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so Spark and Burn just announced their winners, and these are noms from before I hopped off the awards circuit.

I'm really pleased to say that I snagged a few shiny somethings because...well, frankly, I'm always surprised and pleased when my spuffy fics win anything. :)

anyway, thanks to my nominator(s), thanks to the judges, and congrats to everyone else who won!

s&b's awards are really pretty *pets the shiny* )
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ok, back when I made my announcement about not participating in awards stuff anymore, I said I had some awards to announce, and then I flew across the country and promptly forgot to do that. *facepalm* so here we go )

again, thanks so much to everyone who has nominated, judged, voted for or otherwise supported my fics in these awards. though I'm no longer accepting new nominations, I appreciate the gesture greatly.

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so, I'm happy to say that I have some awards stuff to announce...which I'm not going to do yet because David is bit-torrenting and the internet has the download rate of dialup at the moment (ugh), so the banners will have to wait.

but while I'm thinking about awards.

as I mentioned, I've been evaluating lately the place fandom and fanfic writing has in my life. and one of the conclusions that I've come to is that I love feedback. love love love it. you will never hear me say "I don't write for the feedback," because I'd be a big fat liar. quantity really doesn't matter to me one way or the other, and it doesn't all have to be positive, but having someone to comment on what works and what doesn't, and you with me, I'm a happy girl.

but awards....

I hesitate to say "awards don't mean anything to me," because I fully appreciate the spirit in which they are run and given. to recognize fic that is well done, to make people happy...there are a lot of good-hearted folks involved in fanfic awards that just want to make their fellow fen feel good, and give back for the gift of the time we put into writing. so I don't want to give the impression that I think ill of the whole process. some people derive a lot of pleasure from it.

but for me...when it comes down to it, competition with others is the *opposite* of what fandom is about. for me, it's a collaborative activity. I don't honestly care if someone thinks that my fic was better or worse than someone else's. that kind of validation just isn't a priority for me, and really never has been in any activity I undertake. did my fic have value of one kind or another: that's the thing that matters to me. I think this can be adequately expressed in feedback.

so, no more nominations, please. I'm retiring from that business, and I'll be turning down noms from now on. I appreciate you thinking of me. I don't mean to be ungrateful. keeping up with awards stuff is just not how I want to spend my newly-limited amount of time online, and I know there are plenty of other people who appreciate the process more than I do. I would rather write and post fic, respond to comments, read other people's stuff...that's what brings me joy.

the pleasure of your company is all I really require :) play with me in my big messy sandbox, and I'll be a happy fangirl.

*smooches flist*

ETA: I'm screening comments, because I'm a chicken shit.
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hi all :) I'm having a fabulous time at my sister's place, and I'm seriously getting stuff done as well. basically, I'm still not done with my master's project, which is something that has filled me with anxiety and a variety of other yucky emotions (we're at a year PAST the deadline...yes, really), and I sort of acknowledged that I fail at managing my own time right now and holding myself accountable...which is normally not a problem for me, but right now? huge. so that's basically the purpose of this trip. it's / health camp :) we've set up a specific schedule of tasks, and my sister and brother-in-law both work from home, so it's been a really great environment for keeping me on task. I think it helps that we decided I should take a big step back from the project and sort of reevaluate back from the basics...I was getting more and more panicked over the fact that this thing wasn't done, I was looking for shortcuts, which were only more frustrating.

also, I'm filling my time not glued to the computer with all sorts of yummy, healthy things...helping them out on the "farm" (they grow their own vegetables) and yoga and taking nature walks...basically living well in a way that I haven't bothered to do in a while. and kittens. there are kittens! there are kittens on LEASHES! haha, which is something that must be experienced. basically they live in the woods, so the kittens are too young to be outside by themselves...thus, leash time. it is...THE cutest thing ever.

anyway, as a result, I seriously feel better about life than I have in recent memory. I think these two weeks are going to be very good in terms of putting me back on the track I want to be on. it helps that I love my sister and her husband dearly. their home always has good vibes.

anyway, all of this is to say that I won't be putting much time or energy into fandom in the upcoming weeks...I'll peek in in mornings and evenings for a few minutes, but mostly they've got me all sleepy and ready to drop by bedtime :)

but, I did need to pop on for some thank-yous and squeeing. [ profile] lil_coyote has compiled Festival!verse as an ebook--both LIT and PDF formats, so go download if you wish :) and thank her, it looks great!

annnd some awards announcements )
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*wipes brow*

ok, I was behind the curve on a lot of stuff. I needed to catch up on comments to my last 3 fic posts, and I needed to update my fic master list (badly).

I finally unlocked all of the fics that I locked up during the Strikethrough. why did I put this off so long? 100 posts (yes, 100.) individually changed one by one back to public. can you say nightmare? that's a lot of pervy porn, yall. I might need to see someone about that. anyway, it's all public again. except for Covet Thy Neighbor, which will remain locked.

I also haven't made a post about awards noms and stuff in...I think 3 months. my computer has been doing this weird thing where every time I try to download a graphic, it freezes and I have to reboot. this is cute, I assure you. anyway, I procrastinated, and then I realized recently how grievously I have procrastinated. huge apologies to everyone who nom'd me. I really do appreciate that little hug.

anyway, I only had the patience to obtain the graphics for things I won, so the noms are just listed. three months worth *g*

award stuff under here )


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