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so, this past Friday was the first episode of Dollhouse where I was really transfixed.

dude, how stellar was Alan Tudyk's performance as the neurotic engineer guy? I Wash was a character that grew on me slowly in Firefly...or at least, one I didn't bond to instantly as I did all the others. so I've never felt a particular affection for that actor, but in this case, my eyes were glued to him.

ramblings about investment in Joss's characters )
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I've been rewatching Angel :) I'm enjoying it quite a's been just long enough that I'm seeing it fresh again.

so I'm watching Heartthrob, and here's what gets me. I never noticed this before, but in the James/Elizabeth flashbacks, when Angelus is being all snarky about their "young love" — give it a century — he'd only been a vampire for 20-some-odd years.

*snickers* what a poser.
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while I'm on the topic of posting and polling and whatnot, something I'm idly curious about when it comes to the opinion of the flisters. I suspect this is one of those things where we all have a strong opinion when it comes to the answer, but interpretations of his character vary.

[Poll #1125134]
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ok, so uh. I signed up to do IWRY. I seriously need inspiration. I know what I'm writing, I just don't seem to be able to get the right tone and get up and going on it, you know?

so, I need eps with important/pivotal/foundational B/A moments, so that I can rewatch beginning to end and get in the mood. obviously, IWRY. Lover's Walk. Erm, the one where she goes to LA in As1 with Faith. what else? gimme! thanks :)
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so, Steph and I have been having a virtual/simulcast pajama party with the Harsh Light of Day / In the Dark. and inquiring minds want to know:

what DID Spike do to Angel with those pliers?

this calls for a poll. same question twice over, once where you pick what you think is the most likely option, once where you pick all that seem likely to you.

ETA: alas, it was supposed to read "do to Angel" not "to do Angel" but you can't edit polls. also, I guess that was Freud making a second appearance ;)

[Poll #1066781]
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[A/N: ok, I posted this a while back, actually, but it was totally dead that day and when, after 5 hours, no one had commented, I chickened out and yanked it down, haha. Which was stupid, but sometimes I’m silly. And then [ profile] icemink told me to put it back up and I’m just now getting around to that.

I’d also like to note that since I wrote this, I’ve read [ profile] peasant_’s essay on the Master which is actually along very similar lines to the points I made here about him, but far more thorough. It’s a good one to check out.]

It’s a pretty universally-accepted concept in fanon that Spike is the renegade of the Aurelius family. It’s sort of secondarily accepted that Angelus was a renegade too, when folks look past his comparison to Spike and remember his conduct with the Master—many times, he’s characterized as the stuffy, traditional one. But I was thinking about the rest of the main Aurelius line (the Master, Darla, Angelus, Dru, Spike), and I was thinking about how they were all irreverent in their own way.
there's an essay under here somewhere.... )
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in Bs3 Bad Girls, Buffy shows up at Faith's house the morning after the murder in a fairly dowdy dress. I'm watching this with my mom, and she goes..."why is she wearing..oh. church on sunday morning!" This had never occurred to me before, but she has a point. I think that's the implication. was buffy at church? how does this fit in with the rest of her canon?

in As2 Dear Boy, Lorne tells Angel that pursuing Darla is "way off his path," but everything that happens as a consequence of his interaction with Darla seems to be fated...fulfills a prophecy. so what's up with that? was Lorne just wrong, as he's been known to be, or is something else going on there?

I had another one. damn. if I only had a brain.
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sorry for the spammage today people! today was my day for the [ profile] buffyversemeta Metathon. I was a little weasel and took my own topic, thereby prompting me to FINALLY start on this meta series I've been meaning to tackle for a while.

there were supposed to be 2.5 essays but it's probably for the best that there's only know, no one wants to hear me blather on *that* long. I had another one written on vampire nutrition, but it's a little...not layperson friendly right now and it needs to be reworked. so uh...that'll be up...whenever I have time to do that. some day.

