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ok, I never ever do these things, but...come on, it's BUNNY SPIKE. hahahaha. *points* I wish I could put a little blood dribble from his mouth. ganked from [ profile] sueworld2003 and [ profile] vamptastica

cut to Save the Flists (tm) )
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a long time ago (two months, holy shit!) I smoked some crack and wrote a series of snippets about Spike getting turned into a bunny. and then [ profile] sueworld2003 made a manip of it for the [ profile] darker_spike challenge *points*, and [ profile] moscow_watcher made me an icon *points*. and I said to myself, I'll write two more parts of this thing to wrap up the arc, for them.

and then, I had not one funny bone in my body for several weeks.

but they're ready to be posted now. better late than never, right? thanks for your gifts, guys.

by the lovely and talented [ profile] sueworld2003

some bunnies don't learn their lessons )
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sometimes I like to make the boys do things that are so undignified, they'd eviscerate me if they could...
(this is still rated G)

Angel wuvs his bunny )
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ok, well. I swear there aren't going to be an infinite number of these. I just mess around with them as they come to me.

but you know Angel had to make an appearance. [ profile] so_sharlemaine is so responsible for this turn of events.

that bunny wore out his welcome )
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ok, who knew that popular demand for bunny!Spike would be so high? not me, that's for sure. I wrote a little bit more, and this time, *I* actually like it! haha. this one cracks me up. this is in response to a disturbing trend in the comments yall left. lmao. once again, I'm laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of others.

btw, I'll be getting back to you on those as soon as I can, though I'm not sure if it'll be today. I'll answer them eventually, promise! I appreciate knowing I made you all giggle :)

Spike is a baaaaaaaad bunny. )
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let me tell you all the reasons I cannot be blamed for this post. it all started with a post that [ profile] entrenous88 made about a bunny named William (no really). and my brain is cracktastic, it is well known, so I immediately wrote this cracktastic thing, because everyone makes Spike into a cat, and why can't he be a bunny *facepalm* but I hid it on my hard drive, because it was too cracktastic to be shared. until I was about to chuck it out, and [ profile] denied_heaven and [ profile] nyghtpet made me post it.

I dunno about this one, but they were amused, and it has its cuteness. without further ado...
bunny!Spike, because this is the speed I'm moving at lately, folks. )


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