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Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Texas, United States of America
a short history of me as a fangirl:

Once upon a time, I discovered Buffy fandom, and became a wild, flailing, ravenous multi-shipper who wrote SCADS AND SCADS AND ENDLESS SCADS of fic. I shipped and I shipped. oh, how I shipped. look back through my Buffy fic and I'm pretty sure I had everyone fuck everyone else in the entire universe at some point or another.

There was an otp. it was mighty. it ruled my heart.

and when I'd written all the fic a girl could fic about everybody fucking everybody else, I got kinda bored. and then. well, there were deserts and wandering for 40 lifetimes.

I had many flirtations and affairs during the lean years - there was Bones, when it still had dignity. There was a belated love-fest with Queer as Folk US. I was seduced into a few hot go-rounds with Supernatural, and almost - almost - managed to commit to CW RPS. We had so much in common, with Jeff Morgan and the daddy issues. but even though Buffy and I had parted amicably (we were still friends; we had simply grown apart), I just wasn't ready to love another.

and then Suits came along. and my heart was alive again, with the sound of music. or something.

what I'm saying is, I'm batshit crazy about this show.

some posts of interest:
a master list of my fics. accurate until Suits. for Suits fic, you should just visit me at AO3, because it's all there.
I respectfully decline to participate in fandom awards. I prefer warm fuzzies via comments. come play with me, giggle and think and write and squee and dance, and I'll be a happy girl. I'm easy.
how I found fandom. entering-fandom stories are like coming-out stories: all of them are remarkably alike, and yet, everyone likes to tell their own.
opinion-sharing and argumentativeness is encouraged. being polite and respectful is encouraged as well. one doesn’t work very well without the other.
this journal strives to be free of internal fandom politics and drama. cuz life's too short for that bullshit.

I live under the assumption that everyone who views this journal is a grown-ass adult, physically, mentally and emotionally. that's probably a fool's assumption, but help me out by going away, if you're not.
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