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[ profile] madame_meretrix tagged me on this fics I love meme, and for her, I oblige :) plus, I kinda like this one.

The Rules: Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

meretrix's amendment: After each story, add a little something about what you learned about writing in the process. Or, if you didn't learn anything, add something that fits contextually with the time of writing the story (i.e., tell me about the song that inspired it, the mood you were trying to capture, which part of the idea came to you first, problems you encountered, etc.).

"fics I love" is really different for me than "fics I'm proud of." the latter only includes...maybe 2, at this point, and on some days, none at all, haha. but I was going with the spirit of the meme here. so, going off pure internal squee, my five (*cough*six*cough*), in reverse chronology:

3 buffyverse, 2 CW and 1 spn, because I like to stretch the rules )

I wasn't gonna tag anyone, but then I started thinking about people whose writing I missed and how nice it would be to hear their thoughts on their own work. so I'm tagging [ profile] incasink, [ profile] eyezrthewindows and [ profile] toobusy2write, knowing full well that they might not even be around, as well as [ profile] nyghtpet and [ profile] denied_heaven, because I take any excuse to snog their brains. :) anyone else who wants to play, consider yourself tagged!
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1. sorry I suck at responding to comments to my posts lately. like, if I don't have anything particularly stimulating to say back, I just haven't had the time to go through and answer everything. I hope nobody's sore about that, I love hearing your thoughts on things. just. yeah. school.

2. a new ficlet has EATEN MY BRAIN. thank fucking christ, I've had Writer's Constipation (tm) for 6mo+. I had ideas, but getting them out in actual words was like pulling teeth with no anesthetic. and as that image suggests, the results were, shall we say, not pretty. it's sort of unfortunate that the inspiration didn't come pouring forth for something I already had on the table, but I'm not gonna quibble when I'm happy to be getting anything at all. and not just anything, new stuff! new pairing, new fandom, new style. *teases*

3. I had a moment of overwhelming love for fandom the other day when something made me think, how do people get by without something like this? where their weirdest kinks are validated and they can ask potentially embarrassing questions and share bizarre enthusiasms and feel normal because there's someone else out there who loves the things you do to distraction? what do the commonfolk *do* without that, guys? I'm baffled. I don't know what I did before I delurked. *squishes flist*

4. not that I do memes. but if I did do memes, I would yoink this one from [ profile] lafemmedarla because it looks fun.

Comment to this entry with any fandom. If I'm knowledgeable enough in the fandom to have ships, I'll tell you one non-canon ship I like, one canon ship I like, and one ship I really don't like (either canon OR fanon). Then post this in your own journal to offer up the same responses.

so uh, yeah. I don't do memes, but I *WILL* answer that prompt if you throw some fandoms at me. *winkwink*
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stolen from all over, mad lib drabbles. some of my words actually make perfect sense in context, haha

I should also say, nothing but love for my spuffy friends. *snorfle*
*pets you*

There was nothing left for him anymore, nothing licked him, all was frothy. )

For seven days and seven nights, Angel nursed Spike, cleaning his hip and feeding him Blood-brand rat chow. )

Angel paced up and down, jiggling his armpit. )

He smiled to see a rat hopping along, carrying a stake in its mouth. )

what do you think, guys? I think this may be some of my most ingenious work yet! *waits for copious praise to roll in*
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ok, the muse isn't cooperating, and apparently I don't know how to just relax and watch tv anymore, haha. I'm watching As4 (I just finished Spin the Bottle--"satisfy my sinful urges with the Chase girl" *snorfle*--about to skip to Angelus) but I'm all itching to write at the same time.

small drabble call. 'small' meaning I'm not gonna push myself to get as many prompts written as I can, I'm just going to respond to whatever I can tonight to amuse myself. maybe tomorrow if I'm bored and in the mood. I'm not gonna put a limit on the number of prompts I'll take because I'm not promising anything to anyone. just trying to kick-start the engine.

ok, give me a pairing and a *place*.

to review:
buffyverse - pretty much anybody...just don't ask me to get Giles nekkid.
bones - booth/anyone. angela/temperance.
spn - either of the boys if it's crossover, I don't particularly wanna write wincest. I kinda bored by it, haha. *ducks flying tomatoes*
potc - any combo of j/w/e
qaf - any combo of justin/brian/michael

crossovers welcome but I'd really prefer not to have to make some kind of time warp / dimensional jump...I'm looking at you, potc.
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yoinked from [ profile] cafedemonde because the answer amused me. add lustfulness. hee!

How to make a thatotherperv
3 parts intelligence
5 parts courage
5 parts beauty
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of lustfulness and enjoy!
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ok, not that I don't have plenty of things to write, but I'm feeling a little restless. I'm going to put out another drabble call but uh I don't make any guarantees about what I'll write. because clearly when I make promises about that sort of thing, I can't keep them. so um. throw stuff at me, and hopefully it'll spark something.

it's other-fandom again, because I feel like flexing new muscles. NO crossovers. and I'm leaving out spn, because I don't do that unless it's a crossover, really. um. this means the fandoms are kind of odd and I'm afraid no one is going to give me any prompts. hahaha.

gimme a pairing, and either a kink, or...a funny situation.

