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upon seeing Iron Man...damn dude, best action flick I've seen in years, and I'm *so* not a comic girl. but it's been a while since something gave me that zing of movie magic walking out of the theater. also, I wanted to hump Robert Downey Jr's leg. like, really really. never have I wanted to hump his leg so badly, and that's saying something.

superheroes who kill things with their brains are SEXY.

on another note, my parents are smart people, but sometimes I couldn't tell it. I brought the cats with me and they've stayed shut up in my room, but I guess before I left for the afternoon wedding I didn't shut the door all the way. so my dad's in his office down the hall from my room, and Seeley comes sniffing out into the hallway (while Irving remains huddled under the bed, natch). my dad sees the cat poke his head into the office. he thinks said cat is adorable. said cat is hurting no one. what does my dad do? he shrieks for my mother that the cat escaped from my room.

and then was for some reason shocked when Seeley hauled ass back into my room to huddle under the bed with his lover brother.

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no internet plus upcoming finals makes mel something something (go crazy?)

I just opened like, 20 of yalls posts in tabs that looked interesting. these aren't even fic things, just personal/misc posts I want to keep up with. *facepalm* you'll hear from me sometimes next decade.

a blabber on where and how I've been )

so anyway I have come to accept that I am incapable of having normal sex dreams about my favorite celebrities. first there was the dream about Jon stewart where he was a gay man in a marriage of convenience and we agreed to have lots of hot orgies.

so the other night, I was thinking before I went to bed about the convention of making Chris into Jensen's cousin in j2 fic, when the author doesn't want to address Chris/Jen overtones. and how that makes me itch to write Chris/Jen cousincest, haha.

so I go to sleep. and I have this dream. *facepalm* I think you can guess where this is going.

it was christmas or something and Chris was my cousin, I guess, who I'd grown up with but hadn't seen in a few years, but had always had a thing for. and we were flirting the whole time and our family was politely ignoring the whole thing as best they could, and I kept baiting him into kissing me, but all I could get were these chaste sort of family kisses. so we're sneaking around and my sister's all, are you trying to bang our cousin? and I'm like, yeah sorta-kinda-definitely, and my sister being my sister found this extremely amusing. and then finally I lost my patience with his insistence on being, you know, *not incestuous*, and he gave me another damn innocent kiss and I was like, Christian Kane, you are a huge fucking cocktease.

and the look on his *face*. and then I walked away.

and then later, just as we were about to fuck (hey, I knew what I was throw down that kind of challenge, you get results), another cousin (not Jensen, more's the pity...I could have worked with that) arrived and cockblocked and I woke up all pissy.

I mean I guess it's not that hard to figure out where it came from, with the bunny I was contemplating before bed, and the end no doubt being influenced by state of the mel item #4. but regardless, I was highly amused that my brain seems intent on creating these ridiculous premises for my sex dreams.
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so, to celebrate my uber successful first week at school, Katie and I went to see PS I love you, because somehow I hadn't seen it yet.

now I'm all overstimulated and bouncing off the walls and full of squee and it's almost 2am on the east coast so casey and steph are not awake to hear my raving lunacy.

seriously, how did I turn back into a 13yo girl for JDM? when did this happen? I cannot pinpoint a particular moment, because I used to not think of him this way. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME.

I was blushing the entire time he was on screen. um. I'm not kidding. *facepalm* and the irish accent...why did someone not warn me of this? ok, someone probably did, but I clearly wasn't listening, because it took me by surprise and then I was and squirmy and stuff. and then I was just trying not to giggle because I was in a theater full of college students, and it's undignified for a lady of my advanced age

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*alright, folks. I'm moving today, finally. I'm going to try to steal internet from my neighbors because I'm poor white trash, but if they don't have any, I might be disappearing for a few days. I'm not dead, just very busy :) I've stocked up on CW AU rps on my hard drive to get me through a drought, haha

*Evan got home safe and sound on Tuesday, btw, so thanks for keeping him in your prayers.

*btw, thanks to [ profile] darklingdawns, [ profile] felisblanco, [ profile] dark_amia, [ profile] altyronsmaker, [ profile] philips, [ profile] adorkablefae, and [ profile] so_sharlemaine for uploading music yesterday for me to enjoy. yall rock my socks off, and bethany and evan were quite impressed by teh power of the flist :) I invite you all to go see if you want any of the songs they offered, since they should be available for other uploads. spreading the wealth :)

also, special thanks to [ profile] elisi for solving my (our) m4a problem. I haven't tried it yet, but she reports that the site will convert the file for free

*ps, I found this photo/interview with jensen ackles when he was Very Young. is it wrong that I want to molest him? according to bethany, I once told her I wanted to keep a freshman in my closet and reward him with food for learning sex tricks. I think he would have made a lovely candidate.

however, as molestable as he was, boy grew into his face well. he's more attractive now, I think.

