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this list is organized by pairings, and only concerns the buffyverse. To see fics set in other fandoms, go here

Buffy pairings—Spike/Buffy, Angel/Buffy
Darla pairings—Angel/Spike/Darla
Dawn pairings—Spike/Dawn/Angel, Angel/Dawn, Lindsey/Dawn, Faith/Dawn, Spike/Dawn/Xander
Faith pairings—Angel/Faith, Xander/Faith, Lindsey/Faith, Faith/Dawn
Lindsey pairings—Angel/Lindsey, Lindsey/Dawn, Lindsey/Faith, Lindsey/Doyle
Xander pairings—Spike/Xander, Angel/Xander, Xander/Faith, Spike/Dawn/Xander, Ethan/Xander
Other pairings—pairings with characters I don't use often. Connor, Doyle, Willow, Ethan, Giles.
Minor Character Fic—centering around bit-part characters
Various/Multiple Pairings—too many pairings crammed into one fic to call it one or the other
No Pairing Fic—no particular pairing; character studies, mostly

Spangel )

Note: if you like the idea of sticking another body between the boys, there are plenty of A/S/other threesomes listed under the third party. whee! *throws a bunch of naked people at them*

Buffy pairings )

Darla pairings )

Dawn pairings )

Faith pairings )

Lindsey pairings )

  • Love and Pain—kink drabble. candle wax. Posted 29 May 2007.

Xander pairings )

Other Pairings )

Minor Character pairings )

Various/Multiple pairings )

No Pairing fic )

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Heyyy, this list is reverse chronological, so you know…the better stuff’s probably at the top :) To see fics by pairing, etc, go here

Read more... )
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for fics in Buffyverse or Supernatural/CW, go here. all other fandoms are right here.

Other Fandom Fic )
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this list is organized by pairings, and only concerns the buffyverse. To see fics set in other fandoms, go here

Other pairings

Supernatural Fic & Crossovers

Jeff/Jensen )

Chris/Jensen )

j2 )

Misc CW RPS )

Supernatural & Crossovers )

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**I appreciate you not archiving my fic elsewhere without my permission. you can contact me by the email provided in my livejournal profile. If you see one of my fics archived somewhere beyond what's on this list, you should give me a heads-up. I'll give you a cookie**

Strength in Numbers - as thatotherperv
Just Rewards: archive for the Fang Fetish Awards

That Hole in Your Life - as btvslover82
Spuffy Realm: Spuffy Fanfic
Indigo Skies: Personal Site of [ profile] indigodiaries

Boys Like Him - as btvslover82
Spuffy Realm: Spuffy Fanfic
Vampire's Kiss: Spuffy Archive

Festivalverse - as thatotherperv
The Spander Files: Spander Fanfic
Xander Xtreme: he's dominant or submissive, nowhere between

A Moment in Unison - as thatotherperv
The Spander Files: Spander Fanfic

Headmaster - as thatotherperv
The Spander Files: Spander Fanfic

That One Time - as btvslover82
The Spander Files: Spander Fanfic

Lines - as thatotherperv?
Scribes of Angel: Bangel fanfic
Chrislee's bangel site
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Ok, we’re all grown-up boys and girls, yes? All fics are NC-17 unless otherwise indicated, and frequently contain slash (graphically depicting homosexual sex). also, there's a lot of underage sex lurking around here, among other things. read the warnings for individual fics, lest ye be squicked. Also, I don’t own any of the characters or canon plot-points, and I make no money. Nooo money for me. Full disclaimer in my profile.

All fics are archived in my memories. Multi-chapter fics also bear tags.

my master list is now all fancified. how d’you want it, baby?
all fandoms chronologically – because, you know…hopefully I get better the longer I do this
Buffyverse by pairing – A/S is the otp, but I write just about everything; plus some gen
Spn/CW by pairing - Jeff, Chris, Dean-shaped things.
all other fandoms – cw rps, bones, spn, potc, qaf, and crossovers with the buffyverse


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