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and giggles a lot. god, I love this man. he's such a dork.

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*alright, folks. I'm moving today, finally. I'm going to try to steal internet from my neighbors because I'm poor white trash, but if they don't have any, I might be disappearing for a few days. I'm not dead, just very busy :) I've stocked up on CW AU rps on my hard drive to get me through a drought, haha

*Evan got home safe and sound on Tuesday, btw, so thanks for keeping him in your prayers.

*btw, thanks to [ profile] darklingdawns, [ profile] felisblanco, [ profile] dark_amia, [ profile] altyronsmaker, [ profile] philips, [ profile] adorkablefae, and [ profile] so_sharlemaine for uploading music yesterday for me to enjoy. yall rock my socks off, and bethany and evan were quite impressed by teh power of the flist :) I invite you all to go see if you want any of the songs they offered, since they should be available for other uploads. spreading the wealth :)

also, special thanks to [ profile] elisi for solving my (our) m4a problem. I haven't tried it yet, but she reports that the site will convert the file for free

*ps, I found this photo/interview with jensen ackles when he was Very Young. is it wrong that I want to molest him? according to bethany, I once told her I wanted to keep a freshman in my closet and reward him with food for learning sex tricks. I think he would have made a lovely candidate.

however, as molestable as he was, boy grew into his face well. he's more attractive now, I think.

*also, if anyone's wondering if I've forgotten about the Sooper Sekrit Scheme human AU site now known as The Human Condition, it's nearing completion. my sister's a busy little worker bee, though atm she's cussing me out for the fact that yall write 30 chapter, 300 page books of smut :)
thatotherperv: (jon lolz (by lidi)) know sometimes I forget James was raised Baptist, and then he answers a flippant question like this, and I'm like, oohhhhhhhh.

ETA: pointed out that baptist may be incorrect. maybe methodist...or catholic or both? haha. I don't care enough to look it up. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

I think I love that about him. in a *facepalm*, oh james, kind of way.

If you were in the Mississippi Delta and were down at the Crossroads (no soul selling involved), would you ask to be the greatest guitarist or actor?
I don’t believe in the Crossroads. I believe that the Blues were created in response to slavery and had nothing to do with the Devil. The Devil can’t help me be a good actor either. I’m not afraid of the Devil.
--November Q&A


Nov. 3rd, 2007 11:01 am
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wow, I got such a cool variety of book recs from you people! *clicks heels* I'm going to go stare at and figure out which to get because there's no fucking way I'm reading ALL of those in one month, haha. but I think I can make good headway.

I've decided to call it NoSoNaNoReMo. heee!

I think it's from Thursday's TDS, but I meant to post and say...dude. Jon *TOTALLY* has a mancrush on Jerry Seinfeld. now personally I think he could have better taste because I kinda hate Seinfeld, but it was terribly cute regardless. I love seeing my boys when they're all bouncy and excited <3 I'm sure Stephen teased him about it in bed later that night.


ok, the next thing is not to be taken seriously, because this ain't no democracy. my muse is a fascist totalitarian bitch. mmkay? this is more for my own curiosity than actually committing to what I'll update next, but maybe the muse will be inspired by your enthusiasm, haha. (sorry I Burn isn't on the list, but I have a system for that one, and it's not going to be the next thing ready by any stretch of the imagination.)

[Poll #1082220]
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Stephen to Jon:
"put your fingers in there"

...I rest my case.

I can't make this stuff up, people. *bows out*
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my fellow DS/CR peeps, Colbert is on Larry King Live right now. CNN. :) he keeps slipping in and out of character, but he's sometimes himself. *hearts*


Sep. 4th, 2007 04:14 pm
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John Barrowman interview, pointed out by [ profile] lafemmedarla

arguably a spoiler for James' Torchwood ep )

my, I'm spammy today. but wasn't THAT particular spam worth it?
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End of Days is a terrible movie but....

if Gabriel Byrne was Satan, I'd totally be a devil-worshiper. fuck, he's sexy in this movie. Sex On Legs.

I so have evil!kink. I got it *bad*. when he says "I've come for my wife" and snaps the cardinal's neck? yes. fuck yes.
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[ profile] nyghtpet sent me this thing before bed. ok, I really have concluded that *nothing* turns me into a squeeing fangirl like jon and/or stephen. man, what's wrong with me. I must be the biggest geek evah.

anyway. it's a little piece of backstage footage of stephen talking to john kerry, briefing him on his character and how the show works.

aww, embedding the vid didn't work. here we go:
"I'm in character. I'm an idiot"

seriously, if anyone can tell me how to rip this off the website to save to my hard drive, so I can clutch it to my chest and watch it over and over while mumbling to myself how cute he is? (you think I'm exaggerating about this, but ask Steph! I do!) you win at life, and I will be forever indebted. I know there's a way to save things from youtube, but this is a different hosting site, so I don't know.
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I was riffling through my bookmarks, and I found this youtube video that I had bookmarked to post under the guise of "god, he *doesn't* know how to edit himself, does he". I bring you a little something I'd like to call James' Co-stars Are Tasty.

james, james, james.

