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some recs I've been meaning to throw out there a while. in no particular order other than the one I bookmarked them in :)

...actually, I lied. there's one I have to put first because it made me go batshit. though the last one made me go batshit too. and some of the ones in-between.

closer by [ profile] shadowscast--That 70's Show slash. don't look at me like that. seriously, read it and TELL me you don't love it beyond words. eric/hyde. it hasn't ditched the flippant tone of the show and all the characters are so spot-on, but it manages to really live in the gravity of coming out in a small town in the 70s without distorting their characters. and it does nice justice to the canon het ships. I read the entire thing like this O.O with my eyes glued to the screen. I've secretly always wanted to read Hyde slash, and...yes. this is the only one I've found worth reading, but it was good enough that it literally made up for being the sole contender. a little more tender than I prefer my slash to be, but that totally fits too. because it's buried under an assload of angst and defensiveness. and the backstory for steven is more than enough little-boy-lost to do my kink right.

the epic tale of prince spike and lady dawn by [ profile] rockstarpeach--this is a terribly cute little thing. Spike creates a fairytale for Dawn where he woos her while simultaneously shagging wesley...what's not to love about that? great spike / fairytale voice.

home i'll never be by [ profile] thenyxie--I never read Dean/Faith. pretty, but...just not interested. not even sure why I read this one, but I enjoyed it a lot. I think I just love the way Sam fits into it. it's like a threesome, only woefully less dirty and literal.

wardrobe malfunction by [ profile] bookishwench--ok, who doesn't love spike-driving-angel-crazy? that's right, no one. enough said. great banter. and there's one thing in particular that I guarantee will make you snorfle, but I'm not telling you which part. you'll know when you see it :)

untitled spangel religious/existential argument thingie by [ profile] hello_spikey--so some of you may have heard of this chick, she's a new writer, haven't had much time to check her out, but I love this little thing she spat out spur-of-the-moment. it's EXACTLY how I like my spangel--there's no reason for them to not go their separate ways, except...there's very good reason, that neither of them wants to put a name to. post-nfa. good voices, and the religious aspects are well-applied. I think I might have actually been pointed here by [ profile] shapinglight, for which I thank her.

five times angel lied by spirelleds--haven't read nearly as much at IWRY as I wanted, but I really loved this. great insights into Angel's truths. plus, I have a virgoan love of lists.

territory by [ profile] strangecreature--gen angel/spn crossover. it's like...watching the shows smushed together, really. fun.

the man who wasn't there, book 1 and book 2 by [ profile] chase820--zomg. angel/qaf crossover, long (and sorta unfinished in that she wants to write a book 3, but don't let that stop you, there's plenty here to sink your teeth into). brian goes to work for W&H. in the best way possible. I'm impressed with the way she slides brian into the supernatural context, it doesn't feel forced or which-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others. great insight into all the characters and canon pairings, but especially Brian and the Brian-Michael friendship/relationship. I can't flail enough. I guess the crossover pairing is sorta spike/brian, but now I'm jonesing to write some really combative angel/brian.


Sep. 25th, 2007 10:53 am
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ok first. *flail* so, I recently decided that Christian Kane / Jensen Ackles was my new rps otp. well, except for Jon/Stephen, because, c'mon, true luv 4evah. anyway, once I started thinking on the beauties of Chris/Jensen, this little idea niggled its way into my head, and wouldn't leave.

Dave. Dave being jealous of Jensen. Jensen being jealous of Dave. Chris in the middle. lots of fucking.

[ profile] madame_meretrix wrote it, for my birthday...a leeetle bit late ;) go. read it. and write more Dave/Jensen. because it's pretty. and it needs to become a Thing. it really really needs to become a Thing.

ok, in other pimpin' news, [ profile] snogged wrote me a smutty little piece of spangel human AU for my birthday that I forgot to announce *ducks embarrassed* she hit allll my kinks, baby :) *smooches her*

[ profile] icemink posted a ficlet today which rocks my socks off. it's the story of how Darla and Spike met, post-Destiny-flashbacks. and it's so freaking neat, in both senses of the word. go read.

and lastly, a bizarre little pairing I ran across the other day, which I have to share, because we're unlikely to ever ever see it again. Buffy/Oz crossover. Buffy meets Beecher in AA years down the road. spoiler here, but, buffy pegging beecher? doesn't that make SO MUCH SENSE? yes it does. it really really does. if you're at all curious about this pairing, you should check it out and leave [ profile] averillovessev some love, because interest in this pairing is obviously slim, and she deserves some, lol. it always sucks to write something and hear crickets just because there's no market for what you wrote.

