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So when I posted Jensen's part on Dawson's Creek yesterday, I convinced myself not to rewatch and double-check for the 4,051 time. Self, I said, quit being OCD. You've combed over this thing so many times, there's no way shit got fucked up from the last time you watched it, and let's face it, if you go over that footage one more time, you might have to seek and destroy James Van Der Beek.

But the OCD is strong with this one, so *after* I posted, I rewatched it and promptly banged my head against my metaphorical desk. because apparently, since the last time I watched it? Shit got fucked up. A few clips ran too long, there were sound glitches, and one got replaced with something else entirely. And see, now the Virgo in me is never gonna shut up about quadruple-checking before I post.

Apologies to anyone who dl yesterday, I have an improved version if you want it.

Take two …meet CJ, who dresses like a frat boy, talks like a sensitive new-age man, and dates like someone with very low self-esteem.

Dawson's Creek (the Perv edit ft Jensen Ackles) [90 minutes, 603MB]

Two years before Jensen played the Dysfunctional but Too Good To Be True Boy, Chris came on the show and played a total douche. No, seriously. He's so full of shit, and kinda (extremely) smarmy. Plus his hair is attacking his face.

Despite all obstacles, he still manages to be rather charming, and tasty to boot. because Chris is a magical creature—like a unicorn, only more rideable.

Dawson's Creek (the Perv edit ft Christian Kane) [16 minutes, 105MB]

Note: I’m not thrilled about the quality of the source files…they were only 100kbps, so I wouldn’t call them DVD-rip quality, but it’s enjoyable enough.

And if you haven't taken it already, there's a poll regarding future Jensen-related edits over here

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ARGH *flail* somehow one of the clips got replaced with another so that the one appears twice and the other not at all. I have no idea how that happened, and you have no idea how unamused I am, haha.

the link in that post still works, but you should wait for me to fix it. apologies to those that have already dl. it'll probably be a few days til I can get the new link up.
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So, I’m ashamed to admit that Dawson’s Creek is somewhat of a nostalgia show for me. When it started up I was right at the lower end of their target demographic, and in my early college years it was girls’ night fodder, somewhere between guilty pleasure and that thing you watched just to mock.

The hours I have spent staring at it to get this thing done have cemented it—I’m officially too old for this shit.

I remember disliking Jensen’s character when he was introduced. The show was dying a slow and painful death, and he was totally that new shiny made-to-order wet dream they brought on to bump ratings, only he was…Too Pretty. Seriously, *way* too pretty. The first time he purses his lips and flips his hair back like a valley girl, you’ll see what I mean. *still* cracks my shit up.

But 90 uninterrupted minutes of Pretty Jensen is nothing to sneeze at. Distilled down from 13 painful hour-long episodes.

Without further ado…meet CJ, who dresses like a frat boy, talks like a sensitive new-age man, and dates like someone with very low self-esteem

Dawson’s Creek (the Perv edit ft Jensen) [90 minutes, 606MB]

Note: I’m not thrilled about the quality of the source files…they were only 100kbps, so I wouldn’t call them DVD-rip quality, but it’s enjoyable enough.

in other business, mostly I’ve been doing edits of Jeff, because he’s been on a thousand things for five minutes makes him perfect for this kind of thing. Jensen is less so because he has fewer things on the resume and they’re all extended appearances & headliners. So while I have vague ambitions of working my way through Jeff’s whole imdb page, I have no similar aspirations for Jensen.

But I want to do an edit of Dark Angel to maximize my own personal Alec-enjoyment. And I’m probably going to do an edit of Devour because (while I actually like the movie *hangs head*), [ profile] madame_meretrix has hinted that she’d like one, about 6 times. and I do you say...whipped.

both of these require some judgement calls, however, and I’m undecided. Help me help you :) do me a favor and hop on over to dean_sam to answer my poll. better to keep it all in one place, and I figure flisters are more likely to follow a link than comm members. it's a light-format link, so you don't have to deal with their wretched layout. I love you too much to do that to you. :)
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lordy, I've been a posting machine. though I suppose none of it has been on my journal, so maybe it doesn't count. (*cough*join[ profile] handbasketnews*cough*)

anyway, I finished this earlier in the week and finally uploaded it. enjoy!

Once upon a time, Jeff wore a lot of leather. He beat up on his girlfriend and threatened other alpha males, smoked like a chimney and waved a gun around with a considerable amount of glee. In short, he was a Bad-Ass MotherFucker.

No, I'm not talking about Watchmen. This was an endeavor with a far, far lower budget.

Oh, Sliders. I marvel at the fact that you lasted 5 seasons. You *pain* me with your badness.

random surprise bit-part appearance—if you pay attention a little over six minutes in, you'll spot what I'm pretty sure is Brendan Fehr, the guy from Roswell and more recently, Bones (as Booth's brother). He's not credited in it on imdb, so somebody take a look and tell me if I'm crazy. I'd *swear* it's him.

