* hit me!

PS - I secretly want to write Booth/Angela but have no specific ideas. if you have a good one, I'll give you a cookie!
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I bought Bones s1 today. *flails* we were at Half Price Books and there it was, $20. which, now that I've looked at, isn't that exciting a price. wahtever. total impulse buy. I decided I couldn't leave it to be bought by someone who wouldn't love David Booth the way he deserved to be loved.

I think I will spend the weekend rolling in the love. I didn't even catch all of s1, so some of it will be new to me. whee!
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haha, I held my thoughts this time till most folks will have seen the show. no need to tempt those of you with little will power :)

bones spoilery thoughts )

in the meantime, simon and whats-his-face are flirting pretty hard, aren't they?
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who's deliriously happy to see my boyfriend favorite shanshu'd-vampire? I am!

brief but significant spoiler )
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Dear FOX,

you are a fucking cock-tease. quit promising me the nookie, and then suggesting we play miniature golf instead. you're giving me blue-balls.

thanks for nothing.



ETA: spn--et tu, brutus? why hath thou forsaken me? and other languishing-in-anguish literary references.
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ok, so have I mentioned that [ profile] nyghtpet and I chat and heckle throughout the eps and generally make a ruckus. good times.

Bones spoilers )

for the record, since there seems to be some confusion *glares at [ profile] denied_heaven and [ profile] vamptastica* the icon that I made (yes, I know. and it's horribly lame and I love it anyway) with the hamster, posted earlier today....the hamster is *NOT* being USED in the sexual act between Spike and Angel. fucking sickos. *glares* he's just a casual observer. a very scared casual observer. to the things they are doing that are kinky, but not *that* fucking kinky.

and then I had a very scary conversation with vamps about Richard Gere and small furry creatures and cardboard tubes. *covers face*

cut for the explicit explanation, not for the faint of heart )

I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight.

ETA: and now Casey tells me people like to step on them barefoot. *wails* what's wrong with people??
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I don't think this spoils anything, but just in case,
mini-spn spoiler )

and while we're at it

boonnnnesss )

and yes, this was the lamest, briefest show-squeeing post ever.
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will I ever get tired of looking at David Boreanaz? no. no I won't

here be Bones spoilers...mostly, pointless whining. )

man marries horse. read all about it.

I had to laugh when I saw that one of the critics had this to say:

Honestly, dude? If you're gonna be doing something with the horse, and the horse didn't want you to? The horse would let you know with a hard kick. Frankly thats not what I find overtly strange. The idea of marrying the horse, I find strange.

*headdesk* for the record, I have a problem with a man fucking a horse. on several levels.

the Texas House today shot down the HPV vaccine order. by enough votes that they'd be able to overturn it if Perry (the governor) vetoed. fuckers. knew it was too good to be true in this state.
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he is such a sexy beast.
and the episode was good too
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Bones slash scares me a little. lol. I mean, it's not just that I don't see it (at all. if there is subtext, it is six feet a coffin that's nailed shut), it's that...gack, Zack or Hodgins naked *pokes out her eyes* and, and... *shudders in horror and runs away* I feel the same way about them that I do about Giles...happy for him that he's getting some, in an abstract way, but I don't want to see it, or think about it too extensively ;)

however, I wouldn't be opposed to Booth having some uh. experiences in the military. maybe the guy whose life he tried to save. I'm just saying....

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how much do I. love. Booth. he's so sexy when he's all...emotional. love, love, love.

got a little misty-eyed. I'm a sucker. and then! a rerun I hadn't seen. very exciting. and then tonight, I get to watch more Bones, because [ profile] spikesgurl is my frickin hero and went above and beyond to get me last week's ep that I missed due to studying. I heard it was a good one, so I'm looking forward to it. woulda watched it the second I got it, but you know...had to wait for the roomie...


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