*hugs flist*
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ha! I just thought of something I could offer for steph's birthday.

a while back I made [ profile] nyghtpet's hilarious puppet!Angel series into a pdf for her. now I'm making it available for folks to download. if you've never read it, you should. just you know...make sure you're not drinking any fizzy beverages during consumption. it burns your nostrils. ;)

Angel/many, ratings vary from PG to NC-17.

download nyghtpet's Taking it up the Puppet Hole series at
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got a rec for you: [ profile] clawofcat's Window-Dressing.

Spike, who never got chipped, stalks down Faith in LA circa Five by Five, looking to bag his next slayer. the dialogue and action between them is intense and realistic, faith is just as broken as she was at that point in time, and both alterate endings are pretty freakin brilliant. it felt like a little slice of canon, really.
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some random-ass recs before I get on with my day...because the coffee hasn't done its thing yet. random because some are old and some are new, and really they have nothing in common except goodness. all on the angsty side, such has been my mood for reading. mostly old, now that I think about it. I've been rereading a lot of old fic over the last few months.

Lucky by Estepheia. I remember reading this a long time ago, but somehow it's better than I remember it being...which is always a pleasant surprise, since my standards are considerably higher now and I'm usually disappointed with stuff I loved once upon a time. not for the faint of heart. spangel. human AU. very dark and twisted.

It Never Happened by [ profile] shadowcast. I don't do Spike/Giles. I really really don't. generally, I don't do Giles ships, but this fic is the bees knees. if anyone has more spike/giles recs along these kink, just miles of sad, angsty sadness, throw them at me.

Brief Encounter by [ profile] shapinglight. this is the fic that made me like Darla. I don't know if I've ever told her that, because I read it as a lurker. I think of this as quintessential spike/darla, and the way the pairing should be.

Just Watching by [ profile] felisblanco. spangel, human AU, stepcest. please heed that this fic is very disturbing, and is intended to be. god, this fic *hurts*. I was rereading it recently, and it fascinated me just as much as it did the first time. though it didn't give me nightmares this time, which I suppose means that fandom has jaded me :) felis gives good angst. unfinished wip, as yet.

Shashu Blue by [ profile] germaine_pet. a character study of Angel, and all his boys. this fic gives me chills every time I read it. without exception.

Metrocurious by [ profile] evilmaniclaugh. Marsters/Barrowman rps. (the guy from Torchwood). *drowns in the angst...rolls in it...mmmmm, yeah* most people lose me on second person, but this is just right.

Super Food World by Valerie X. one of my favorite spuffies ever, and I'm damn picky. great banter, and I could see this happening. easily.

When Spike Got Home by [ profile] stakebait. exactly how I like my spangel. exactly. when spike got home, angel was fucking somebody else. post-nfa.

Boomerang by faith_delivers. Angel/Buffy/Faith, post-nfa. not a pairing I'd ever thought about seriously, but this author really makes it work, and capitalizes on all their history. I could see this happening as well.

Summer Lovin by DeepaD. the best Angel/Connor ever written, by my reckoning, and I actually like Connor fic a lot. but this was the first that made sense to me. set in the summer between s4 and 5, where Connor doesn't know who Angel is. and again, it *hurts*. so good.

A Two-Part Harmony by Miss Murchison. I have a secret kink for Spike/Harmony. no one should particularly be surprised by this, since I love Spike as a bastard, but you one really writes that pairing. which is a shame, because it has potential for interestingness. I think this showcases that. Harmony is so endearing, in her special Harmony way. poor thing.

Backfire by [ profile] daedream_fanbot. sorta Spander, sorta S/X/A. the fact that this is her first fic astounds me. twisty turny dark, and she kept up the awesome intensity right to the end.