Sliders (the Perv edit ft JDM) [22min, 161MB]

you can find more edits with Jeff or Jensen here or here

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Once upon a time, Jeff played a widow. this time, it was on Monk.

...yeah I got nothin clever to say in introduction to this one, because I hate this show so much. hahaha. but it's Jeff! in New York! in a wool coat! with a candlestick...

Monk (the Perv edit ft JDM) [8 min, 63MB]

you can find more edits with Jeff or Jensen here or here

I had some technical difficulties as well as RL delays but I should be producing more of these in the near future. in the works and heading towards completion are Jensen's full arc on Dawson's Creek, Christian Kane's one-ep guest spot on the same, and Jeff's appearance on Sliders

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So, this one time, at band camp, Jeff appeared on The OC for one minute and fifty-five seconds. Nobody fucked him with a flute, though he was in prison, so I'm not ruling out any other phallic objects.

I'd actually seen the two-minute clip before but I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on, so I included a little context. If you squint, and you want it real bad? There's slash, or even a threesome, there for the taking. I confess, my imagination wandered.

The OC (the Perv edit ft. JDM) [6 min, 39MB]

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So, a couple months ago I was looking something up on Jeff's imdb page and I saw that he'd done a guest spot on Angel a long time ago. Somehow, this fact had escaped me completely. I couldn't even figure out who he had been until I watched the ep, but then again, I haven't watched s3 as obsessively as I did s1 and s5.

Now, I never need my arm twisted to watch an entire episode*cough*season*cough* of Angel, but it was kind of fun to do this edit anyway. That episode had three other MotW storylines, so it was nice to get his all condensed and isolated.

Jeff plays a rather John Winchester-like character, if you extract all his badass. Which, I know, it boggles the mind. Also? He's gay. But, you know. In a manner so subtle as to not piss off Tightasses For Preservation of the American Family or whatever. He has a "friend."

Still not as obnoxious as the time Joss tried to make Andrew look like a ladies' man.

This guest spot really begs one question, in my mind. Where's all the Jeff/Dave porn at? Hmm? How have we missed this golden opportunity? Or, if you prefer, Jeff/Alexis. Or. Jeff/anybody. I'm just saying, it's an unmined resource. Go forth, watch, and write porn. It'll make the Baby Jesus smile, and no, that's not just gas.

Angel the Series (the Perv edit ft JDM) [10 min, 62MB avi]

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So. Jeffrey of the Dean Morgans had a small part in this movie called Live! It's a mockumentary on the development of a reality show based on Russian roulette. As satire of American television, it's pretty entertaining…if heavy-handed. I wasn't sorry I watched it, but it does get a little redundant and a lot of the faux-suspense devices that we all despise in actual reality tv contribute to a not-small proportion of the run time. I feel confident that I have captured the film's essence in twenty minutes or less :)

Jeff's character is Rick Morgan, a campily-sympathetic All-American Hero. Katie Cassidy is also a contestant, so while I didn't include all her scenes, her turn with the revolver was first and I left that scene intact, if you're a fan. The clips are slightly less than DVD-quality, but close. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Live! (the Perv edit) [19 minutes, 105MB avi]

Also, because I'm a virgo, I'm posting an improved version of the Blonde edit. I fixed some things, added some footage, removed some footage, and it's now an AVI. To recap, Jensen Ackles and Patrick Dempsey in a polyamorous relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Not as much boytouching as you'd like, but soclose. Pretty. *pets it*

Blonde (the new improved Perv edit) [29 min, 191 MB avi]

leave me some love, if you're so inclined. Technical advice also welcome, cuz I'm a big old noob.

also, hey Buffy flist

I've been playing with these with Jeff and Jensen because I'm only now getting around to watching their Bad Bad Movies. but I'm open to doing this for Buffyverse actors, definitely. anything yall would like to see?

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I have a dream. A dream of a magical world where I can watch pretty boys in the really bad movies they sometimes make, without wanting to claw my eyes out of my head. A dream in which I can stare at the pretty thing for a period of time uninterrupted by extraneous storylines, and still retain the integrity of the plot the pretty thing is a part of.

sometimes one has to make one's own dreams come true.

Anyway, if you've never seen Blonde, I'm saving you 3.5 hours of horrible acting. the parts that *include* Jensen and Patrick Dempsey also include horrible acting, but their story revolves around a M/M/F threesome (or, really, poly relationship) with Marylin Monroe, so I can be greatly forgiving.

this edit is about 26 minutes in total, 193MB, and the clips are DVD-rip quality.

this is my first attempt using any kind of video-editing software, but you know...don't let that scare you, since it was mostly just me stitching scenes together and didn't require much skill. however, if anyone with know-how sees ways I can make this kind of thing look smoother, I'd appreciate it, because I think I'm going to do something similar with a few other movies/shows.


ETA 11/24: the above link is now dead. I've posted a new version of the video that can be downloaded here [29 min, 191 MB avi]

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