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Note that this is mostly to make myself feel better, and as though reading that book weren’t a total waste of my time.  This post was an exercise in reverse-engineering a sloppily-written book to try to learn something.  And also, to vent my spleen about the sloppiness.

please also note that this post contains explicit spoilers for the book, but I don't recommend you read it anyway, so....


More and more now, when I read commercial / published literature, I think to myself, god, can’t these people find a good beta reader? 

Seriously, we have a good thing going here, folks, if we want to take advantage of it.  you can *find* people not only to edit in the typo-catching sense, but someone to tell you what’s believable, what reads poorly, and where you need a reality check.  That is *valuable*.

Dude, Cormac McCarthy needs this kind of beta-reader, stat.  or at least someone who’s not an ass-kisser.  But I guess when you’re a recluse, that kind of thing is hard to come by.



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so, I just finished reading McCarthy's The Road.

you know it's a bad sign when you finish a book and stare at it with horror for a prolonged amount of time afterward. not because the content of the book was horrifying (it was, effectively so) but because you can't imagine for all the fucking diamonds in blood-soaked africa how it managed to dodge any and all bad reviews. seriously. I googled till I could google no more. usually there's at least *someone* calling a spade a spade.

I'm going to post a full review later, because I seriously need to share my detailed opinion with *someone*, haha. I have righteous and snotty outrage that must be vented.

in the meantime, to make myself better I went searching for intelligent negative reviews on, since the critics' noses were all covered with shit. and this one, oh this one, my people. made me snerk something large and unpleasant out my nose.

if you're extremely sensitive about bad things happening to fluffy creatures, the metaphorical language of the review is probably not for you ;)

best review of the road you'll ever read. I think I'm in love. )


Nov. 3rd, 2007 11:01 am
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wow, I got such a cool variety of book recs from you people! *clicks heels* I'm going to go stare at and figure out which to get because there's no fucking way I'm reading ALL of those in one month, haha. but I think I can make good headway.

I've decided to call it NoSoNaNoReMo. heee!

I think it's from Thursday's TDS, but I meant to post and say...dude. Jon *TOTALLY* has a mancrush on Jerry Seinfeld. now personally I think he could have better taste because I kinda hate Seinfeld, but it was terribly cute regardless. I love seeing my boys when they're all bouncy and excited <3 I'm sure Stephen teased him about it in bed later that night.


ok, the next thing is not to be taken seriously, because this ain't no democracy. my muse is a fascist totalitarian bitch. mmkay? this is more for my own curiosity than actually committing to what I'll update next, but maybe the muse will be inspired by your enthusiasm, haha. (sorry I Burn isn't on the list, but I have a system for that one, and it's not going to be the next thing ready by any stretch of the imagination.)

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okie dokie. so I've decided instead of participating in NaNoWriMo this month, I'm going to do the opposite. this is Mel's Novel Reading Month. haha. I seriously don't have time to read when I'm in school, and with my project out of the way, I have a wee bit more free time. and dude, I have *sucked ass* about reading published fiction lately. the last few years, when I read, I read non-fiction, because I'm a little information sponge and that's how I get my rocks off.

but I'm beginning to feel illiterate, haha. so! while I'm still footloose and fancy free...novel reading month.

ok, so I have a few books I've had on The List to read for a while now, namely The Kite Runner (which I read a third of at a friend's house a while back, and never got around to finishing), McCarthy's The Road (which a friend bought me as a rec), and The Bluest Eye (which I've been meaning to read since college AfrAmer lit).

but 3 ain't enough. so!

give me a rec. literary merit-ish. I'm not a huge book snob (not a huge *anything* snob...*is a dork*), but I get my share of escapist literature from you folks, haha. what's the book that changed your outlook on the world? if someone was only going to read one book in their lifetime, what would you want them to read?

do me a favor and tell me what the book is about and why you think I should check it out, so that I can decide if it's for me or not.

contemplating putting lil book reviews or whatnot up as I go, if anyone's interested.

ok, hit me. thanks yall!


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