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Wow it’s been a while on this one, eh? I think I needed my distance, to reread it after the wax had cooled and fall in love with it all over again. because seriously, I’m in love with this story. I think even the style has won me over, even though I hated it when I started. my apologies to Spike for my neglect in wandering away from his predicament. Poor thing.

so where were we? ah yes. Got caught making out (etcetera *cough*) with Drusilla, and found out she was Angel’s zomg niece!

Understandably, Spike doesn’t show his face for almost a full 24 hours after The Incident. I’m sure we can imagine why. Having your major male authority figure (who you also…kind of…sort of…secretly want to fuck) find you in a compromising position with his niece and then have him give you advice on your bisexuality while touching you in a possibly inappropriate way?

Yeah, I’d hide too. He doesn’t go down for dinner. he also doesn’t get out of bed for school the next morning. )
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Dear, dear readers. I enjoyed all of your speculation as to what dirty things Angel and/or Darla might put our sweet and innocent boy up to next.

But let us, for a moment, think back to those days of yore when we ourselves were horny teenagers with our first boyfriend. or girlfriend, as it were. your love was exiled cruelly to stolen moments, dismally vertical moments, in all-too-public places.

and then your parents, or her parents, or his parents—hell, a friend’s parents—someone, anyone, went out of town, and left their house (full of privacy and soft, horizontally-oriented furniture) in your dubious guardianship.

Ahhh. Now you understand what happens next. I saw the light dawning behind your wicked little eyes.

All those tempting, lonely hours between the last bell and Darla’s late home-coming. What is a boy to do?
onward )
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so. our boy's met Dru. we can guess what happens next, right? he's smitten, of course. and suddenly it doesn't matter whether everyone at school thinks he's a wanker, and suddenly it doesn't matter if Angel gives him a disapproving look, and the gay rumor pretty much takes care of itself because Dru has this habit of cornering Spike in public and having a taste of him with or without permission (in a strictly PG way, of course...and do we really think he says no?). at that age, people assume that sexuality is either/or, and Spike's new fashion accessory makes the case for him.

they become the new alternative power couple, except with more infamy than actual power. this, actually, suits Spike just fine.

never mind that he suspects she's a little daft. he tells himself she's just...special. touched, in an extra-sensory sort of way.

and lord, does Spike want to touch her. it's damn near all he thinks about.
onward )
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There’s something missing from this story. And that “something,” I’ve decided, is a hot tub.

Blame my sister’s house for the inspiration.

Because Angel likes his creature comforts, right? And there’s nothing more…comforting (?)…than a hot tub. And then there are those promo shots David did. It’s a recipe for teh pretty, I tell you.

Probably also a recipe for teh naughty as well, but I like teasing the animals. I poked a badger with a spoon once.

Five points if you get the reference.
come in, my pretties )
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So, we left Spike in quite a state last time, didn’t we? and by we, I mean me. I’m a sadist at heart, I swear I am. Unless you consider that I’m identifying with Spike and therefore revealing my masochistic tendency. Hmmm. What a conundrum.

At any rate, the poor thing got beaten at school, then punched in the gut at home. Then his foster dad liquored him up and didn’t even have the courtesy to molest him (…you were all quick to point that out! you perverted hooligans…).

he had a somewhat prophetic and obligatorily metaphorical dream about continuing the cycle of violence learning to stand up for himself.

Which he obviously wants. But given that Angel’s going to be his teacher, I imagine they’ll butt heads over the process, don’t you? *snickers* sorry, you’ll get that joke later.
on with the show )
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Sunday is an oddly normal day. Spike is sort of expecting…well, *something* to happen, given the staring and groping and noisy sex that have thus far welcomed him into the Aurelius household.

So it’s sort of balance-throwing when Sunday passes with a boring and novel degree of normality. watching the telly and eating three squares and all that crap, and it’s almost enough to convince Spike that he was imagining all the dirty little bits of strangeness…but of course we know better, don’t we?

Told you he still has a bit of William in him. *pets*
more under here )
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use tags to navigate through the parts...I'm too lazy to make links :)

ok then. It’s been a month and five days since I wrote the *first* part of this story, so where did we leave little orphan Spike. Poor, little orphan Spike, who is sort of prickly but a little hopeful, only a loner because he’s had to be, struggling to make a buck earn his keep in this work-a-day world?

ah, that's right...I threw him to the wolves. )
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ummmm, yeah, I wrote something today? some of you have already seen this, but I wrote part 2, and I decided to post the thing publicly.
just like my muse to make a goddamn liar out of my earlier post, haha. bitch.

I’m going to do something I swore I’d never do. Writer’s Frustration ™ has driven me to the point of desperation wherein I will begin a story with the extremely annoying narrative device:

I want to write a fic about William. Or maybe it’s Spike. And Angelus, though we’ll call him Angel, because Angelus is a stupid name for a human. And Darla.

See, Angel and Darla are married. And bored. And jaded. Think canon 19th century, only…human, plunked into modern-day suburbia. Did I mention they’re bored? And they’re not very nice people, in the end. So they adopt this boy.

Ohhh….should I tell you that this story I’m thinking of is Very Wrong? Very Very Wrong? Yes. So wrong, in fact, that the first time I posted this, it was filtered to only a handful of people. only now I've decided to post it publicly and I'm really hoping I don't regret it. Moving on….


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