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so I've been vastly underwhelmed by spn ever since far as I'm concerned, the series ended with Swan Song and everything after that is to me sorta just...there? I've liked a few eps here or there but for the most part, I can't believe that it's still on (or that there are people that still enjoy it, or that it's still garnering new fans, though tumblr assures me that both those things are true - whut).

anyway, all that means I never watch an ep right away. I usually download it, then it sits on my hard drive til I'm bored or in a certain mood. I just got around to watching 9.01 tonight and I was kind of pleasantly surprised. it felt more spny and relevant to the original show than anything's been in ages (partly because it simply retread a lot of old ground, but whatev).

I remember people speculating a while ago about how we're just now approaching the timeline of The End and how what if the angels falling is looping back around to that the time, I thought "I'm just not sure they're that clever anymore" -

(I mean, I never particularly thought they were as clever as they wanted to be, but in a post-teen wolf world, it seems like early spn was comparatively the cleverest. it's funny how many of spn's plot holes and quirks and have retroactively become acceptable to me in comparison. I feel like teen wolf is the new low benchmark for me of all fandom life. lol, I'm such a bitter old hag.)

- where was I? oh, yes. I thought they weren't that clever anymore but then Ezekiel talking about possessing Sam and sorta soft-selling Dean into agreeing with it got my antennae up. and then I was thinking about how the angel in the parking garage couldn't read who "Ezekiel" was and so now I'm wondering HMMM, COULD IT BE LUCIFER? IS LUCIFER POSSESSING SAM RIGHT NOW ZOMG THE END HERE WE COME.

I would be super stoked if this is what were happening. swear to god, I could forgive them for seasons 6, 7 and 8.

btw, I adore Death. I couldn't stop cracking up when Dean arrived because Death totally understated aura of exasperation like, he's seen this episode before and it's been rerun approximately 1000x and dear god is he bored. <3
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ut spn for a change) ETA because apparently lj thought my subject was too long.

okay, I finally got around to watching 8.12, and it really was ALMOST like having the real spn back. this is the first ep I've actually *enjoyed* since the apocalypse.

but more importantly,spoilery squee for Supernatural 8.12 )
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catching up on tv after my week of unconsciousness, but it's the question I ask myself every time I watch spn these days. it's not that I think it's bad, although it kinda is, it's that I don't CARE.

I have a theory that the world really did end with Michael v. Lucifer, and every season since then has been the result of Sam and Dean's fevered brains trying to cope with the reality of a zombie apocalypse. Like JR's dream on Dallas, only...spn-y.

okay, that's not going to be the case, but christ, I wish the show had died with Kripke. Swan Song would have been an epic fucking tv-changing series finale.

instead we're stuck watching these fuckers limp along for...god, how many more seasons have they committed to now? I'm only half kidding about the zombie thing. IT WON'T DIE. an admirable quality in the Winchester men themselves...not so much in the show.

heh. k, rant done. been holding that one in for a very long time.
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ok, for a long time I've been wondering about how my flist (the ones that are still following spn anyway) took the finale. if you know me, you can probably guess what I thought of it (angst whore that I am), but even though it made me squee my pants on one level, it totally drove me into the same fan-grief that The Gift did. I have all these coda-fics bookmarked that I can't even look at yet, hahaha.

so now that we've had a bit of cooling-off time, I want to know how all of you experienced it. I know the options are imprecise. obv, go with the option that best suits you...elaboration in comments will be petted and snuggled.

EDIT: yeah, that's supposed to be "wailing and gnashing my teeth." unfixable typos ftw
EDIT #2: also, I meant to say that I find a *lot* of flaws with the way things went, which I want to discuss sometime. but the upshot was so much better than I had begun to hope for. that's not saying much...I was basically ready to stab Kripke in the eye halfway through this season.

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it's your sandbox. it's totally your sandbox.

but fandom poured some sand in there and then played with it for four years. it's kinda grody now. certain admirable souls add fresh sand every now and then but I'm pretty sure some raccoons and neighborhood cats have been pooping in there for years. you could get worms. they could migrate into your eye. trust me on this, I'm a professional.

get out of the sandbox. srsly. you have like. construction equipment and shit over there. you actually do this for a *living*. so if you've gotten the teen!Dean and we're-AU-nope--just-kidding-it's-amnesia tropes out of your system, let's just pretend that never happened.

I'll forgive you, as long as you promise never to do genderswap or hooker!ep or...I don't know, god help us, a crossover where Alec is Dean's lovechild / clone and Manticore is the brainchild of Azazel.

plz to be writing our show, not our fanfic. it's beneath you (and yet, ironically, there are others that have done what you did better), it doesn't make me cranky at all when they do that. why do you ask?
thatotherperv: (s. brothers (by awmp)) it perverse that I enjoy Sam & Dean gen that has slashy undertones way more than I enjoy Wincest itself? there are exceptions. there are certain genres of the pairing I adore, when they're done well. namely, Dean Teaches Sam Sex Ed (Voyeurism and Threesome Included), and Fics Wherein They Realize Their Mutual Lust While Sharing a Girl, and...yes. Winsister. god help me, I love the Winsister. for some reason, Sam as a girl just makes so much SENSE to me. I fear one day, I'll have to write my own. I have lots and lots of theories on how Winchester dynamics would have been altered by having a daughter in the mix.