Bones - Booth/Zack, Booth/Bones, Booth/Angela, Angela/Bones...erm...that might be it. Booth/OMC I can do.

Battlestar Galactica - Laura/Lee, Lee/Starbuck

Oz - Keller/Beecher, Keller/O' there are so many people it's hard to remember. other than those two, hit me with something and I'll let you know. oh! the priest is hot too. lmfao.

Pirates of the Caribbean - any combo of jack, will and elizabeth.

Queer as Folk - I can probably work with any combo of brian, justin and michael. i also adore emmett and his little football guy. ehh...try me with other pairings and I'll let you know.
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so, I figure my page for other fandom is looking a little bare. so...drabble call! I'll take the first ten for sure, then pick and choose. other fandoms, plus...*debates about doing crossovers* yeah, ok, I'll do crossovers with the buffyverse too.

(I know I didn't actually fulfill my last two drabble calls. I suck. this is why I used to not do them, but I'll try my best with this one)

gimme a pairing and...we can say either a kink, or...let's see. a funny situation? sure. haha *makes it up as she goes along* alrighty. I'll do...

Bones - Booth/Zack, Booth/Bones, Booth/Angela, Angela/Bones...erm...that might be it. Booth/OMC I can do.

BSG - Laura/Lee, Lee/Starbuck

Oz - Keller/Beecher, Keller/O' there are so many people it's hard to remember. other than those two, hit me with something and I'll let you know. oh! the priest is hot too. lmfao.

POTC - any combo of jack, will and elizabeth.

spn - don't particularly wanna write wincest. I can put either of the boys with a crossover situation.

qaf - I can probably work with any combo of brian, justin and michael. i also adore emmett and his little football guy. ehh...try me with other pairings and I'll let you know.

if you're going for a buffyverse crossover, please don't ask me to slash gunn, and please don't ask me to think of Giles naked. kthanxbye.

ok. *is terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone* hit me!

PS - I secretly want to write Booth/Angela but have no specific ideas. if you have a good one, I'll give you a cookie!
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yoinked from [ profile] felisblanco. I've done this one before, and well...I'm a cocktease. I can't help it. *ducks*

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

snippet from I Burn - not spoilery )

this Booth/Zack thing I've been trying to write forever )

a very freaky snippet from Hostage )

yeah, I think that's enough for now *snicker*
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ok, I haven't written anything in a shamefully long period of time. not for lack of trying. the muse is withering on the vine.

so uh...gimme a pairing and I'll tell you about a time they kissed. just the pairing, no prompt. the kiss is the prompt.

I'll do Buffyverse, obviously, just about anyone cept Giles, poor guy, and uh...the geek squad *cleans tongue with soap* I think that's it.

NO spangel, spuffy, spander or spike/dawn...because I write kisses for them all the time and would like to do something different.

I'll also take Bones, spn (keep in mind I haven't seen enough canon to do minor characters), POTC, QaF, even rps. I could be pursuaded to do a few Oz pairings as well. I'll do crossovers of any of the above, cept Pirates, because that's impossible without time or dimensional travel and...blech.

one each. I'll take the first 10 for sure, after that, I might pick and choose at whim, so even if I'm full up, throw it at me. I just don't make promises.

also, I'm moving this weekend. where am I moving? I don't know! fun, huh? so I'm not sure when these will get written, but it sounds like a remarkable procrastinatory device, so you never know.
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ETA: I'm closing the call down now. it filled up super fast, plus I promised Steph 4 since I suck and can't produce a ficlet for her like I promised. I might reopen the prompt call later tomorrow or what have you.

so I try to write *something* every day, or at least every other. key word lately being try. but if I'm blocked and I don't make the effort until I feel like it, I'm always a little scared I'm gonna hit another long dry spell. for me, it's better for writing to be at least partly habitual. anyway, I've been beating my head against a wall mostly, whatever I tried out, and then last night I wrote something I was happy with at the time, only to reread it just now, wail and beat my breast in lamentation.

okay, so that's a little melodramatic. but you get the point.

but the prompt call worked for me...I think because I have no personal investment whatsoever in what yall want, and it forces me to post right away, thereby bypassing my second-guessing.


two choices...and we're talking drabble-length probably. either:

give me a pairing and a kink (yes, again, but it worked like a charm the first time)


give me a pairing and a location. however you want to interpret that. I'll aim for porny, but some things might strike me another way.

