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so, I realized recently I've been on a multifandom vid spree lately – not just finding new vids, but coming back around to some old favorites. And there are a slew that I've been fangirling so hard that I figured I ought to share recs.

I said once, a long time ago, that a good vid is like fucking magic to me, and it's still true. There are some vids that always give me an energy boost, help me see new angles on canon, and just generally fill me with squee.

my current obsessive favorites under the cut )
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wow, it's been a long damn time since I've used *this* tag, huh?

you know, the first...*guesstimates* 25 times *facepalm* I watched West Wing start-to-finish, I didn't have my slash goggles on. it wasn't that kind of show for me. plus, aside from Rob Lowe, not a lot of eye candy, haha. of the male variety, at least.

I honestly have no clue what moment first planted Josh/Sam in my head, but once it was there, it quickly became canon for me. the way spangel did. once I saw it, I couldn't see it any other way. it became a fact. I mean, come on. Sam gave up a *marriage* and a *partnership* in a huge firm on what was, essentially, Josh's whim. and then there's that weird, dogged overprotectiveness following the shooting. and...*cough* anyway. not why I'm here, haha.

one of the best parts of the fandom experience, imo, is finding a fic that fits canon so tightly that when you rewatch the show, you can't help appending it to canon. one that answers all the questions you ever asked yourself about the subtext or backstory, and then answers some that you hadn't thought of.

Turning 'verse by jaegecko. I haven't read the entire verse yet because it's fucking enormous and I just found it yesterday, but what I have read so far has sucked me in so deep that I forgot I wasn't watching the actual show.

if you love the show, give it a try. I will warn you that it's first person pov (mostly Sam, sometimes Josh) but it's wielded pretty well. the Josh/Sam doesn't come in until the second story of the 'verse...I enjoyed the first story that focuses on Sam's discovery that he's gay, but it's a lot of original characters if that's not your thing.
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ok, you know how sometimes you read a fic that is just so great it makes you flail around a little bit at the greatness? yeah. just had one of those. needed to share.

Spider Bites On All Your Lovers by [ profile] untrue_accounts.

the crossroads demon goes after Dean after Crossroads Blues. she appears to him as a series of anonymous fucks, and the way she reads his fears and insecurities and plays on all of his weaknesses to take just a little piece of his soul at a time, during encounters that are supposed to be meaningless. I mean, goddamn. I love the way she plays on his need to nurture and be validated, and it just...*works*. jesus christ.

*flails* go read it. *pushes you*
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hokay, so it just occurred to me that when I set up my bookmarks, I never posted a link here. granted it wasn't that long ago, but still. attention span of a gopher. don't ask me how long a gopher's attention span is. it just seems like it wouldn't be that long, what with them being rodents, and the fact that they can probably get pretty zen about digging all day.

....what was I saying? speaking of short attention spans. heh.

I swore I wasn't gonna jump on this bandwagon, but 3 benefits have become immediately apparent:
1. the ability to re-locate pron during downtime at school (if only they knew...)
2. MUCH lazier method of reccing
3. I finally remember where the periods go when I'm referring to the site, instead of just saying, "you know...that delicious thing that everyone does." which just sounds like a have a foodporn fetish.

you will probably be disturbed by the large proportion of cw rps, haha. this will show you just how deeply my au crack-smoking has gone. it's a lil embarrassing. in my defense, if I find a day where I have nothing better to do with my life, I might go back and start tagging more buffyverse stuff.

also, you won't find much wincest there, because it's not really my thing. (I feel like wincest has cheapened incest kink, haha. it's just not as dirty as it used to be! they've gone and made it all legitimate and stuff. *huffsnicker*) you will find a lot of stuff that looks at pre-show Winchester relationships because I have a total kink for that, if you can have a kink for something gen-ish.

without further ado...happy hunting
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ok, now that I have the attention of all 3 of you :) I don't read much spn fic. honestly, I can't be bothered. the fandom is fucking overflowing, and I'm lazy. therefore, most of the fics I have to rec, I owe to either the direct recommendation or the pointing-in-the-general-direction of [ profile] madame_meretrix, [ profile] apreludetoanend, [ profile] denied_heaven, [ profile] nyghtpet and [ profile] felisblanco

so, obviously I have no familiarity with the spn terrain. I have no fucking clue who most of these people are. and I have very particular tastes in the fandom, and I don't really read outside of them, because...see: can't be bothered. er, it should be said that incestfic isn't the staple of my spn diet, nor is j2...not because I think either of them is wrong or unhot, I just...I dunno. it's not my favorite. but there's some of that here, obviously,'s *spn*.

just so you don't think you're getting a well-rounded cream of the crop list :) basically, throwing those out there for people on my flist that are as lazy as I am, but would like to nibble on some good spn fic.

*smooches* you have to feed and water and love the flist, so it will be all green and perky, like my lamb's ears after I trimmed away half the leaves. ...where was I?

spn genfic and/or OMC/OFC fic )

incest spn...sam/dean, dean/john etc )

spn/Buffyverse crossovers, het, slash and gen )

and we all know that in spn, RPS is the new black.

