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so, I think it's entirely possible that Owned may end up being *longer* than Needs Must was. it's nowhere close right now - I'm at ~35k, and needs must ended up at ~99k, but when I look at the sheer quantity of chapter-length events that I *really want* to include, it's a little absurd. that 35k has only breached the very first phase of their relationship.

blah blah blah, me talking about my writing process and some of the variables I'm struggling with right now )


Apr. 7th, 2013 10:13 am
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I will *never* get tired of writing Unreliable Narrator.
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you may have already noticed, but I have been (and will be for a while) migrating more of my fic over to AO3. probably any fic you see pop up if you have my name tracked will be ancient history - so far I've only migrated my Buffy drabbles over there, and I'm going to slowly move my longer Buffy fic now as well.

so, you know, don't get too excited if you get an email, haha - and you may want to disable your tracking if you don't want an avalanche. the only new content I'll be posting in the foreseeable future is to Owned and The Girl Next Door.

it's funny, I haven't read any of my buffy fic in years, and it's highly amusing to me - because some of it, I can't even get through the first few paragraphs before hitting the back button (harder than I will ever back button another author in my life, because ZOMG NO ONE TO BLAME BUT MYSELF), and then some of it I'm pleasantly surprised by - in that, "I wrote this?" kind of way. but Jesus, I was prolific. I was a little fic-vomiting machine for the first few years.

ps, I really appreciate all the support on my last post. thank you for being in my corner
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Once upon a time, I really enjoyed tracking my plot bunnies / fic progress on lj. Partly because the creative process is an ephemeral thing, and looking back on my own ideas or processes a few years in the future can be like looking in on someone else's (seriously, the number of times I've gone...wait...I wrote that?), and partly because (see icon), I like getting other people's responses. And these days I try not to post wips until I'm relatively certain they're close to completion.

So I'm going to give that habit a bit of a resurrection. Blanket warning that I can't finish all the fics I start because I have so many ideas and I'm a relatively slow writer these you know, if it's gonna kill you read about a bunny and have it not come to fruition, you probably don't want to click the link. Also, for things that do get posted, you'd probably be a little spoiled on details from my blather.

(after writing out all my current projects, should also warn you that apparently all of them involve explicit sex with other people in a non-villainous manner. OTP is *the* OTP, but I also love poly and dislike jealousy, and basically, see icon. It has more than one application.)

Suits )
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is truly fucking amusing to me. because doing research for fic brings me anywhere from "tips for suction cup dildo" to "lapel type," "24/7 vs TPE" and "bike courier," "high end strip club Manhattan" and "why does a car door slam shut when you accelerate" and it's no fucking wonder that I'm terrified to let anyone else touch my laptop.

because I don't want to know what people would conclude about me from the combination of all of the above.
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I've written 10,000 words of another Suits D/s AU and nothing has even HAPPENED yet. it's all just the setup. I'm simultaneously giddy, and terrified I don't have the stamina to pump out another epic monster. it sort of promises to be one...I can look at its little baby fic-feet and tell that it's gonna be 7'2".
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I've been thinking a lot about the prostate. hahaha. as a slash writer, I figure it's pretty much my solemn duty to think about the prostate as much as possible, and by the looks of things, you all agree with me.

but for a long time it's been bugging me. what the hell does that actually feel like? it's not like there's any way for me to find out for myself, more's the pity, but I've been getting the sneaking suspicion lately that we're getting it wrong.

my theories, let me show you them. also, some tmi about my own experience with the clitoris and g-spot. basically, if you're happy in Porny Denial Land, I'd avoid. )

anyone that can confirm or deny any of the above will be met with gratitude. *eyes the penises on my flist*


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