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so I'm at McDonald's this morning grabbing a cup of coffee and a chicken biscuit...I'm all bleery and barely awake when this bird flies in front of my car.

yeah I know, not front page news. but it's gorgeous. and so...clearly...not a native species. and, to my bird-untrained eye, looks fucking expensive. really pretty little thing, snow white and delicate with colorful tail feathers longer than its body.


so I get home and google animal control, because...yeah, that's so somebody's pet, and in Texas there are hawks, and it's *white*, and it's not gonna survive out there very long on its own, was really fucking adorable. it chirped at me when I opened my window to get a better look. I actually called the local animal shelter first, but they weren't open and I doubt they could do anything except have an answer if the owner called in.

I felt kind of silly when I called animal control and realized that locally, animal control is dispatched through the police department. hahahaha. *facepalm* not the case everywhere.

good news is that because it's somebody's pet, they'll send someone out to have a look...bad news is, after I hung up I had this really horrific image of a good ole boy snagging this bird and it dying of shock because it's just that kind of special snowflake.

*headdesk* I'm not even a bird person, yall.
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remember when I said I didn't like the glasses you were putting on Chris? out of gratitude for respecting my wishes this week, I thought I'd gives some positive feedback:

Parker in big dorky glasses is kinda sexass. PLZ TO BE HAVING THAT AGAIN.

a screencap and my take on certain ADORABLE guest star. )
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so just the other day, I was thinking to myself, the grackles aren't nearly as bad this year as they have been in the past.

I'm being punished for the sin of thinking that.

let me say, I am not afraid of birds. I have no bird phobia. I kind of like them. I don't have any particular urge to *own* birds because I think they're a monumental pain in the ass and way too easy to kill, wild animals, I find them pleasant enough.

but grackles give me the fucking creeps. physically. like, physical revulsion. I have no fucking idea why. they're not particularly big or ugly or aggressive or anything. they're just non-descript black birds, common around here. a lot of people mistakenly call them blackbirds or crows but their breast is brownish, and chances are if you see a dark-colored bird around here, it's a grackle.

but this time of year, they descend upon us like the plague. seriously. I don't particularly know where they summer, but I guess our first real cold snap was late this year, because just in the last few days, they've really arrived. I guess they're a gregarious species, because they especially like to hang out in the parking lots of big stores. I was just getting groceries and there were so many that they had filled the superstore's roof, all the power lines, all the roofs of the neighboring buildings, all the trees, and were overflow parking on top of any available horizontal surface, namely the cars. then they wait until you're right upon them before they spook, and take off in this giant flock all around you so that the stationary blanket of black birds becomes a swirling cloud of black birds and

*sucks in a deep breath*

yeah, see? they've made me all, Tippi Hedron over here.

random fun fact, obliquely related to this rant: cockroaches would not, in fact, survive the apocalypse. or, they would in some places but they wouldn't have nearly the range and density they do now, were modern heating to fail. they're largely dependent on us for habitat...before that, they were confined to warmer climates.
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somebody sent me this link for an article, but I think the slide show is worth...thousands of words, haha. seeing all these big tattooed biker dudes cooing at the pit bull puppies they pulled from a fighting ring is...priceless.

and dude, think about it. who's gonna fuck with these guys?

teh cute. it kills

ETA: when I was 10 or so, we were on vacation and we stopped at some mountain lookout just as a...uh. I forget the word. flock of bikers (*snerk*) pulled up. I was all intimidated cuz I was shy in the first place, but I remember my mom ended up talking to one of them about like...upholstery or something. curtains? I don't know, I just remember it was something really funny.
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ok, it's official--baby deer are the CUTEST FUCKING THINGS EVER. I finally got out there to feed the fawn that was born on Saturday. goddamn. I mean. she's tiny and she falls down all over the place, like, *literally* just a little bundle of legs collapsing in all directions for no good reason every 3 minutes.

and when you clean her off after she feeds, she nuzzles you back, because you know...the manufacturer software tells her to commence mutual grooming <3
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where I post stupid animal things to make you smile :)

ok, plez to not be smacking me for the grammatically incorrect macros under the cut, but...the non-cat ones make me smile. always. especially the wildlife ones. *loves*