Jensen/Chris = CW rps oh tee peeeee )

a lil regular j2 )

CW RPS that is Way Way AU )

jesus christ, that ended up being way bigger than I expected. hope yall find something you like. feel free to come back and squee about a rec, haha. I live for the squee.

gonna try to do some other Other-Fandom rec lists in the near future. spn just swallowed its own category.

finally, if anyone I've reccd here shows up and thinks "I don't think she ever fb'd me"...I probably didn't. *facepalm* I feel like it's a cardinal sin, but spn is so lively, I let myself lurk. it's like my vacation fandom.
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some random-ass recs before I get on with my day...because the coffee hasn't done its thing yet. random because some are old and some are new, and really they have nothing in common except goodness. all on the angsty side, such has been my mood for reading. mostly old, now that I think about it. I've been rereading a lot of old fic over the last few months.

Lucky by Estepheia. I remember reading this a long time ago, but somehow it's better than I remember it being...which is always a pleasant surprise, since my standards are considerably higher now and I'm usually disappointed with stuff I loved once upon a time. not for the faint of heart. spangel. human AU. very dark and twisted.

It Never Happened by [ profile] shadowcast. I don't do Spike/Giles. I really really don't. generally, I don't do Giles ships, but this fic is the bees knees. if anyone has more spike/giles recs along these kink, just miles of sad, angsty sadness, throw them at me.

Brief Encounter by [ profile] shapinglight. this is the fic that made me like Darla. I don't know if I've ever told her that, because I read it as a lurker. I think of this as quintessential spike/darla, and the way the pairing should be.

Just Watching by [ profile] felisblanco. spangel, human AU, stepcest. please heed that this fic is very disturbing, and is intended to be. god, this fic *hurts*. I was rereading it recently, and it fascinated me just as much as it did the first time. though it didn't give me nightmares this time, which I suppose means that fandom has jaded me :) felis gives good angst. unfinished wip, as yet.

Shashu Blue by [ profile] germaine_pet. a character study of Angel, and all his boys. this fic gives me chills every time I read it. without exception.

Metrocurious by [ profile] evilmaniclaugh. Marsters/Barrowman rps. (the guy from Torchwood). *drowns in the angst...rolls in it...mmmmm, yeah* most people lose me on second person, but this is just right.

Super Food World by Valerie X. one of my favorite spuffies ever, and I'm damn picky. great banter, and I could see this happening. easily.

When Spike Got Home by [ profile] stakebait. exactly how I like my spangel. exactly. when spike got home, angel was fucking somebody else. post-nfa.

Boomerang by faith_delivers. Angel/Buffy/Faith, post-nfa. not a pairing I'd ever thought about seriously, but this author really makes it work, and capitalizes on all their history. I could see this happening as well.

Summer Lovin by DeepaD. the best Angel/Connor ever written, by my reckoning, and I actually like Connor fic a lot. but this was the first that made sense to me. set in the summer between s4 and 5, where Connor doesn't know who Angel is. and again, it *hurts*. so good.

A Two-Part Harmony by Miss Murchison. I have a secret kink for Spike/Harmony. no one should particularly be surprised by this, since I love Spike as a bastard, but you one really writes that pairing. which is a shame, because it has potential for interestingness. I think this showcases that. Harmony is so endearing, in her special Harmony way. poor thing.

Backfire by [ profile] daedream_fanbot. sorta Spander, sorta S/X/A. the fact that this is her first fic astounds me. twisty turny dark, and she kept up the awesome intensity right to the end.

Your Skin is My Canvas by [ profile] chrisleeoctaves. angel/ofc. so fucking twisted. *licks dark Angel*

Dawn of the Dead by [ profile] beer_good_foamy. and to cap us off, a funny one. emsemble set of drabbles in which Dawn gets turned and runs amuck. I injured my funny bone when I read this. seriously.

tried to pick some stuff off the beaten path. enjoy!
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I've been binging on fic in the POTC fandom, because all the trailers have put me in the mood for some Jack/Will/Elizabeth. I know what a pain it is to find where the good fic hides in a different fandom, so I thought I'd throw some recs out there, for anyone that wants something different.

Jack/Will/Elizabeth = POTC OT3. that's just a lot of pretty put in one place, and it's a bonus that their personalities all mesh nicely, even where they're non-meshy. there's also a little jack/will, jack/elizabeth, jack/bootstrap, but those were kind of incidental to searching for ot3 fic, so they're all a little spare.

Fics in the POTC fandom tend to be short relative to Buffyverse fics. I have a couple longer fics bookmarked to read but haven't gotten to them yet, so if I like them I'll come back and add them later. for the most part, these are pretty bite-sized.

