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k, so I'm gonna call it right now that the next chapter of Owned is not getting posted this weekend as promised...which blows because it's been a month, and I enjoy posting and getting feedback about as much as some of yall seem to enjoy getting the next chapter so....pthththt.

but yeah, I've been working ~3x a week for the entire month AND I'M STILL WRITING CHAPTER 12. fucking shoot me now, I don't even know how that's possible. I think part of the reason I got so far ahead of myself compared to Needs Must is that the chapters in Owned are twice as long on average, and it's way more porn, which is always slower than dialogue.

otoh, the chapters are twice as long and it's mostly porn, so I don't feel that guilty :P

anyway, I'll post as soon as it's done and polished into something worth posting, because the plottier bits currently suck balls. rest assured I'm working on it :)
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so, I think it's entirely possible that Owned may end up being *longer* than Needs Must was. it's nowhere close right now - I'm at ~35k, and needs must ended up at ~99k, but when I look at the sheer quantity of chapter-length events that I *really want* to include, it's a little absurd. that 35k has only breached the very first phase of their relationship.

blah blah blah, me talking about my writing process and some of the variables I'm struggling with right now )
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you may have noticed that I'm prone to ridiculously long author's notes, haha. filthy habit, can't help myself. I wrote one for the chapter I'm about to post at AO3 and since it's really not at all necessary outside my neurosis for shared meaning, I decided that I'd go ahead and post it here instead of on the chapter itself.

once upon a time, I fell down a research hole called '24/7 vs TPE' )
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Ok, so. I'm about to start posting the new D/s fic I'm writing (ETA: now posted here). I have 7 chapters (~23k) of written, but it’s nowhere near done – nowhere near as done as Needs Must was when I started posting it. In fact, at this point, I haven’t even concluded their first week together. Heh. I’ve been kinda down about life lately, so Kate (who is so amazing, omg, even when I’m annoying and neurotic) suggested that I post the first chapter.

I do know where this is going, but I’m still not sure how long it’s going to take me to get there. Between my depression and the fact that writing dom pov is slower going for me, I can’t in good conscience promise any kind of regular posting schedule for this one, so – consider yourself cautioned.

As with Needs Must, the tags list will grow as chapters are posted, in order to avoid spoiling my own fic, but I’m going to post the broad strokes of the kink under the cut, for those of you that want to know in advance. PLEASE don’t read if these themes will upset you. I’ll have no pity. Seriously.

fic warnings / spoilers )


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