(ETA: I just realized all of the above means I also like my Wincest with a twist of het. weeeiiiiird. That is something I did not know about myself :P)

but yeah. give me a fic where the boys never fuck but have some sort of weird, sublimated sexual tension, where their actions are odd for siblings but not outright inappropriate, where they both are focused on one another but have no conscious recognition of lust or sexual attraction?

BINGO. kinkety-kink-kink-kink.

I'm an odd creature. apparently, I just want my fic to be more of what I get in canon.

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ok, this is the most untimely discovery ever, but. I *laughed* until I was about to *pee* myself, yall. seriously. maybe I'm just easily amused, but *shoves it at you*

(near as I can tell, the vidder youtubes her own vids, for those theft-conscious)
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so...we know I'm a virgo...right? and sometimes for no reason at all, I just like to...organize things. and bean-count. *cough*

I have really no excuse for what I did.

so I was watching spn this week while I was sick, and I was thinking, man, I wonder how much driving they're actually supposed to have done, cuz it seems like they zigzag all over. and you know, how much do they spend on gas.

so I looked up some timelines on supernatural wiki. and that was nice. and then. I kinda started plugging shit into google maps. and then I started keeping track of it on a blank html page in Dreamweaver. and then. I ended up. with this thing.

that I'm sort of embarrassed to have produced. because. it's so OCD.

behold. the Supernatural s1 roadmap / timeline *facepalm*

for those of you who don't want to have nightmares tonight about what it's like in my brain, the upshot is that the boys drove at LEAST 17,515 miles in the first season (they undoubtedly drove more than that, because there are chunks of time unaccounted for, and they surely didn't sit still). and this means, by rough calculation, they spent $4,799.11 on gas.


I'm gonna go sit in the corner now and be a sad, sad geek. god I'm pathetic. it's SATURDAY people. and that was FUN. hahaha. *bangs head*
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ok, the spn/cwrps fandom baffles the fuck out of me. I feel this sort of befuddlement frequently when I lurk that sandbox. there are many fandoms I have wandered into after becoming familiar with buffy, and they felt familiar. spn/cwrps, I feel like a stranger in a strange land. their customs, are not my customs. and they frequently make me scratch my head. unnecessary index posts. ubiquitous soundtracks. incongruous, nonsensical titles. you know, things like that.

kids these days. with their hep slang and loud rock'n'roll music.

but this is not me being a cranky old curmudgeon (tm). this is about me being fucking clueless.

dime un pequeño obsequio, chicas. because after all this time, I still haven't figured it out on my own.

what the *hell* is a timestamp fic? :)
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ok, so I may have a tiny itty bitty spn gen bunny that I'm not at all committed to write, haha. *is vague* I haven't been able to write a damn thing, truthfully, in weeks, even though I've wanted to.

but I have a spn canon question related to said bunny, since I'm not as obsessively familiar with spn canon as buffyverse. two, actually.

1. I know it's common fanon that John Drank, and I can see it being one interpretation, but what's the canon evidence for that? I know in the pilot, Sam makes some wisecrack to Dean about dad probably being on a long weekend with jose, jack and john and he'd come back eventually, but that's all I can think of. I don't think (?) we've ever seen him drunk in a flashback. but I don't remember if the boys have made other references.

2. you know how timelines exist for fanged four pre-canon to track all the references and flashbacks of where they were since 16*mumbletymumblety* when Darla was turned? has anyone ever put together that kind of obsessive timeline for the Winchester's pre-canon travels / backstory? partially because I'm a geek and like being accurate, partially because if I could glance at it, it might refine the bunny a little further.

*snogs flist*

spn 3.01

Oct. 7th, 2007 02:35 pm
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I finally managed to watch it online. whoo

spoilery thoughts behind the cut )

also, I watched that Stupid Girl sam/jo vid and I really got the hankering for some good spn vids, which I haven't really delved into as yet. wanna rec me some "classic" vids in that fandom?
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why do they call him "Pastor" Jim if he's a catholic priest (or is he? is he something else? I don't know that anyone else wears the clerical collar like that except catholics)

also...anybody got some pastor jim fic recs? *ducks* not necessarily porn. know...I like him.
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I've been binging on fic in the POTC fandom, because all the trailers have put me in the mood for some Jack/Will/Elizabeth. I know what a pain it is to find where the good fic hides in a different fandom, so I thought I'd throw some recs out there, for anyone that wants something different.

Jack/Will/Elizabeth = POTC OT3. that's just a lot of pretty put in one place, and it's a bonus that their personalities all mesh nicely, even where they're non-meshy. there's also a little jack/will, jack/elizabeth, jack/bootstrap, but those were kind of incidental to searching for ot3 fic, so they're all a little spare.

Fics in the POTC fandom tend to be short relative to Buffyverse fics. I have a couple longer fics bookmarked to read but haven't gotten to them yet, so if I like them I'll come back and add them later. for the most part, these are pretty bite-sized.

POTC fic recs--J/W/E and combos thereof )

some fanart I came across...some POTC, some Sam/Dean, all hot. )
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I don't think this spoils anything, but just in case,
mini-spn spoiler )

and while we're at it

boonnnnesss )

and yes, this was the lamest, briefest show-squeeing post ever.


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