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So, recently I was cleaning up my hard drive and I came across this random-ass chat conversation with [ profile] madame_meretrix  that I saved, probably to preserve the details of the plot bunny that opens the convo.  It’s full of Oz meta on things like Keller’s supposed drug addiction, what Keller’s game really was in that laundry room, why he killed those dudes, and the dynamics of the Beecher-Keller relationship.  

though “meta” might be a little grand a word for it, hahaha

I also throw like…4 plot bunnies out there that I’ll probably never write, more’s the pity.

Posting because I’m amused enough with our speculations that I wanted to stick them here for posterity.  And because when meretrix and I hash out our personal canon(s), I want to lick her brain.  And because god knows my hard drives all keep crashing.


fannish blathering under the cut, cleaned up for maximum coherency )
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so, I figure my page for other fandom is looking a little bare. so...drabble call! I'll take the first ten for sure, then pick and choose. other fandoms, plus...*debates about doing crossovers* yeah, ok, I'll do crossovers with the buffyverse too.

(I know I didn't actually fulfill my last two drabble calls. I suck. this is why I used to not do them, but I'll try my best with this one)

gimme a pairing and...we can say either a kink, or...let's see. a funny situation? sure. haha *makes it up as she goes along* alrighty. I'll do...

Bones - Booth/Zack, Booth/Bones, Booth/Angela, Angela/Bones...erm...that might be it. Booth/OMC I can do.

BSG - Laura/Lee, Lee/Starbuck

Oz - Keller/Beecher, Keller/O' there are so many people it's hard to remember. other than those two, hit me with something and I'll let you know. oh! the priest is hot too. lmfao.

POTC - any combo of jack, will and elizabeth.

spn - don't particularly wanna write wincest. I can put either of the boys with a crossover situation.

qaf - I can probably work with any combo of brian, justin and michael. i also adore emmett and his little football guy. ehh...try me with other pairings and I'll let you know.

if you're going for a buffyverse crossover, please don't ask me to slash gunn, and please don't ask me to think of Giles naked. kthanxbye.

ok. *is terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone* hit me!

PS - I secretly want to write Booth/Angela but have no specific ideas. if you have a good one, I'll give you a cookie!
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alright folks, sorry about the kiss meme not materializing yet, but my life is in full uproot at the moment, and I am apparently unable to write anything at all by my lonesome at the mo. I'll take a crack at them when I'm settled down. which might be at a military base in an undisclosed location. bwhahaha. random, eh? and makes my life sound so much more interesting than it is.

of course, all that hasn't stopped me from watching Oz and QaF. hahaha. no of course it hasn't.

spoilers through s5 of QaF )

Oz through the first part of s5 )


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