Your Skin is My Canvas by [ profile] chrisleeoctaves. angel/ofc. so fucking twisted. *licks dark Angel*

Dawn of the Dead by [ profile] beer_good_foamy. and to cap us off, a funny one. emsemble set of drabbles in which Dawn gets turned and runs amuck. I injured my funny bone when I read this. seriously.

tried to pick some stuff off the beaten path. enjoy!
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ok, so the only femmeslash pairing in the Buffyverse that I'm remotely interested in is Faith/Dawn. but no one writes Faith/Dawn. and when it *does* get written, it's bad and scary. and when it's not bad and scary, it's pornless. which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but sometimes, a girl just know.

[ profile] denied_heaven wrote me Faith/Dawn and it is beeeaaauuutiful. gorgeous. her erotica is always so pretty, and I think her take on the dynamics between the two is just perfect.

*loves it*

go. read. even if you're scared of femmeslash, you won't be sorry.
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ok, so [ profile] nyghtpet has this puppet!Angel series. and they are all, frankly, ingenious and hilarious, and I love her brain for producing these things.

but she's outdone herself, man. puppet!Angel/ANDREW. so. fucking. funny. and before you run in fear and horror, not graphic. it's perfect.

“Oh great, treacherous Mordor!” Andrew wailed, mourning with dramatic gusto as he caught sight of the diminutive vampire. “What has happened to our great, valiant champion!”

and the twist. oh, oh the twist.

go. read. reap the hilarity.
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in the midst of all Flipping of the Shit, part III (tm), I'd like to point out that [ profile] nyghtpet fulfilled my request on her kink meme and dayum. that shit is *hot*.

I've had this growing kink for a while now...I don't know its origin. I've never actually read a fic that contains this specific scenario, but my mind keeps circling around to it. I blame it on the Nikki kill in FFL. so the kink scenario is this. Spike instigates sorta non-con breathplay on his sexual in, the partner doesn't know he's going to do it, doesn't realize it's for sexual gratification (because...vampire, and woah, why are you cutting off my air??), until he/she/it has the Best Orgasm of their Life.

the funny thing about this is, breathplay does not interest me, outside of this scenario. just Spike. go figure.

so I asked her to play this out with Dean for this meme, cuz...rawr. and she did. and it was everything I'd imagined it to be :D cool title too.

Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

leaving comments open, unlike my regular pimps, because if you know of another fic that utilizes this breathplay scenario? I need links, muchachas.

ps, I still owe a few kink drabbles of my own, I'll work on them tomorrow after work.

pps, the fics that I have locked will remain locked until the madness is over. asking me to unlock them / "let you in" does no good, since it's counterproductive to the reason I locked them. they'll be back to public eventually.

ppps, could I *get* any spammier today? jesus h. sorry about that.
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I should be sleeping right now. but I had a really shitty day for no reason other than my own brain, and I have a few things to pimp/rec/whatever. I keep meaning to do this this week and I know I'm gonna forget somebody, but you know... well. *shrug* I'm probably going to ramble, because I haven't had a nightmare-less night for 3 days. anywhoo...

firstly, and firstly because I just read part 2 and it's doing a happy dance on my brain. [ profile] girlpire is writing this fucking amazing thing for [ profile] spring_spangel, which is honestly one of the most amazing pieces of spangel I've ever read. and yes, I know I just said amazing twice in a row but I'm too tired to access my mental thesaurus and it fits. it's called Friday. As5, they're stuck in a time-loop. the same day happens over and over again, and Spike is the only one that remembers. it's presented so well, and it's just...fucking...heartbreaking. Spike...god, poor Spike. poor Angel. poor everyone. *throws hands up in the air* but also...odd moments of hope so sharp it hurts. Jen usually locks up her slash for personal reasons, but this is open for the moment, so go take a look. (but don't ask her to unlock the rest of anything. really. it's a thing.)

[ profile] icemink has a spuffy (yes, I was reading spuffy! *gasp*!) called Possession, which I'm really enjoying. it's set in an AU world with vamps and slayers, where Spike is Buffy's slave. at the beginning. but then it becomes something else. I won't tell you much about the 'verse, because it's all revealed quite nicely as-is, so just you know...go read it. they're *them* and they're shippy and the verse is really cool and it's lovely.

