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so I know everyone ended up hating Heroes apparently, but I started watching it out of summer boredom and the only reason I got past the first episode was that I'm kind of in love with Nathan Petrelli. for proper watching, I'm halfway through s2, but I skipped through and watched all the Nathan scenes through half of s3 early on and just.

I'm in love with the *character* - I'm not sure I like him as a human being but jfc, I've never seen a character on tv with his vulnerable side played so close to the vest. I mean yeah, his meltdown when he thinks Peter is dead is pretty obvious but other than that, he's Schrodinger's Sociopath and I just fucking love it. I change my mind from one minute to the next about what his motivations are and I just want to pick him apart and dissect his brain and understand wtf is going on in there.

I also kind of want to make him fuck Claire. I also kind of want to put him in the Owned!verse and have Harvey "give Mike away" to him and Mike to be all freaked out and excited that he's blowing a Senator. lol. it seems like he and Harvey should know each other, anyway.

I'm kind of bummed that I'm several years too late for the actual fandom - I'm indifferent to most of the show, but it would have been convenient to discover this Thing for Nathan when there were other people to flap at.

(ps, fic recs welcome)
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