*also, if anyone's wondering if I've forgotten about the Sooper Sekrit Scheme human AU site now known as The Human Condition, it's nearing completion. my sister's a busy little worker bee, though atm she's cussing me out for the fact that yall write 30 chapter, 300 page books of smut :)
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Stephen to Jon:
"put your fingers in there"

...I rest my case.

I can't make this stuff up, people. *bows out*
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my fellow DS/CR peeps, Colbert is on Larry King Live right now. CNN. :) he keeps slipping in and out of character, but he's sometimes himself. *hearts*


Sep. 4th, 2007 04:14 pm
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John Barrowman interview, pointed out by [ profile] lafemmedarla

arguably a spoiler for James' Torchwood ep )

my, I'm spammy today. but wasn't THAT particular spam worth it?
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End of Days is a terrible movie but....

if Gabriel Byrne was Satan, I'd totally be a devil-worshiper. fuck, he's sexy in this movie. Sex On Legs.

I so have evil!kink. I got it *bad*. when he says "I've come for my wife" and snaps the cardinal's neck? yes. fuck yes.


Jun. 19th, 2007 05:20 pm
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ok, this is apparently from porn, I think? but it looks like home-produced boy-making-out, like the thing I posted a month or two ago wtih the two boyfriends making out and moaning hot noises.

and there's kissing rolling and smiling and giggling and groping and shirtlessness. and...*flails*

if they're not a real life couple, I'll be surprised.

cut because arguably, two boys making out isn't worksafe ;) )
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okay. so I've been meaning to watch QaF for a while, and since my roommate is out of town and we can't watch Oz, I'm renting it this week. they didn't have disc 1 in-store, so I've only watched eps 4 and 5 of s1, but...

I'm sort of in love. hahahaha.

I need Brian/Justin recs, stat. STAT, PEOPLE.

this is what got me:

Justin: I need you.
Brian: you think you do, because that's what we're taught to think...we all neeeed each other. well, it's a crock of shit. you're the only one you need. you're the only one you've got. the couch. just for tonight. and don't jerk off on it.

they had me at hello. haha. well actually, I haven't seen their "hello" yet, but I've heard about it. *eyebrow wiggle*
my new obsession has nothing to do with the fact that half the time, justin is in a schoolboy uniform. really. *cough*

feed me, seymour. brian/justin recs, preferably s1, since that'll be all I have time to watch this week. gimme.
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[ profile] nyghtpet sent me this thing before bed. ok, I really have concluded that *nothing* turns me into a squeeing fangirl like jon and/or stephen. man, what's wrong with me. I must be the biggest geek evah.

anyway. it's a little piece of backstage footage of stephen talking to john kerry, briefing him on his character and how the show works.

aww, embedding the vid didn't work. here we go:
"I'm in character. I'm an idiot"

seriously, if anyone can tell me how to rip this off the website to save to my hard drive, so I can clutch it to my chest and watch it over and over while mumbling to myself how cute he is? (you think I'm exaggerating about this, but ask Steph! I do!) you win at life, and I will be forever indebted. I know there's a way to save things from youtube, but this is a different hosting site, so I don't know.
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ok, I just had to post so that I could use my new icon. *flails* [ profile] nyghtpet pointed me towards [ profile] lidi's journal for a slew of jon and stephen icons (together and separate). we all know that I love them. I nearly peed my pants when I saw that she had an icon of the awards-congrats kiss. or ya know, it's possible he's just whispering in his ear. but it looks like a kiss! I say it's a kiss. I wasn't even able to find a still of this when I looked a few weeks ago. *flail* so I asked if she could put some text on it for me, and she generously agreed :)

so yes, that's stephen colbert. you just can't tell cuz his face is buried in Jon's neck. heee!

aren't they a lovely couple? and you know, this week we learned that stephen likes to be wrapped up in the american flag and spanked with an original copy of the declaration of independence so....


I may have written something very naughty. in which I took the Ethan/Liam snippet from There are Many Ways to Love and um. tweaked it. *shifty eyes*
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you know....Blood Ties....really fucked itself. it should never have been left in the hands of Lifetime.

me and steph and casey do this every week. we like...eye the tv, knowing that they're going to dangle the promise of hot vampy boy, and deny us thoroughly.

I feel cheated. I cry false advertising. it's not a vampire show. it's a show about a lesbian that's supposed to somehow have chemistry with two men. (is the actress gay, btw? I feel as though she is. my spidey senses, they do tingle). it doesn't help that they *insist* on writing her as brushing off his advances with complete disinterest even though there's supposed to be UST. or so I thought.

but I'll watch it anyway, cuz I'm a sucker. I say Henry runs off with her gothy little assistant. she'd give it up and she'd be happy to. then we could have more bitey sex like the pilot.