I got all caught up to speed on this monstrously, wonderfully long fic by [ profile] cafedemonde called World Made New recently. seriously, 40-some odd chapters, and I didn't stop reading till I passed out. so I'm actually not all caught up to speed yet, I lied. it's post-apocalyptic, AU from Bs7/As4, and it has a very odd (to me) assortment of characters that I normally don't pay much attention to in fic but I LOVE THIS FIC. haha. that deserved caps. Angel, Spike, Wes, Willow, Cordy...Giles...others that I won't spoil you on cuz they kind of pop up as surprises later. anyway, everyone in the first set of names is fucking everyone else. and it's HOT. basically Angel and Spike have their own little harem of humans. these scenario makes me very happy. I do like it when my boys are getting some, from as many simultaneous sources as possible. see boys? I take good care of you. *pets them and feeds them carrots*

*blinks* yeah I dunno what that was about either.

[ profile] shapinglight's Prodigal Sons. spangel. angst. connor (non-slashy). angst. h/c. pretty words. go. read. *is getting less coherent as the minutes go by*

ok this one I guess is more of a rec than a pimp cuz I don't know this person from adam. or...eve. of her, not her. Jessica Walker. so, my aforementioned shitty day. I was apparently feeling masochistic. I've had a hard-on for Angel/Wes lately. so I read this thing that was so angsty and bittersweet that it seriously made me bawl because it played my already-wacky emotions like a fiddle.
Controlled Circumstances
(and then, because that kind of catharsis was not enough the once, I read all the sequels. told you, masochistic)
Controlled Circumstances, Alternate Ending (in the original, no porn. this one, porn. both are excellent in their own way)
Unacceptable Risk, which is sorta Spike/Wes, but it's all about Angel. (for those two, isn't everything?)

alright, that's all I got for now, I'm tapped. btw, if anyone knows where I can find Jessica Walker's Many Loves, lemme know. it might be gone from the web. the link from StA goes to nothing, cuz I guess her site's gone?

I'm off to either face-plant, or restlessly write pyro porn. one never knows.
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[ profile] c_woodhaven wrote me a drabble based on this icon. yum! it hit the spot just right. she did 5 or 6 actually, all different pairings and they were all delightful. she is queen of the drabble. go forth and read them.
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congrats to all my friends who snagged loot at [ profile] harem_of_spike! I know [ profile] sexymermaid, as did [ profile] virtualpersonal and [ profile] vikingprincess, [ profile] cafedemonde, [ profile] c_woodhaven, [ profile] entrenous88, [ profile] shapinglight, [ profile] spankspike, [ profile] velvetwhip, [ profile] eyezrthewindows....

and I now remember why I never list my friends who won individually. it's a pain in the ass because I know a lot of rock stars. I won't be doing this again. lmao. soak up the undeniable notoriety of being listed in my journal while you can o.O

[ profile] denied_heaven snagged best author. way to go, babe!

I don't think I've ever rec'd this fic before, so I'm going to take this opportunity now. if you haven't read [ profile] c_woodhaven's Spike/Tara fic Drowning in Footwear, please do. I used to have a big problem with that pairing, or Tara paired with any male. I got over it (I forget who, but as someone pointed out to me...I slash ostensibly straight boys, and I believe sexuality is flexible in general). but back then, I thought it was disrespectful to her character as a lesbian, and that it smacked of "but all you need is a real man." this fic, had it existed sooner, would have totally hit the spot even back then, and as it is, it's by far my favorite in the pairing. she handles it with sensitivity and love for both of their characters, and in addition, she strokes a kink just right that normally squicks me. I suggest you give it a shot, even if it's not your thing. she works magic, and she's one of the sweetest people in the fandom.

