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so, okay. one of the few recentish episodes of Bones that I actually enjoy is Mayhem on a Cross...the one where the underground metal band uses their friend's skeleton as a stage prop.

I've always been kind of fond of the lead singer kid who's the murderer. he's just so fucking *obnoxious*, in a realistic way. the way kids that age are, especially those predisposed to think their pain is monumentally epic and beyond compare. plus it cracks me up that he obviously wants to be Jack Nicholson.

but here's something I never noticed before: the guy's stage name is Pinworm.

and as soon as I realized that, I had a moment of deep, deep love for whatever writer slipped THAT in there. because you know what a pinworm is? it's a parasite commonly found in the rectum or lower colon of small children. the females crawl out at night and lay eggs around the anus, which makes the child's ass itchy...the child rubs it against things, and then another kid comes along and puts that object in their mouth, and that's how pinworms are spread.

this kid, this obnoxious, pretentious, PAIN IN THE ASS of a kid, named himself after an ass worm. an itchy, itchy ass worm.


so to whoever was responsible for that detail, you were a rockstar in that moment. (too bad the rest of the time, your entire writing team is made of FAIL.)
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some of you may remember my aborted science journal, [ profile] ifangirlscience. it's back! or, it's begun, haha. probably close to 2 years after it was conceived. the substantive posts are friends-locked, so if you want to read & discuss then you need to friend me. unlike this journal, I'll friend EVERYONE back, whether I know you or not.

the post that I made today is about carnivore reintroduction and the Canadian lynx. I'd be pleased as punch if you'd come play in my other sandbox :) along those lines, look, kittens!

some blather on the purpose of that journal and insight into why it's locked )
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so just the other day, I was thinking to myself, the grackles aren't nearly as bad this year as they have been in the past.

I'm being punished for the sin of thinking that.

let me say, I am not afraid of birds. I have no bird phobia. I kind of like them. I don't have any particular urge to *own* birds because I think they're a monumental pain in the ass and way too easy to kill, wild animals, I find them pleasant enough.

but grackles give me the fucking creeps. physically. like, physical revulsion. I have no fucking idea why. they're not particularly big or ugly or aggressive or anything. they're just non-descript black birds, common around here. a lot of people mistakenly call them blackbirds or crows but their breast is brownish, and chances are if you see a dark-colored bird around here, it's a grackle.

but this time of year, they descend upon us like the plague. seriously. I don't particularly know where they summer, but I guess our first real cold snap was late this year, because just in the last few days, they've really arrived. I guess they're a gregarious species, because they especially like to hang out in the parking lots of big stores. I was just getting groceries and there were so many that they had filled the superstore's roof, all the power lines, all the roofs of the neighboring buildings, all the trees, and were overflow parking on top of any available horizontal surface, namely the cars. then they wait until you're right upon them before they spook, and take off in this giant flock all around you so that the stationary blanket of black birds becomes a swirling cloud of black birds and

*sucks in a deep breath*

yeah, see? they've made me all, Tippi Hedron over here.

random fun fact, obliquely related to this rant: cockroaches would not, in fact, survive the apocalypse. or, they would in some places but they wouldn't have nearly the range and density they do now, were modern heating to fail. they're largely dependent on us for habitat...before that, they were confined to warmer climates.
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ok, it's official--baby deer are the CUTEST FUCKING THINGS EVER. I finally got out there to feed the fawn that was born on Saturday. goddamn. I mean. she's tiny and she falls down all over the place, like, *literally* just a little bundle of legs collapsing in all directions for no good reason every 3 minutes.

and when you clean her off after she feeds, she nuzzles you back, because you know...the manufacturer software tells her to commence mutual grooming <3
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I've been thinking a lot about the prostate. hahaha. as a slash writer, I figure it's pretty much my solemn duty to think about the prostate as much as possible, and by the looks of things, you all agree with me.

but for a long time it's been bugging me. what the hell does that actually feel like? it's not like there's any way for me to find out for myself, more's the pity, but I've been getting the sneaking suspicion lately that we're getting it wrong.

my theories, let me show you them. also, some tmi about my own experience with the clitoris and g-spot. basically, if you're happy in Porny Denial Land, I'd avoid. )

anyone that can confirm or deny any of the above will be met with gratitude. *eyes the penises on my flist*
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hey guys, lend me your brains. I need the major popular press (not peer-reviewed) sources, all over the political/ideological spectrum. you'll see from the list of what I've already come up with on my own, I'm looking for the real biggies. (this is about antimicrobial resistance, so don't give me something like "People")

Here's what I've searched already:

Newspapers -
New York Times
Washington Post - [eta: ha. I meant to search the Wash Times, not the Post. *facepalm*] [eta eta: am I surprised that Murdoc's paper doesn't have articles on antibiotic resistance? no, no I'm not. oh well. I *tried* to be fair and balanced ;) ]
Wall Street Journal

Magazines/Periodicals -
New Yorker
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(btw, my icon is a clouded leopard, not a you can't tell *g*)

ok, this footage is AMAZING. it's all over youtube out of context, but I have an article below the cut from the Wildlife Trust of India that tells what happened. basically, they were trying to dart a "nuisance" female tiger that was killing livestock in local villages, missed--thereby pissing the tiger off--and the tiger ambushed one of the dart team, leaping up to attack the man who was sitting astride an elephant.

the man survived though his hand was badly injured. after he fell to the ground, his elephant saved his life.

