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ok, so, the birthday bananza continues. I missed [ profile] entrenous88's when I was on my lj break, so I told her I'd write her a drabble or something of her choice. she asked for:

AU, teenage boys, Spike and Xander don't know each other but end up sitting near one another at a random movie at the multiplex. Hand jobs ensue. :D

no title cuz I was too lazy to make one up. but uh...I got a little carried away, so it's longer than a drabble *cough*

Happy (belated) Birthday!

belated Title: The Magic of Cinema
Author: Mel ([ profile] thatotherperv)
Pairing: Spander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: see above
Warnings: underage boytouching. take it or leave it.
Not mine.

giving the gift of spander wrongness )
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omg, ok. so uh. I can't give you a real summary for this, or any real warnings. it's a thing. but I am sticking a big fat angst warning on this sucker. I think I was channeling my own. uh. into something completely unlike my life.

Title: Lover's Spat (1/1...really)
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spangel
Summary: human au. that's all you're getting.
Warnings: angst. ANGST. that's all your getting, though there should be others.
Disclaimer: not mine. witness my empty pockets.

what the hell was in my wheaties this morning? angsty wheaties. )
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this uh. came out of nowhere one night when I couldn't sleep. and I was thinking about what Spike would think about when he couldn't sleep. and naturally, it was all about Angel. :P

Title: The Reason
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Rating: uh...PG-13? discussion of cocks, but no action.
Pairing: all of them. and none of them. vague enough for you?
Summary: Sometimes when he should be sleeping, Spike thinks about why they all love Angelus best.
Warning: err...only warning I can give is that it went a wee bit meta on me. sorry for that.
Disclaimer: so not mine, in any profitable way. but you can't stop me from making them walk and talk and whine in my head.

Spike's sorta bitter.... )
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I seem to be on this teen makeout kick *coughs* see, this wasn't even the one that I intended to write last night. it's just the one that happened. which means the one I intended to write is probably gonna happen later. somehow I don't see any of you complaining that there could be more teen makeout spangel on the horizon.

oh, and I should say this is unrelated to the last makeout fic. different 'verse.

Title: Spin the Bottle
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Spangel
Rating: eh, PG-13. I know, it's one gets off. my Spike always swears like a sailor, though.
Summary: I think the title pretty much says it all. the boys get cornered into doing something they don't want to do (no, of course not!) by one of the classics.

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so, I've been having this mad craving for teen Spangel making out. I conned [ profile] sexymermaid into writing a little spangel-makes-out-on-the-schoolbus for me, and it's lovely and can be found here, but I am of the opinion that there can never be too much boykissing, so I was antsy for more. jan told me to just get on with it and write more schoolbus porn making-out, but I was restless. then [ profile] vamptastica suggested making out at the drive-in, and this ficlet was born :D

ps, I really need more spangel icons. any suggestions?

Title: The Drive-in
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Spangel
Rating: NC-17
Summary: teen human AU. boys making out and fooling around. in a car. much hotness to be had, there.
Warnings: uh. they're 17 <shrugs> take it or leave it.
Disclaimer: just playing with Joss's toys. he left the toybox open for us, but they still belong to him.

boy kissing. hurrah for saturdays! )
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Title: Headmaster (for lack of something more creative)
Author: Mel ([ profile] btvslover82)
Pairing: Angelus/Spike, human AU
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Angelus is a headmaster whose student is trying to drive him mad…
Warnings: sex with a minor (well, that's arguable, since it's actually set in the UK), sort of questionable consensuality (but enjoyable for both), paddling, some blasphemy, daddy!kink...and a partridge in a slash tree. Angelus is a bastard even when he’s human, is all I’m saying.
Disclaimer: Joss would blush. I am, alas, still poor. don’t sue me.
Feedback: please!

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