POTC fic recs--J/W/E and combos thereof )

some fanart I came across...some POTC, some Sam/Dean, all hot. )
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So, I seriously doubt I will ever undertake a rec list for spander other than this one. Three reasons: I have read an ass-ton of Spander, there are a lot of talented folks churning the stuff out like it’s going out of style, and last but not least, [ profile] sparrow2000 has already compiled a great set of rec lists that is a more thorough job than I could hope to do. And her taste in fic has me often going, “amen, sister,” so her recs practically *are* my recs :) but to my knowledge she didn’t do a list specifically for human AU, then [ profile] apreludetoanend asked for spander human au recs on her own journal (and got a longer comment from me than she probably ever wanted, lol), and this list was born. And it grew out of control…turns out there’s a lot of spander human au that I love.

go get the goods…there’s a lot of them )
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so. I have a secret.

well, ok, it's not so much a secret as something I've never stated explicitly, and most of you find me pervy enough that you won't be shocked when I say

that the idea of Spike getting off on an inanimate object occasionally rings my bell. and I don't mean toys. toys don't count. these are innocent inanimate objects not asking for someone to come along and defile them, but you know Spike: evil vampire. evil, unscrupulous vampire who doesn't care how he gets off *cough* and sometimes, portrayed that way even when he's human. *snerk*

so, here we go, and if anybody's read any others that I've missed, please let me know. *cough* also, I don't believe I've ever read any of my other boys in such a ficlet, but again...I'm willing to be corrected :D

didn't lose you at inanimate object? well ok then, here we go. )

ETA: I stand corrected on inanimate object love being restricted to Spike. see, this is why I should use caveats like "my memory sucks, so I know I'm forgetting something." :D

see? others get to play too! )
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Ok, I told [ profile] madame_meretrix that I’d make her a list of Dawn recs, so I thought while I was at it, I’d post them to add to my big list. Making an exception to my wip rule this time because these recs were originally for her, so the wips are at the top there.

mostly Spike/Dawn, with some Xander/Dawn, Angel/Dawn…and various threesomes. Because I like those :D )
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ok, so [ profile] germaine_pet was reccing one of her favorite vids this morning and it lit a fire under my ass to finish this list of vid recs that I was almost through with.

Ok, my big-ass list of vid recs. You know, I only started watching vids maybe two or three months ago, but I’ve clearly been greedy during that time. I have zero technical knowledge when it comes to these things. When I’m reading a good fic, I can spot the puppet strings, but good manips and vids always seem like magic to me, and maybe that’s part of what makes them so thrilling.

I have no idea *how* these people do what they do, but when I see a good vid, it lights a fire under my ass for the fandom again. And it seems like we all need that, lately. So, I’m throwing these out there in hopes that you’ll write some hot fic for me. lmao. See, in the end, I am selfish.

I rec what curls my toes, and nothing else. In no particular order, though I did go ahead and slot them into categories so that it’s not quite such a rummage bin. let me know what you think. feel free to rec me vids in the comments, because the more the merrier.

Final thing I’d like to say is, fb these people if you can. I’m guilty of not fb’ing vidders if I don’t find their vid on their own journal, but I’m trying to be better about it. I figure I can karmically make up for it by mobilizing an army to fb them :)


ETA: I've spent the last few weeks on a vid-downloading bender. buffytop5 classic recs weekend didn't help in staunching off the addiction. so this is kind of a massive update. all the old categories have been updated, and the new stuff is marked by an "ETA". there are also a couple new categories.

also, there are a vid that I know I just downloaded, but now I can't find to give you the link. a spangel, in italics. if you recognize it, let me know.

this way to the crack )
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so, I'm not done fic-gathering for this rec list, but things are kind of thin today, and I'm antsy to share my spangel recs. Angelus/William will be coming later. along with recs for every other pairing I read. this spangel list isn't even done, because I haven't ferreted out all of it or added all of the lovelies that I've read lately. I'll let you know when I add more recs and finish up this list. until then...jesus, this should tide you over. :) I was extraordinarily picky on the quality of these (for writing and for characterization), so I hope you'll enjoy them!

eta: I forgot to say, these are all finished fics. I won't be posting up wips I'm enjoying, until they're done. I'm willing to risk wip-abandonment heartbreak myself, but I am unwilling to make that decision for an innocent...fic-reader. :)

rec-alicious )
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ok, eventually this will grow, with all the pairings that I read. erm. it's not even close yet.

a list of lists. a master list, if you will

Buffyverse fandom

Spangel Recs—a start on my spangel recs. I have a backlog on adding to this, but this is for starters.

Spander human AU Recs—pretty self-explanatory, really :)

Dawn-centric Recs—Spike/Dawn, Angel/Dawn, Xander/Dawn, Wes/Dawn and threesomes.

Spike/inanimate object Recs—because Spike just can't keep it in his pants, and we know he's not really all that particular. at least Mr. Gordo will respect him in the morning. also a few Angel/object, Prof Fine/object.

Vid Recs—character vids, Spangel, Spuffy, and a slew of less common pairings.

Other Fandoms

Pirates of the Caribbean fic—largely Jack/Will/Elizabeth, with some Will/Jack, Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/Bootstrap

Some SPN fanart I found while motoring around the POTC fandom


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