I'm putting the video behind the cut in case anyone is freaked out by the idea of watching this, but it doesn't show the tiger mauling the man or anything like that...just the initial leap upward, and it's amazing.

I sort of hate that this is all over youtube now, because out-of-context, it just adds to the kind of weird hostile hysteria we feel towards big cats, bears, sharks, crocs, etc. if you look up any of these animals on, the majority of what comes up is "so-and-so attacks!" I just wish people would use some damned common sense. then at the other extreme, humans think we are at the top of the food chain, so to speak, and are invincible... *steps off soap box*

there's another tiger video behind the cut that I just thought was funny.

mad kitty, behind the cut )
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thanks to [ profile] 1more_sickpuppy for reminding me that exists. heee!

Sixth grader: Wait, I don't understand. When you have oral sex you don't take off your clothes, so how can you get AIDS?
Student teacher: Ummm...
--University Neighborhood Middle School

what the hell are they *teaching* you guys up there? )
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sorry for the spammage today people! today was my day for the [ profile] buffyversemeta Metathon. I was a little weasel and took my own topic, thereby prompting me to FINALLY start on this meta series I've been meaning to tackle for a while.

there were supposed to be 2.5 essays but it's probably for the best that there's only know, no one wants to hear me blather on *that* long. I had another one written on vampire nutrition, but it's a little...not layperson friendly right now and it needs to be reworked. so uh...that'll be up...whenever I have time to do that. some day.

Title: Canon vs. Science: the real deal on vampire anatomy and physiology
Author: Mel ([ profile] thatotherperv)
Summary: the beginning of a meta series I’ve been planning…1.5 essays for the purpose of the Metathon. Why science must be a consideration in the practicalities of vampirism (intro to the eventual series). And the real essay: How a feline model can be used to understand some vampire physiology.
Spoilers: let’s say whole series, just to be safe.
Word count: “It’s just magic” is 807 words, “Vampires as Cats” is 3200.

Notes: For those who don’t know me, a little on my background: My career goal is to be a zoo vet. My bachelor’s is in zoology, sort of split emphasis between ecology and pre-veterinary curriculum. I had a sociology minor in college and I have a Master’s in public policy related to wildlife, which is sort of irrelevant for this, but you know…basically, I’m not a total science egghead. I’ve already begun my DVM, though I’m still early in the curriculum. I often see the world through the prism of the life sciences…including canon.

links to the individual essays behind here )
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this essay is part of a meta series on vampire anatomy and physiology. this one in particular was written for the [ profile] buffyversemeta Metathon.

In order to understand this essay, you should probably go back and read my short blurb on why I feel “It’s magic” is not a good enough explanation for how vampirism works in the Buffyverse. Magic and supernatural happenings are a fact of the Buffyverse, but when we’re starting with a human, who has human anatomy and human constraints on what is possible, some science is required here :)

It is Buffyverse canon that vampires have some cat-like qualities: most notably, slit irises in vamp-face and the ability to roar and snarl. It’s popular in fanfic to portray vampires, especially Spike, as being cat-like…they have the grace of a cat, they purr when contented, they panther crawl before they fuck your brains out. This portrayal is so pervasive that vampires being cat-like is sometimes regarded as fanon.

So I thought it was interesting that, once I started thinking through some of their anatomical/physiological adaptations, a pattern of cat-ness emerged beyond the superficial. Though there are probably other cat-like qualities if I think on it, I tackle three here: vision, olfaction, and vocalization.

here kit-ty kit-ty... )
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this is sort of the introductory post to a meta series on vampire anatomy and physiology that I'm starting for the [ profile] buffyversemeta Metathon. there will be others in the future.

why I think anat/phys is important re: Buffyverse vampires )
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recent NASA shot of sunset over the Pacific

this admin is pretty hostile towards the Endangered Species Act. I could go into detail but no time. recent Supreme Court decision here via NPR. there are specific reasons why I disagree with the decision, but if I don't go spend time with my parents right now, their heads are gonna explode. just wanted to share the link, since I haven't otherwise seen news coverage of this decision.

comments disabled because I won't have time to answer.
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in a recent gallup poll, 68% of Republicans do not believe in evolution. on the flip-side, only 57% of Democrats *do* believe in evolution.

of Americans in general, 41% of Americans believe in creationism over evolution, versus only 29% that believe in evolution over creationism. 24% believe they're both true.

does anyone else find this *deeply* disturbing? I hope a lot of you do. because I find it deeply, deeply disturbing. especially since evolution is the best/only theory we have scientifically, because intelligent design is not a theory because it doesn't offer testable hypotheses. even a Vatican astronomer says so.