/random gush of love

and oh yeah, I won something too. look if you must. )
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Alright, I’ve got fb from Home and Hostage under control, so I feel that now is a good time to start a short hiatus from the fandom that I’ve been contemplating for a while. Not only do I have tons of RL stuff to do that’s frankly been neglected of late, I’m feeling kind of burned out on fandom. reading *and* posting fic. it feels more like obligation than fun lately, more like expectation than glee, and I know a lot of that’s just in my own head, but…yeah. I just need a break. if I haven’t responded to any of the cries for ‘more right now!’ of XY&Z, it’s because I feel a little disheartened by that right now…like, isn’t it enough to work hard to put up an update, without someone immediately wanting something else? I know it’s meant as a compliment, I really do, it’s just kind of exhausting, you know? I don’t really know how to deal with how sensitive and guilty I’ve felt lately regarding fandom except to step away a while. I really hope I’m not putting anyone off by being honest, but if I don’t say it…nobody’s a mind-reader, and I believe in speaking up if something's really getting to you. gotta protect your happy space. I appreciate all of my readers. thanks for loving my fic, it means so much to me that you do.

I also think I need to let go of my fandom woobie long enough to finish something that will make me money sometime in the future. like, say, my master's degree. *stares at looming project* and find a job. yes, finding work would be nice. the kind that pays money. money money money *stares at bank account*

Anyway, I’ll be back April 14 with more fic, including updates of Hostage, Wayward Boys, and hopefully Strength in Numbers (although that next chapter is gonna be a bitch, so we’ll see how long that takes). Any additional fb that rolls in *will* be answered (and loved and cherished), just…later. until then, you won’t see me here, so if you’re itching to poke for an update, it’s not likely to do any good. ;) plus…counterproductive, considering what I just said. there’ll be more, I promise. in good time. *hugs everyone*

two weeks, huh? I’m probably gonna have the shakes or something by day 3. :D

before I go, I’d like to remind/inform everyone about the ficathon and art challenge we’re doing at [ profile] angelovesdawn until April 22. it’s for ANY rare Angel het pairing, so don’t think it’s only for Angel/Dawn. we like variety! The prompt is “first time,” however that might be interpreted by the artist. Minimum length for fic is 700 words, and max…all we ask is that it’s a one-shot. I’d love for you to participate! yes, that means YOU. *points like Uncle Sam* A rundown of the rules is here. I'm especially interested in getting more art entered (well, I want fic too, but I'm greedy like that). don't make me beg. although I will, if necessary. on April 14, I'll get on my knees and beg real pretty. course by then that'll only leave 8 days to produce something, so you might not want to wait for that spectical.

and as a…not ‘peace offering’ but…gift maybe? before popping out, here’s a big fat pimp list of fic I’ve enjoyed in the last few months. I realized I hadn’t done one in a while, and maybe you’ll find something new here that you’ll like. I started building this list a couple weeks ago, so the way I talk about some of these fics is outdated. Like, some of those that I talk about as wips are now finished, or are a lot farther along. *smacks forehead* oh well. More for you to love.

and there’s a lot of it, too. all stuff I adore and recommend without reservation. I hope you'll fb these folks, because they're all truly wonderful people and talented to boot.

big, big pimpin’ )

see you on the other side.
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hot damn, DB/JM *and* S/B/A in one night :) [ profile] c_woodhaven wrote a lovely, light-hearted spike/buffy/angel drabble for me called Cookies and Cream *snickers*

*hugs her cuz she is unfailingly a big cuddly sweetie-pie*

again, disabled because again...go give *her* the love :)
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I have the best friends in the woorrrllllddddd.

I had a really shitty day for reasons that have nothing to do with v-day, and [ profile] nyghtpet wrote me some fic to cheer me up. she even offered to write Dawn if I wanted, and she hates Dawn, so that tells you what a trooper she is :)

but I asked for DB/JM public sex where no one was an asshole or a crybaby, because there is not enough of THAT in the world :D and she delivered beautifully. it's perfect. go read.

