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the plural of PDA is...PDA. not PDAs, PDA's, PDAes. cuz...

Public Display of Affection. PDA.
Public Displays of Affection. PDA.

would you say public display of affections? no.

see also: Attorneys General, Courts Martial. etc. not always an s on the *end*, people.

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for the love of fucking god, please stop making Chris wear glasses. yeah yeah, I know THOSE glasses are supposed to be ugly, but aren't they a wee bit...I dunno...cartoonishly conspicuous? and even the ones that are supposed to be Eliot's regular prescription are hideous. I perv on a dude in glasses as much as the next girl, but you're making him unattractive, and I didn't even know that was possible.

Somewhere in the world at large, there is a pair of glasses that fit his face. Don't you have people who are paid to find that kind of thing? get on that.

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if your boys want to twang
have a texan check your slang

...cuz some of you are doing it wrong. and it hurts my SOUL. is that how you people think we talk? *curls up in the fetal position*
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- "I thought [the hand] was human, but I'm just a vet." ....I don't even know how to respond to that. unless it's a chimpanzee escaped from the zoo, making the call that the HAND with the OPPOSIBLE THUMB is HUMAN is kind of a no-brainer, even when you *don't* have medical training. the first digit can be offset in a bunch of species but the proportions of a human hand are really fucking characteristic. especially when it's attached to a set of wrist bones clearly not designed to bear weight. dumb fucks.

- the vet calls it an autopsy, and scoffs when Dr. Brennan corrects her with "necropsy" as the proper terminology. it was valid when *Booth* needed to be corrected, but the vet would call it a necropsy herself. maybe if she were an 70yo man who had been practicing veterinary medicine since he was in his 20s, I'd write off her reaction as sort of old-guard vet med, but at her age, she'd have come up using the proper scientific terminology. in fact, a medical doctor would be highly likely to make that mistake, instead. my best friend doesn't know shit about what goes on on the veterinary side of the fence, whereas vets have at least layman's knowledge of the human medical community.

why why why do they make that woman such a moron. vets trained in the last 20 years are not country bumpkins. or, if they are (cuz really, a few of my classmates were...rather bumpkin-ish), they are WELL EDUCATED country bumpkins.

- Brennan supposes that if someone has been engaging in cannibalism, they'll catch a prion disease (a human equivalent of mad cow), with no mention of what a long shot that is. one person engaging in cannibalism one time (or even more than one time) does not a recipe for prion disease make. prion diseases do tend to run rampant through societies with a culture of cannibalism, but it's an infectious disease. it's hard to catch the flu all by your lonesome if you're not in contact with a population that carries the flu. similarly, to catch a prion disease from eating someone, the person you eat must be infected with prions. which is far more likely if they themselves are a cannibal. I've been to Washington state. there are some kooks, but not a whole lot of cannibalism going on.

ok. whew. I've had that on my chest since the episode aired, hahaha. for some reason, that ep bugs the SHIT out of me. sloppy sloppy writing. *shakes them*

while I'm bitching about my medicine-based shows: a somewhat spoilery note to the creators of House, and every other medical show in existence )
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I got a better-than-perfect score on my first grade of the year \o/ better-than because I knew where the RNC was being held...apparently only an eighth of my classmates knew. whoever said Jon wasn't good for my academic standing?

alright, so my apartment complex is kind of rundown. and to highlight this, our parking lot is torn all to shit in places. good parking is at a premium.

that's why three weeks ago, I was irritated to discover a motorcycle parked in my spot. kid moved in for the school year. what was super irritating is that most of my neighbors with bikes park them in the courtyard so as not to take up the parking lot, because the parking lot is fucked. what's *more* irritating is that it's not like this is a Harley, people. it's a crotch rocket. it's tiny.

what's *MADDENING*? is that he hasn't driven it in 3 weeks. it has been for three weeks. while I have to park at the ass end of nowhere.

and I don't know who owns the thing, because, *you know*, no one ever drives it. so I sort of pout at it every time I come home.

inconsiderate little shit. these damn kids. get em off my lawn.
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ok, the spn/cwrps fandom baffles the fuck out of me. I feel this sort of befuddlement frequently when I lurk that sandbox. there are many fandoms I have wandered into after becoming familiar with buffy, and they felt familiar. spn/cwrps, I feel like a stranger in a strange land. their customs, are not my customs. and they frequently make me scratch my head. unnecessary index posts. ubiquitous soundtracks. incongruous, nonsensical titles. you know, things like that.

kids these days. with their hep slang and loud rock'n'roll music.

but this is not me being a cranky old curmudgeon (tm). this is about me being fucking clueless.

dime un pequeño obsequio, chicas. because after all this time, I still haven't figured it out on my own.

what the *hell* is a timestamp fic? :)
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Note that this is mostly to make myself feel better, and as though reading that book weren’t a total waste of my time.  This post was an exercise in reverse-engineering a sloppily-written book to try to learn something.  And also, to vent my spleen about the sloppiness.

please also note that this post contains explicit spoilers for the book, but I don't recommend you read it anyway, so....


More and more now, when I read commercial / published literature, I think to myself, god, can’t these people find a good beta reader? 

Seriously, we have a good thing going here, folks, if we want to take advantage of it.  you can *find* people not only to edit in the typo-catching sense, but someone to tell you what’s believable, what reads poorly, and where you need a reality check.  That is *valuable*.

Dude, Cormac McCarthy needs this kind of beta-reader, stat.  or at least someone who’s not an ass-kisser.  But I guess when you’re a recluse, that kind of thing is hard to come by.



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I went rock-picking with my sister the other day. We hiked down to this little pebble beach and filled up some backpacks with rocks for various parts of their garden they’re in the process of decorating, and it’s the kind of activity that lends itself to introspective discussion. For us, anyway. We’re introspective people, and very much in tune with one another’s thinking.

And the conversation came back to the nature of friendships and the things we expect from our friends, now that we are, by all accounts, Grown-Ups. And two of the things that we cherish most in friends are 1) a level of candidness that disposes of all polite and decorous bullshit, and 2) a desire to handle your own affairs and not drag third parties into your arguments. Those are pretty rare things to come by, especially in combination, but we’ve been lucky enough to find fucking cool people, over the years, that also stand up to these tests. And *those* are the folks that make it in the long run with us.

It all just circles around to things about fandom that have been on my mind lately.

This is what I expect from my friends (RL or OL) in the event that someone injures my feelings…which isn’t all that easy to do in the first place: I expect them to be willing to listen while I sort through my emotions …I expect them, I suppose, to make sympathetic noises at me…I expect them to feel free, if they’re so inclined, to point out how I’m making my life difficult by viewing things in a slanted or otherwise stupid way…and pretty much, the buck stops there. I actually prefer that people *not* be publicly supportive of my “side” of a problem, because I’m a grown-up, and I prefer to deal with the person that has hurt me one-on-one, and privately. The more people you get involved in a conflict, the more complicated the resolution of the conflict becomes.

snippety-snip )


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