$10 says kari uses her 'verbing your nounz' icon. :P

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

fto--for the obnoxiousness...not dialup friendly )
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the world is entirely too serious for my liking this morning. I'm here to bring the fun to your flist.

so...talking kitty, the encore! (I'll be answering comments to my last few posts tomorrow...still a busy bee today)

here's a grouchy kitty to start us off:

more kitties! more! )

happy thursday!
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so uh, the drunk!drabble experiment revealed this: I fell asleep after drabble 1.5. *snerk*

but I liked a lot of the prompts I got, so look for more from that list later. list is closed though.

as a consolation prize, have a video of a polar bear playing with a sled dog. yes, I said playing with, not massacring. never thought I'd see such a thing. my favorite slide is when the bear goes belly-up. hee!

maybe Coca-Cola was more accurate than we all thought :)

(uhh, just making sure....we do know that polar bears are fucking scary right? right? don't try this at home)

ETA: this got me thinking...what with the polar bear playing with the puppy, and the lion in Kenya mothering the antelope, and the tortoise mothering the hippo, etc etc etc....are these just the cutest signs of the apocalypse ever? we're being lulled into submission by Satan, people. if we get a lion laying down with an actual lamb, I'm outta here.
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(btw, my icon is a clouded leopard, not a you can't tell *g*)

ok, this footage is AMAZING. it's all over youtube out of context, but I have an article below the cut from the Wildlife Trust of India that tells what happened. basically, they were trying to dart a "nuisance" female tiger that was killing livestock in local villages, missed--thereby pissing the tiger off--and the tiger ambushed one of the dart team, leaping up to attack the man who was sitting astride an elephant.

the man survived though his hand was badly injured. after he fell to the ground, his elephant saved his life.

I'm putting the video behind the cut in case anyone is freaked out by the idea of watching this, but it doesn't show the tiger mauling the man or anything like that...just the initial leap upward, and it's amazing.

I sort of hate that this is all over youtube now, because out-of-context, it just adds to the kind of weird hostile hysteria we feel towards big cats, bears, sharks, crocs, etc. if you look up any of these animals on, the majority of what comes up is "so-and-so attacks!" I just wish people would use some damned common sense. then at the other extreme, humans think we are at the top of the food chain, so to speak, and are invincible... *steps off soap box*

there's another tiger video behind the cut that I just thought was funny.

mad kitty, behind the cut )
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recent NASA shot of sunset over the Pacific

this admin is pretty hostile towards the Endangered Species Act. I could go into detail but no time. recent Supreme Court decision here via NPR. there are specific reasons why I disagree with the decision, but if I don't go spend time with my parents right now, their heads are gonna explode. just wanted to share the link, since I haven't otherwise seen news coverage of this decision.

comments disabled because I won't have time to answer.
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ok, so have I mentioned that [ profile] nyghtpet and I chat and heckle throughout the eps and generally make a ruckus. good times.

Bones spoilers )

for the record, since there seems to be some confusion *glares at [ profile] denied_heaven and [ profile] vamptastica* the icon that I made (yes, I know. and it's horribly lame and I love it anyway) with the hamster, posted earlier today....the hamster is *NOT* being USED in the sexual act between Spike and Angel. fucking sickos. *glares* he's just a casual observer. a very scared casual observer. to the things they are doing that are kinky, but not *that* fucking kinky.

and then I had a very scary conversation with vamps about Richard Gere and small furry creatures and cardboard tubes. *covers face*

cut for the explicit explanation, not for the faint of heart )

I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight.

ETA: and now Casey tells me people like to step on them barefoot. *wails* what's wrong with people??
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I continue my Valentine's celebration vicariously, not with my own pictures, but by bringing you the link to this dude's blog. because he's really funny. and the animals are cute.

disabling comments because I don't have a ton of time on my hands, and I share the critter love out of the goodness of my heart. no thanks are needed. *snerk*


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