Flying High

(disabling comments because you should not be talking to meee, you should be talking to her and telling her what a rock star she is. because she is! its a fact that is not recognized nearly enough. *smooches her*)
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don't ever let me say that I don't have talented friends who spoil me rotten :) because then my pants would be all on fire, and I don't have that many. *contemplates the mall.

ever since I started getting into building the Angel/Dawn ship in Strength in Numbers, I'm really falling in love with that pairing. it's kind of an odd one, and not something you see that often. in fact, I'm not sure I had ever personally seen it done as a proper romantic pairing before I started that fic. which has been really cool, because I started mentally with a clean slate. no particular baggage. and I love what they're becoming in my head and on my hard drive. there's some uh. paternalistic overtones that I just can't seem to escape personally, but I like the daddykink if you've missed the memo, so that's fine with me, really. but they balance each other out. they're both...sort of pragmatic and grounded. but Dawn brings the fun, and Angel brings an anchor of sorts to her life, I think. she'd do well to have that, needy little thing that she's always been.

so the other night I was pouting because on the romantic end of things, sometimes it feels like I'm playing in that sandbox alone. well, me and [ profile] sexymermaid. but it's like most people don't even *see* the sandbox. even though you'd think, statistically, they'd trip over it at some point :P

anyway, this is all for the fic pimping, because in response to my whining sweetly worded request, I got some fic! *loves*

big pimpin )

BUT fear not! :) under the cover of darkness, [ profile] sexymermaid and I have launched a new comm--[ profile] angelovesdawn. whee! I'm super excited. you should go check it out...and join! literally, we just set it up last night, so's not very pretty yet. [ profile] watchersgoddess is going to fix that all up for us :) more news on that front will be coming later, I'm sure.
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okie dokie. I've been saving some stuff up so I wouldn't spam.

first off I have some recs on stuff I've read over the holiday to throw out there. I've also updated my Spangel recs and Dawn recs, though I'm by no means done updating either, and it's kind of random what I added. just stuff I had on my mind at the time, I guess.

pimp, ahoy )

some news on the noms/awards front. there has been a blushy-making landslide of emails in the last few days.
shiny things )
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I'm feeling kind of schmucky and sentimental, though ironically, all the fic I've been toying with is either dark, or takes place during the summer. lmao. so, looks like there will be no Christmas fic from me. to get your fix on that, if you haven't already, toddle over to [ profile] spikesfool's hilarious, horny Twas the Night and [ profile] spankspike's touching and beguiling Christmas Miracles. i pimp because I love.

cut for gag-inducing Christmas rambling )
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I feel like I've been spinning my wheels today. 14 hour day (5 of them in the anatomy lab) and I feel like I've gotten nowhere towards this test Friday.

it probably doesn't help that I only slept 4 hours last night. I feel a bit silly because the reason is that I got so caught up in this old (abandoned) wip, Protocol that I didn't realize what time it was until 2:30am. oops. but I'm so stressed about this test, I think it was strangely what I needed. it's this incredibly tender and surprising Angel/Wes AU D/s thing (Wes is Angel's...concubine? sorta?), and I haven't read that ship in like years, much less AU. I don't think I've ever *seen* AU a/w. anyway, it's like comfort food. if you're having a bad day, which it seems like a few of you are, I recommend it. it's abandoned after 40-some chapters, so there's plenty to enjoy. it made me cry at the sweetness. seriously. and somehow it doesn't feel *too* sweet. btw, Jan, I think this fic is your wet dream, you should check it out if you haven't seen it before. it's in your headspace.
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before I go to sleep...I pimp. and Spike apparently really is the pimp <points to icon> because tonight he's getting around...making it with Angel and Wesley and Dawn and Xander. naughty Spike. you're such a manwhore. and that's why I love you.

cutting, because I apparently am feeling long-winded tonight. )
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[ profile] entrenous88 wrote me a little drabble for my belated birthday. I asked for? you guessed it! dirtybadwrong young-Xander Spander!

god, I am so predictable.

anyway, the whistle-whetting result is here, for all who are predictable with me :) Xander's family vacation gets more interesting in London <coughs>

speaking of dirty spander, I have parts 8 and 9 (holy shit, how'd I get so prolific this week?) written of festivalverse. one more to go, and that journey will be over! well, not *over* over. I'm not quite done with that 'verse. I'm definitely doing a spangely prequel. and...I may ask if anyone else has any particular permutation people want to see in my orgy-world. lol. but none of that will be forthcoming right away, cuz I need to wrap up my spangel-baby before everyone forgets about it in entirety.

on that note, somebody remembers, because it just got nom'd at the SOGA awards! I appreciate it immensely, whoever I have to thank for that.


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