Title: Canon vs. Science: the real deal on vampire anatomy and physiology
Author: Mel ([ profile] thatotherperv)
Summary: the beginning of a meta series I’ve been planning…1.5 essays for the purpose of the Metathon. Why science must be a consideration in the practicalities of vampirism (intro to the eventual series). And the real essay: How a feline model can be used to understand some vampire physiology.
Spoilers: let’s say whole series, just to be safe.
Word count: “It’s just magic” is 807 words, “Vampires as Cats” is 3200.

Notes: For those who don’t know me, a little on my background: My career goal is to be a zoo vet. My bachelor’s is in zoology, sort of split emphasis between ecology and pre-veterinary curriculum. I had a sociology minor in college and I have a Master’s in public policy related to wildlife, which is sort of irrelevant for this, but you know…basically, I’m not a total science egghead. I’ve already begun my DVM, though I’m still early in the curriculum. I often see the world through the prism of the life sciences…including canon.

links to the individual essays behind here )
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this essay is part of a meta series on vampire anatomy and physiology. this one in particular was written for the [ profile] buffyversemeta Metathon.

In order to understand this essay, you should probably go back and read my short blurb on why I feel “It’s magic” is not a good enough explanation for how vampirism works in the Buffyverse. Magic and supernatural happenings are a fact of the Buffyverse, but when we’re starting with a human, who has human anatomy and human constraints on what is possible, some science is required here :)

It is Buffyverse canon that vampires have some cat-like qualities: most notably, slit irises in vamp-face and the ability to roar and snarl. It’s popular in fanfic to portray vampires, especially Spike, as being cat-like…they have the grace of a cat, they purr when contented, they panther crawl before they fuck your brains out. This portrayal is so pervasive that vampires being cat-like is sometimes regarded as fanon.

So I thought it was interesting that, once I started thinking through some of their anatomical/physiological adaptations, a pattern of cat-ness emerged beyond the superficial. Though there are probably other cat-like qualities if I think on it, I tackle three here: vision, olfaction, and vocalization.

here kit-ty kit-ty... )
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this is sort of the introductory post to a meta series on vampire anatomy and physiology that I'm starting for the [ profile] buffyversemeta Metathon. there will be others in the future.

why I think anat/phys is important re: Buffyverse vampires )
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can anyone suggest me some good eps for brushing up on the behavior / speech patterns of:
Forrest (as in, the Initiative guy)
Mayor Wilkins

I know obviously Forrest is s4 and Wilkins is s3, but I don't feel like slogging through those seasons to find what I'm looking for. thanks yall!

(ps, I uploaded some new icons, wheeeeee! this one was made for me by [ profile] vamptastica because this is exactly how I feel lately when I open Word *headdesk*)
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Probably no one has ever thought to take note of this, but:

Do we ever see vamps “roaring” in their human guise, or is it only in vamp-face?
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so, it has always bugged the shit out of me how Spike's chip might actually work. there's ample evidence in canon that Joss & co didn't give a crap about physiology when they were writing their show, which is fine, most shows don't. but I'm always trying to reconcile it, because when it comes down to it, I think in terms of biology. it's a fundamental part of how I reason out the world, fandom included.

anyway, [ profile] nme0621 is taking Abnormal Psych, and one of her lectures triggered an idea for her on how the chip works. it makes so much sense to me, I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of it myself :)

ETA: originally I linked to her post, but it's locked. she's given me permission to reproduce the scientific part of her post, and the discussions from comments, in mine. they're under the cut. we seriously geek out to science here, so you you know all my geeky bits. the intersection of biology and canon is love, in my world. obviously.

we are sooooo geeky )

on another, related note, someday I'm going to write an essay on the contradictory evidence in canon as to whether or not vamps make ATP from the blood they consume. yes, I've given a good deal of thought to this, and just when I think I've figured something out, I see something in canon that fucks the whole thing. I know we can write off anything vampire-related as "magic" but that seems like such a cop-out to me. they are inhabiting human bodies that come with certain physiological restrictions, and while the workings of the body are somewhat a miracle that leaves me in awe, it ain't magic. there are practical constraints.
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this is random as all hell, but sometimes I think about this. it's been said by me, multiple times, that I prefer not to think of Giles naked. ASH is a different matter, Ripper...I can be persuaded, but thanks.