Dark Age:
-An era of ignorance, superstition, or social chaos or repression.
-An era in which superstition and devotion to organized religion prevail over science and reason.

*curls up in the fetal position*
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so, it has always bugged the shit out of me how Spike's chip might actually work. there's ample evidence in canon that Joss & co didn't give a crap about physiology when they were writing their show, which is fine, most shows don't. but I'm always trying to reconcile it, because when it comes down to it, I think in terms of biology. it's a fundamental part of how I reason out the world, fandom included.

anyway, [ profile] nme0621 is taking Abnormal Psych, and one of her lectures triggered an idea for her on how the chip works. it makes so much sense to me, I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of it myself :)

ETA: originally I linked to her post, but it's locked. she's given me permission to reproduce the scientific part of her post, and the discussions from comments, in mine. they're under the cut. we seriously geek out to science here, so you you know all my geeky bits. the intersection of biology and canon is love, in my world. obviously.

we are sooooo geeky )

on another, related note, someday I'm going to write an essay on the contradictory evidence in canon as to whether or not vamps make ATP from the blood they consume. yes, I've given a good deal of thought to this, and just when I think I've figured something out, I see something in canon that fucks the whole thing. I know we can write off anything vampire-related as "magic" but that seems like such a cop-out to me. they are inhabiting human bodies that come with certain physiological restrictions, and while the workings of the body are somewhat a miracle that leaves me in awe, it ain't magic. there are practical constraints.
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who says I can't get real news from comedy central?

Dr. James Holsinger is being appointed to be the next Surgeon General. why does this make me feel like I'm taking crazy pills? Because Dr. Holsinger wrote a paper (for the United Methodist Church, I might add) on the pathophysiology of male homosexuality.

what is pathophysiology? "the study of abnormal (or diseased) physiology"

I guess female homosexuality is physiologically normal. *stares*

the pdf of his report is here. (link opens DIRECTLY to the pdf)

let me tell you, it is a real scientific gem.

It is absolutely clear that anatomically and physiologically the alimentary and reproductive systems in humans are separate organ systems.

no SHIT, sherlock. he says this, or some variation of this, 3 or 4 times in the "paper." as best I can tell, it's the thesis of the paper. I wish I was kidding.

the whole thing reads like it was being written for a high school audience...or actually, younger. undoubtedly it's because his audience was a non-scientific organization. this should make it better, but to me, it only makes it worse, because he's presenting them with drivel that could never ever be published in a medical journal.

this thing is so riddled with faulty assumptions, it's redonkulous.

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Oh my god, I wrote meta—you bastards! And what’s more, it was fun! 3am conversation with [ profile] denied_heaven:

Mel says: omg this is so much fun
denied says: lmao
Mel says: how does this really get my rocks off
Mel says: it's much fun as writing porn
Mel says: it's intellectual porn
denied says: wooo
Mel says: gratuitous intellectual porn
Mel says: *fornicates with her mind*
denied says: lmao

I’m a goof, in case there was ever any doubt—but I promise the meta is a lot more coherent than my 3am rambling. So I may have gotten carried away with length *ducks* many thanks to [ profile] madame_meretrix, who was willing to beta my meta (!) and assure me that it's readable for your average bear and didn't make her fall asleep in her soup.

The basic premise of the essay is that Spike and Angel don’t fit classic alpha / beta roles if you are thinking in terms of the old model—which most people are. When you get into the complex workings of a wolf pack as we now understand it, they actually fit quite well. You have to take into account:

  • pack relations are *rarely* violent
  • it’s all about posturing and putting the least amount of energy into maintaining order
  • ’beta’ is not a permanent state of inferiority
  • alpha / beta dynamics aren’t constantly in motion—most of the time, they give it a rest

on to the meta )
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I was studying for anatomy, and I came back across two fun facts. yay for Boypart Trivia!

one of the tubes that carries sperm away from the testicles is 30-60 yards long (depending on the animal) when it is uncoiled. it takes one of the little guys 2 weeks to make it out, and that's when they learn how to swim :D

the blood pressure necessary for an erection is ridiculously high. in a bull, it's something like 10,000 mmHg. to give you some perspective, the aorta has far higher blood pressure than the rest of the body, at 125 mmHg, and most of the body sits at 15-30ish. during this part in the lecture, two thoughts were simultaneous: it's a wonder their dicks don't blow off. the hell *do* vampires get an erection.

then he was talking about testicles, and all I could think about was this Star Wars spoof my brother-in-law showed me where they keep calling the Death Star the Deathticle. and then I had to smother the urge to snicker, because snickering at boy-parts at this point in your life is undignified.

dude, did they really let me into professional school? lol.


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