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GOOD morning, flist!

thanks to [ profile] entrenous88 for linking to this and making my day. but really, the one where his shirt is coming off *bites knuckle* his waist. his pretty pretty waist. I wanna bite his belly button.... and lick everything else that's not showing *flail*

methinks porn will be written tonight. but first I have to go hose bird shit off a deck. such is life


Apr. 26th, 2007 06:12 pm
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why can't American music videos feature explicit m/m/f threesomes? that's rhetorical. I know why they can't. or don't. or whatever. but...*pouts*
(I personally recommend muting it and just watching teh pretty, but whatever)

horrifically translated lyrics under the cut )

ps, if anyone can give me a less retarded translation of the lyrics that would be nifty.
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have jon stewart and stephen colbert broken up? they stopped doing their bit. *cries* say it ain't so, jon! say it ain't so!

JS + SC = rps otp

(ps, from now on, whenever I see sean penn, I will think of people bathing in the president's bloody underwear. that is just such a fucking horrible image. and a shame, because sean penn is hot, and I don't wanna be thinking about W's undies and bloody diarrhea when I look at him. I know. tmi, tmi)
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this is....
I think this is hotter than most porn I've ever seen. be sure to watch with the sound up. the noises that the shorter guy makes are... *drifts to a happy place* all those whimpering sounds I imagine when I write porn and then think, "how many guys actually make sounds like that during sex?" this video validates all of them. really.

according to the summary, they're a couple. I guess being filmed making out by their friend. bless him.

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I just sat through all of The Day After Tomorrow (yeesh, and we wonder why no one takes global climate change seriously) just because I remembered that Dash Mihok is in it.

despite the fact that I can never remember the dude's name (and now I remember why...*dash*? seriously??), I fangirl him utterly and completely. haha. steph can tell you this, as I have been squeeing at her relentlessly. I have no idea why I fangirl him so ridiculously. but I remember seeing him in Romeo + Juliet as Benvolio, and he set my 14-year-old heart a-flutter, and that was a done deal. and then he was on Felicity (yes, I used to watch it. religiously. shut up, don't judge me). and uh...oh yeah, that video with Alanis. and then he's been in every other damn thing, but no one knows who he is.

there is something unconventionally attractive about him to me. am I the only one?

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ok. *flails* is anybody else watching Blood Ties? [ profile] nyghtpet pointed me that way last week, but I didn't have access to cable, so I just dl it and watched it today.

oh my god, that is one sexy manwhore vampire...manwhore. he's as much of a prettyboy as Spike. and is all...*cough* smoldering? like Angel *is smitten*

please no one mock me for saying smoldering. *covers her face*

I dig his vamp face with the black eyes and the pretty pretty fangs. guh. how can you not love a man whose introduction to television is drinking from some chick while he makes her come? seriously. I am only human.

*scraps their differing vampire lore and puts all 3 of them in a bed together*

*runs and hides cuz she's so smitten it's embarrassing*

if you haven't seen it, you can dl it from for part 1 and $2 for part 2, and the next ep comes on Lifetime, of all things, tonight.
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I'm bummed about fandom the past week, dude. there's so much bad energy flying around, and some of my favorite people appear to have flown the coop several months ago, and things are just slow this week. it's sucktastic, and everyone I've talked to is feeling drained.

but let's not talk about any of that at all. really. not a word. what I want to do is cheer us up.

I want to know 5 things that made you fall in love with Spike and Angel, as individuals. five for Spike, and five for Angel. for those of you who like one and not the other, by all means just do the one you like. but if you love em both, gimme em both.

no physical attributes. we all love James' abs and David's puppy eyes. we know this. I'm talking characterization, people. and also uh...since the exercise is feel-good vibes, no picking on each other's characterization, no matter how wacko you think it is. if you love Angel for wearing stripey socks, I will not remind you that you're thinking of David :D

...oh, I suppose I should kick us off first, huh? ok:

1. I love that he has a sense of humor that no one expects and therefore, that very few people get.
2. I love that, despite knowing he should find Spike's shenanigans completely unconscionable, he still gets a kick out of them sometimes, even though he'd never let Spike know it.
3. I love that even when he was soulless, and even though he didn't believe he was capable of love at all, he loved Darla as an equal and a partner in crime, Dru as a spoiled daughter (no, really), and Spike in spite of himself.
4. I love him as a dad, and everything that went with that.
5. I love that stubbornly, inevitably, he will always be a cowboy at heart.

1. I love that he is so freaking pussy-whipped. but he won't hesitate to conk Dru over the head, and then lovingly settle her against his side as they ride off into the sunset. *snerk*
2. I love that when you get him around Angel, he's 12. in all senses of the age.
3. I love that he's a pathological liar when it comes to his image. how'd you get that soul again, Spike? he's so good, he convinces himself.
4. I love that he's a weeble. *watches him wobble*
5. This is probably wrong of me, but I like his tendency to reach for a bottle of liquor as soon as things go wrong. *snickers* what? I like my fantasy men dysfunctional.

*leans her head in her hands and waits for all of you to share.


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