Things I Won't Do:
if you ask for Giles, you're not getting sex. sorry. uh, just to cover my bases, the same goes for Andrew. cuz...ew. or any of those geeks, actually. and I can't slash Gunn. that's about all for my "won't"s. OH. I won't touch fisting with a 10-foot-pole, cuz...ew. and I can't make Xander dom. I'm gonna stop now. haha. I really will do most things/pairings. if you hit on one I just can't, I'll give you another try.
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(ETA: ok folks, I'm done! this did what I needed it to do, and was tons of fun. maybe I'll do it again some day. but that was an awful lot of writing for one morning, and I'm all drained, haha. no mas, por favor.

resulting drabbles are compiled and polished here)

do you get the feeling that I am grasping for things that will prod me into writing? that's because I am.

yoinking from [ profile] sweptawaybayou:
Give me a kink and a pairing and I'll give you at least a sentence of kink.

like I said, I haven't been able to write sex lately, so...this is just kind of an experiment to see if I can't get that moving again. if it's unsuccessful, then I suck and I'm sorry.

kinks that I can't write: fisting. I really really won't do fisting. the fisting, it traumatizes me. I can't think of much else, really.

I'll write most buffyverse pairings, obviously. can't slash Gunn. outside buffyverse...willing to write potc j/w/e or combos thereof...booth/zack (*is a little scared of kink with them, but I'll try*), possibly spn boys.

ETA: ohh, and I can't really do Giles sex. nothin against the guy, I hope he gets a happy. I just can't do it.
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*shifty eyes* did my misdirection work? because I don't do memes. so this is not a meme. this is just....a post in which I tell you why I have some of the icons I have. *shifty eyes*

now that I think about it, this meme is very telling of my fannish life, haha.

no meme here! )
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ok. the weather is gross. my roommate's still in Houston. I have fried my brain by watching almost all of Bones s1 this weekend, and omg, I am mush.

I'm bored, in the way that small children get. that total ennui of "why don't you go out and play?" "I dunwanna!" "then why don't you watch tv?" "I dunwanna!"


so entertain me, flist. or, tell me how to entertain you. let's play a game.

name a gap in one of my fics, and I'll try to fill it in for you. obviously in some cases, the answer is just I Don't Know (and I reserve the right to say that if it's just how it is), but I usually have far more backstory for a fic than what comes out.

wips are off-limits, because I don't want to chance revealing something I'm playing close to my vest till later. stick to my completed fics :) gaps can include anything before, after, or during a time gap *during* the fic itself. if you're going for before or after, might want to be specific, because that's a whole lot of timeline to cover. do you want to know how so-and-so deals with such-and-such, or if character x does y because of something that happened in his past.

fair warnings: Lexapro has rendered me incapable of thinking porny thoughts, so if you want that, you're sorely mistaken. also, sometimes I stop a fic in a vague place because I think the ending would not be happy or shippy, so if you ask, I'm gonna tell you what I really think.

I think this has fun potential. someone play with me?

ETA: ok, I'm done! this was just an exercise to keep my entertained tonight, and seeing as I'm going to bed, we're closed for business :) thanks for playing! I'll probably do this again sometime, if you didn't get your 2cents in today.
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I'm bummed about fandom the past week, dude. there's so much bad energy flying around, and some of my favorite people appear to have flown the coop several months ago, and things are just slow this week. it's sucktastic, and everyone I've talked to is feeling drained.

but let's not talk about any of that at all. really. not a word. what I want to do is cheer us up.

I want to know 5 things that made you fall in love with Spike and Angel, as individuals. five for Spike, and five for Angel. for those of you who like one and not the other, by all means just do the one you like. but if you love em both, gimme em both.

no physical attributes. we all love James' abs and David's puppy eyes. we know this. I'm talking characterization, people. and also uh...since the exercise is feel-good vibes, no picking on each other's characterization, no matter how wacko you think it is. if you love Angel for wearing stripey socks, I will not remind you that you're thinking of David :D

...oh, I suppose I should kick us off first, huh? ok:

1. I love that he has a sense of humor that no one expects and therefore, that very few people get.
2. I love that, despite knowing he should find Spike's shenanigans completely unconscionable, he still gets a kick out of them sometimes, even though he'd never let Spike know it.
3. I love that even when he was soulless, and even though he didn't believe he was capable of love at all, he loved Darla as an equal and a partner in crime, Dru as a spoiled daughter (no, really), and Spike in spite of himself.
4. I love him as a dad, and everything that went with that.
5. I love that stubbornly, inevitably, he will always be a cowboy at heart.

1. I love that he is so freaking pussy-whipped. but he won't hesitate to conk Dru over the head, and then lovingly settle her against his side as they ride off into the sunset. *snerk*
2. I love that when you get him around Angel, he's 12. in all senses of the age.
3. I love that he's a pathological liar when it comes to his image. how'd you get that soul again, Spike? he's so good, he convinces himself.
4. I love that he's a weeble. *watches him wobble*
5. This is probably wrong of me, but I like his tendency to reach for a bottle of liquor as soon as things go wrong. *snickers* what? I like my fantasy men dysfunctional.

*leans her head in her hands and waits for all of you to share.


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