ETA: I forgot to say, he was asked which of his co-stars was the best kisser

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(ETA: this post contains no comic spoilers, but the comments do, so be aware if you're avoiding that we're discussing some specifics)

so there have been a lot of posts over the last few days about the AtS s6 comics (from the interviews with Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, if you haven't seen them yet). this is probably the only post you'll ever see on my journal about the comics...I'm not at all a comic person. action put on paper bores the shit out of me, honestly. the only graphic novel I've ever enjoyed was Sandman, and there wasn't much true action there.

anyway, the reason why the posts got me thinking despite my aversion, is because I took a glance at this Brian Lynch guy and it seems like I might actually want to check this out, if it isn't coming out of my pocketbook (I am po' white trash, yall)...except I don't want to read anything considered "canon." so then I was thinking about why it is that I have SUCH an aversion to reopening canon. because it's not just a theoretical's *visceral*. and petty. I'm one step short of sticking my fingers in my ears and going LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

there are multiple reasons. one is a change of medium...I just can't accept it if it's not living and breathing on my tv screen (ha). part of it is that I've read so much beautiful epic post-nfa fic that I cherish, that I don't want someone to take a wrecking ball to those possibilities.

but what I came to is that the majority of the emotional reaction is all about Spangel...and this theory I have. )
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have jon stewart and stephen colbert broken up? they stopped doing their bit. *cries* say it ain't so, jon! say it ain't so!

JS + SC = rps otp

(ps, from now on, whenever I see sean penn, I will think of people bathing in the president's bloody underwear. that is just such a fucking horrible image. and a shame, because sean penn is hot, and I don't wanna be thinking about W's undies and bloody diarrhea when I look at him. I know. tmi, tmi)
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I just sat through all of The Day After Tomorrow (yeesh, and we wonder why no one takes global climate change seriously) just because I remembered that Dash Mihok is in it.

despite the fact that I can never remember the dude's name (and now I remember why...*dash*? seriously??), I fangirl him utterly and completely. haha. steph can tell you this, as I have been squeeing at her relentlessly. I have no idea why I fangirl him so ridiculously. but I remember seeing him in Romeo + Juliet as Benvolio, and he set my 14-year-old heart a-flutter, and that was a done deal. and then he was on Felicity (yes, I used to watch it. religiously. shut up, don't judge me). and uh...oh yeah, that video with Alanis. and then he's been in every other damn thing, but no one knows who he is.

there is something unconventionally attractive about him to me. am I the only one?

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ok, so have I mentioned that [ profile] nyghtpet and I chat and heckle throughout the eps and generally make a ruckus. good times.

Bones spoilers )

for the record, since there seems to be some confusion *glares at [ profile] denied_heaven and [ profile] vamptastica* the icon that I made (yes, I know. and it's horribly lame and I love it anyway) with the hamster, posted earlier today....the hamster is *NOT* being USED in the sexual act between Spike and Angel. fucking sickos. *glares* he's just a casual observer. a very scared casual observer. to the things they are doing that are kinky, but not *that* fucking kinky.

and then I had a very scary conversation with vamps about Richard Gere and small furry creatures and cardboard tubes. *covers face*

cut for the explicit explanation, not for the faint of heart )

I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight.

ETA: and now Casey tells me people like to step on them barefoot. *wails* what's wrong with people??
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ok, I have to share this one little thing with you guys in case you haven't seen it. because steph and I can't stop watching this one snippet and laughing our asses off.

about 3:45 in, James says, and I quote:
but no she's really dead, I mean, like, the worms are eating her brain! like, like, she's decomposing. seriously!

I think it's really just...the earnestness with which he declares it. he is such a goober. that is the best word I can use to describe him. goober.

ETA: I just realized when you imbed, the video counts down instead of up. so it happens when the counter reads "00:22"

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toby mcguire and his fiance named their kid Ruby Sweetheart McGuire? *seriously*? I've come to the conclusion that young celebreties hate their children and want to make life as difficult as possible for them by smoking crack from a big fat pipe before they sign their birth certificates. your kids have to go through *life* with these names, people!
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dude, I had a crap-tastic day yesterday.

cut for extensive whining )

on a totally different subject, I really despise Justin Timberlake's newish song Sexy Back (was sexy ever out of style? *doinks him*), but now every time I hear it, I imagine him with a leash and chains. and a ball-gag, because the boy is pretty, but as soon as he opens his mouth to *speak*, he destroys all illusion. the other day I looked up the music video in hopes of reinforcing this fantasy image, but the video is bizarre and nonsensical and not hot at all. Justin, you're such a cocktease. maybe that's why Lance Bass didn't want to come out to you.

(did I just spend an entire paragraph talking about boy band people? please shoot me :P)
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alrighty, so [ profile] indigodiaries pointed me towards this really great blooper I'd never seen before, which I thought I'd share. I was talking to someone the other day (vamps? I think it was you?) about jm and smg and how they were supposed to not get along, so I found this rather charming.

they had a little trouble staying upright behind the Doublemeat Palace...
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I know james got a lot of crap for publicly leering over michelle trachtenberg but...I would be a hypocrit to do anything but nod along with him. lmao. sadly, I can't even pretend she looks like anything but jailbait in this photo shoot....

*smacks forehead*

speaking of drool, you should all go join [ profile] cast_party for all the pretty.
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the only thing that ever makes me stray temporarily from the Buffyverse is POTC jack/will/elizabeth. this morning, I am a happy woman. two outta three ain't too shabby (photo of Orlando Bloom biting Johnny Depp)


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