the exception to this is Ethan. I can read Giles/Ethan, past and sometimes present. but here's something I go back and forth on, and I wonder how everyone else settles it in their own mind.

because in my way of thinking, Giles/Ethan is as canon as spangel is. it totally happened. and they totally want it to happen again, whether they'd admit it or not (I'm looking at you, Rupert).

[Poll #1000654]
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rainy days make me all contemplative, so I blame the weather for my meta-like splooging today :)

A while back, [ profile] madame_meretrix asked if I would be interested in writing a human AU manifesto. Pretty much, I said no. It’s something I have given a great deal of thought to (the value of human AU), ever since I first realized there was a rift in the fandom over whether or not it’s the thing to do. Whether or not it’s still fanfic if you’ve taken away such essential elements of a character.

I thought it was an interesting question, actually, because when I first found human AU, my initial reaction was not “WTF????” It was…fascination and intrigue It didn’t occur to me at the time that it could be a controversial thing. I guess it must have been a good fic, to strike me that way. Then as I poked around more, and found apologetics attached to otherwise excellent fic, I realized from my then-outsider’s perspective that there was controversy over the genre.

I think that was the first time I became aware of fandom politics. Ah, it was a more innocent time :)

I had considered the idea of writing meta on the subject in the past, and I had decided against it. Some politics, fandom or real life, aren’t worth touching, because you reach an opinion saturation point. The lines are drawn and minds are made up, and you might as well let things lie. but this essay has been stirring at the back of my mind for some time now, and it’s not going to shut up until it’s out there. I have some worthwhile things to say on the subject, and it’s a question I’ve been circling around more, because I’m considering opening an archive for well-done Spangel human AU.

The timing of this post probably makes it somewhat controversial, so I’ll be screening comments just in case. But in the end, I think it’s about as controversial as toast (in presentation, at least), and it’s meant to reconcile, not divide.

I’ll strive to say something intelligent.

over-analytic navel-gazing contained herein. )
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dude. haha. every time I come back to LJ people are more and more frenzied. I feel like we've been experiencing the 10 Plagues of Fandom. kerfluffle and wank and deletion, oh my!

poor, poor abused little fandom. it's been a rough month, hasn't it?

because I've been getting emails up the wazoo about my own locked fic, I take it that some lurkers don't know what's going on. the gist for the lurkers that are clueless )

my two cents for folks who are already swept up in the Great Journal-Locking Dash 2007 )

on to more pleasant matters. I honestly don't care to talk much about the above. it's being talked to death elsewhere, and I think this will all blow over eventually, and we'll all still be here. I hope. I would appreciate it if your comments were more focused on my otp question than the lj headache.

I want to talk about FANDOM, dammit. not the institution, the activity. I want to talk about the reason why we're *here*. so what I wanna know today, is....why your otp? why that one?

I'm not talking about the party line. I'm talking about...why is your otp important to *you*? personally. what about that pairing speaks to *you*?

me first...why *is* spangel the otp for me? )


May. 15th, 2007 09:18 am
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I've got the tiniest tiniest bunny but I need some help remembering a bit of canon.

