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haha. you have no idea how excited I am. months of blood, sweat and tears, man. was I thinking? but it's so pretty!

go see how gorgeous it is! my sister is a *goddess*. if you leave her some love here, she'll see it!

and if you'd pimp this all frickin over the place, that would rock my socks off.
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*alright, folks. I'm moving today, finally. I'm going to try to steal internet from my neighbors because I'm poor white trash, but if they don't have any, I might be disappearing for a few days. I'm not dead, just very busy :) I've stocked up on CW AU rps on my hard drive to get me through a drought, haha

*Evan got home safe and sound on Tuesday, btw, so thanks for keeping him in your prayers.

*btw, thanks to [ profile] darklingdawns, [ profile] felisblanco, [ profile] dark_amia, [ profile] altyronsmaker, [ profile] philips, [ profile] adorkablefae, and [ profile] so_sharlemaine for uploading music yesterday for me to enjoy. yall rock my socks off, and bethany and evan were quite impressed by teh power of the flist :) I invite you all to go see if you want any of the songs they offered, since they should be available for other uploads. spreading the wealth :)

also, special thanks to [ profile] elisi for solving my (our) m4a problem. I haven't tried it yet, but she reports that the site will convert the file for free

*ps, I found this photo/interview with jensen ackles when he was Very Young. is it wrong that I want to molest him? according to bethany, I once told her I wanted to keep a freshman in my closet and reward him with food for learning sex tricks. I think he would have made a lovely candidate.

however, as molestable as he was, boy grew into his face well. he's more attractive now, I think.

*also, if anyone's wondering if I've forgotten about the Sooper Sekrit Scheme human AU site now known as The Human Condition, it's nearing completion. my sister's a busy little worker bee, though atm she's cussing me out for the fact that yall write 30 chapter, 300 page books of smut :)

site news

Oct. 17th, 2007 01:30 pm
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ok, kids. the website is getting closer to launch, we're actually getting some practicalities out of the way now, like an email addy and domain and whatnot.

while I was at that, I decided to change the update community. I was already personally getting it mixed up with bloodclaim updates, which isn't a good sign.

so if you were friended to [ profile] hc_updates or otherwise want to be notified of updates to The Human Condition or the as-yet-neglected meta library I'm also trying to launch (which I'm calling Overthinky...hee!), you should join [ profile] dbw_updates instead.

also, can anyone tell me how to delete the old community? cuz I honestly can't figure out how. good thing I've never needed to delete my journal in a hurry huh? *is clueless* fixed! thanks [ profile] dark_amia

and in a act of blatant self-promotion and begging, I'm posting our shiny new Paypal button in case you want to make a donation to help us buy the domain package and get us set up at godaddy. meretrix and I are both hopelessly poor professional students. not that I think you're really filthy rich either know. a buck or two from a couple people would go a lonnggg way towards helping. or even fiddy cent. but a dime would be stingy :P

ok. end of blatant ass-kissing. here's the button, if you're so inclined:

meta recs?

Sep. 29th, 2007 05:02 pm
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I'm very post-y today.

I need meta recs...for now, particularly ship manifestos and essays about writing fanfiction. other topics, I'll look at later.

throw em at me, baby.
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hey guys, sorry that I'm spammy as hell this morning, but I've created a community for announcing updates for The Human Condition, the soonish-to-be-launched human AU archive. membership is open, but posting is restricted to myself and [ profile] madame_meretrix, whenever she gets the invite I sent her, haha. *waves at my partner in crime who doesn't know I did this*

anyway, go join. that would make me happy. right now I look very lonely over there, all by myself. it makes the baby jesus cry.

[ profile] hc_updates
not to be confused with bloodclaim updates :) I started to call it thc_updates, but then I realized that sounded like it was a site about marijuana. bwahaha.

ETA: fyi, I'm still in the process of creating the comm, so there's nothing there. and it looks ugly. and is likely to change every time you refresh, at this juncture. ;)
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so this is just a little something I wrote up for The Human Condition. in some ways I'm designing that site to be newbie-friendly, and this is part of that. figured I would post it on my journal first, might be of interest to some folks.

if you have any suggestions for revision, you're welcome to throw them at me. [ profile] madame_meretrix already gave it a bit of a beta.

Why Plagiarizing Fanfiction is Very Bad Idea )
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hey, so I need (would like) some citations and exact quotes of times when Joss has given the nod to fanfic. I know there are many, but just one or two will do me.

EDIT: got it, thanks!


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