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Ok, so. I'm about to start posting the new D/s fic I'm writing (ETA: now posted here). I have 7 chapters (~23k) of written, but it’s nowhere near done – nowhere near as done as Needs Must was when I started posting it. In fact, at this point, I haven’t even concluded their first week together. Heh. I’ve been kinda down about life lately, so Kate (who is so amazing, omg, even when I’m annoying and neurotic) suggested that I post the first chapter.

I do know where this is going, but I’m still not sure how long it’s going to take me to get there. Between my depression and the fact that writing dom pov is slower going for me, I can’t in good conscience promise any kind of regular posting schedule for this one, so – consider yourself cautioned.

As with Needs Must, the tags list will grow as chapters are posted, in order to avoid spoiling my own fic, but I’m going to post the broad strokes of the kink under the cut, for those of you that want to know in advance. PLEASE don’t read if these themes will upset you. I’ll have no pity. Seriously.

fic warnings / spoilers )


Mar. 6th, 2013 05:58 pm
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if you've ever photoshopped the moles off Gabriel Macht's face, I've fantasized about hunting you down and hurting you in slow and creative ways.

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I think I actually might be in love with Paul Cutler (Gabriel's role in SWAT) as madly as I'm in love with Harvey. it's actually sad, how many times I've watched this movie. I love that he has Harvey's attitude, with none of his dickwaving. I love that he's a badass, and clearly in control, but when someone tries to engage him in a power struggle, his tactic is to give in easy but in a way that still makes it obvious he's still in charge. I love how bashful he is about asking the shrink out, and his total broship with the chick from the army.

it's so easy for me to see him as Harvey's little brother, who had the way paved for him a little bit and can afford to be more mellow, more affable. where he has game, but he grew up in the shadow of his super-smooth brother who shielded him from their mother's infidelity - so he's a little more romantic, a little more awkward.

the more I think about it, the more in love I am with that particular crossover concept.
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Once upon a time, I really enjoyed tracking my plot bunnies / fic progress on lj. Partly because the creative process is an ephemeral thing, and looking back on my own ideas or processes a few years in the future can be like looking in on someone else's (seriously, the number of times I've gone...wait...I wrote that?), and partly because (see icon), I like getting other people's responses. And these days I try not to post wips until I'm relatively certain they're close to completion.

So I'm going to give that habit a bit of a resurrection. Blanket warning that I can't finish all the fics I start because I have so many ideas and I'm a relatively slow writer these you know, if it's gonna kill you read about a bunny and have it not come to fruition, you probably don't want to click the link. Also, for things that do get posted, you'd probably be a little spoiled on details from my blather.

(after writing out all my current projects, should also warn you that apparently all of them involve explicit sex with other people in a non-villainous manner. OTP is *the* OTP, but I also love poly and dislike jealousy, and basically, see icon. It has more than one application.)

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I get confused every time someone says they're glad Mike and Harvey are BACK on good terms. I don't think they were ever *not* on good terms.

spoilers up through current airing, but really, cutting because it got longer than intended )
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so...have any vids been made since Suits s2 started?

*gimme hands*
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so I'm FINALLY getting a chance to watch the DVD commentary from s1, and the weird thing is, I can't tell any of their voices apart for the first 20 minutes of the pilot. they're all subconsciously adopting SOMEONE's (Korsch's?) accent.

anyway, I had already heard all the squee on the major commentary stuff long before this, but unf, I love hearing them laugh and joke around

I love that it was Jacinda's idea to have the waitress blow Harvey off at first - I mean, I hated that moment, because it wasn't a real brush-off, she was so coy about it, but I love that Jacinda was like, pfft, have her tell him no.

and omg, Gabriel Macht asks, "is there a concerted effort that there are no scenes between Rachel and Harvey?" SEE KATE, HE WANTS IT TOO. lol.
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what's your favorite Suits moment? 10 points for novelty. extra credit if you want to break it down by character - ie, favorite Harvey moment, favorite Mike moment....

(seriously, I just need to hear something about Suits until tomorrow when the sneak peeks will leak. I'M SUCH AN ADDICT IT'S PATHETIC)
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I've written 10,000 words of another Suits D/s AU and nothing has even HAPPENED yet. it's all just the setup. I'm simultaneously giddy, and terrified I don't have the stamina to pump out another epic monster. it sort of promises to be one...I can look at its little baby fic-feet and tell that it's gonna be 7'2".

Suits 2.11

Jan. 19th, 2013 07:28 pm
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ok, first, this icon will never stop cracking me up. second - when I upgraded back up to a paid account, lj stripped all my icons of their labels, so now I need to go back and source them all again. damn you, lj. bad icon manners are temporary and unintended.

third, where do I get good Suits icons. *gimme hands* all my current icons are several fandoms old.

so I've been down sick all week. On Thursday, I literally set an alarm so I could drag my eyelids open and turn to USA. I watched, simmered in squee, and then passed back out again. tonight I'm feeling a little better, so I'm doing my first-week obsessive rewatch to dissect and suck all the marrow out of it. )


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