I'm looking for instances in which we see Angel or Angelus or Liam interact with children (with the exception of Connor, because I know where those eps are). so far I can think of:

his sister Kathy (As1 Prodigal)
that possessed evil boy (As1 I've Got You Under My Skin)
the kid that Dru was trying to put the whammy on on the playground (found it! Bs2 Lie to Me)
ETA: arguably As1 Blind Date (thanks to [ profile] sweptawaybayou for also pointing this out)
ah! I forgot about Holtz's little girl (As3 Quickening)
[ profile] spikesgurl supplies the baby-rescue at the end of As2 Darla
[ profile] germaine_pet provides a bunch:
pregnant woman in As2 Judgement
The First appears as a man whose family was murdered by Angelus in Bs3 Amends.
Lindsey's fake-son shooting at Angel et al in As5 Unverneath
and the father-figure references to Angelus by his vampire line

ETA: ok, I think I have what I need. thanks!

anything I'm missing? allusions to Angel(us) with children that we don't *see* but *hear about* count as well (ie, the same way we hear about Angelus and the valentine's puppies). I have a theory, but that's a rather random thing from canon to remember on my own.

I present it to the fandom braintrust. help? :)
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you know....

you think you know all the hot spots of canon. and then you're watching something and you get a little zing of something you'd forgotten about.

Angel: "Lilah. - I just had to drop by and congratulate you on your big promotion. Co-vice-president Special Projects. - Wow. That's super. You deserve it. Yeah. That - and *so* much more."
Lilah: "Angel..."
Angel: "But you know what the real special part is? To *think* that maybe, in my small way, I helped make it happen for you. (Smiles) That makes me feel all good inside."
Lilah tires to open her door, but Angel's hand shoots out and stops her.
Lilah: "Angel - I can assure you, now that Lindsey and I are in a - position to affect policy, things'll change."
Angel: "Change? (Lilah nods) Well, yeah! Because I get it now."
Lilah: "It?"
Angel: "The game. - It's actually kind of fun when you know the rules. I mean, when you know - that there aren't any. (Taps her shoulder with his finger) You screw with me, and you screw with me, and... you screw with me. And now - I get to screw with you."
Lilah: "Uh..."
Angel: "That's gonna be great!"
Lilah: "Angel, please..."
Angel leans in real close: "No. No. No. No. The begging - that comes later."
--As2 Blood Money

I just had a very happy moment in my pants.
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you know, I consider myself an intelligent person, but there are some things in the world that just make me stare blankly and go..."I don't get it."

The Watchers' Council has always been one of those things.

ok, I mean, I get that they're a bunch of stuffy old men who are sinisterly intent on robbing young women of the birthright of their power and enslaving them for the "greater good" (you're a feminist, Joss, we get it), but the *mechanics* of everything related to the council...I'm fuzzy on.

I should probably say, I was watching Bs5 Checkpoint and I ended up thinking about this *a lot*. haha. I also may have written a fic that was Spike/Lydia the Watcher (the one who wrote her thesis on him) *shifty eyes*

oh, Watchers' Council, how you confuse me. )

and icemink offers some brilliant thoughts on the origin of the early Slayer line, and why *slayers* might actually pre-date and give rise to *vampires* )
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(ETA: this post contains no comic spoilers, but the comments do, so be aware if you're avoiding that we're discussing some specifics)

so there have been a lot of posts over the last few days about the AtS s6 comics (from the interviews with Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, if you haven't seen them yet). this is probably the only post you'll ever see on my journal about the comics...I'm not at all a comic person. action put on paper bores the shit out of me, honestly. the only graphic novel I've ever enjoyed was Sandman, and there wasn't much true action there.

anyway, the reason why the posts got me thinking despite my aversion, is because I took a glance at this Brian Lynch guy and it seems like I might actually want to check this out, if it isn't coming out of my pocketbook (I am po' white trash, yall)...except I don't want to read anything considered "canon." so then I was thinking about why it is that I have SUCH an aversion to reopening canon. because it's not just a theoretical's *visceral*. and petty. I'm one step short of sticking my fingers in my ears and going LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

there are multiple reasons. one is a change of medium...I just can't accept it if it's not living and breathing on my tv screen (ha). part of it is that I've read so much beautiful epic post-nfa fic that I cherish, that I don't want someone to take a wrecking ball to those possibilities.

but what I came to is that the majority of the emotional reaction is all about Spangel...and this theory I have. )


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