Oct. 13th, 2013

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so I've been vastly underwhelmed by spn ever since s5...as far as I'm concerned, the series ended with Swan Song and everything after that is to me sorta just...there? I've liked a few eps here or there but for the most part, I can't believe that it's still on (or that there are people that still enjoy it, or that it's still garnering new fans, though tumblr assures me that both those things are true - whut).

anyway, all that means I never watch an ep right away. I usually download it, then it sits on my hard drive til I'm bored or in a certain mood. I just got around to watching 9.01 tonight and I was kind of pleasantly surprised. it felt more spny and relevant to the original show than anything's been in ages (partly because it simply retread a lot of old ground, but whatev).

I remember people speculating a while ago about how we're just now approaching the timeline of The End and how what if the angels falling is looping back around to that reality...at the time, I thought "I'm just not sure they're that clever anymore" -

(I mean, I never particularly thought they were as clever as they wanted to be, but in a post-teen wolf world, it seems like early spn was comparatively the cleverest. it's funny how many of spn's plot holes and quirks and have retroactively become acceptable to me in comparison. I feel like teen wolf is the new low benchmark for me of all fandom life. lol, I'm such a bitter old hag.)

- where was I? oh, yes. I thought they weren't that clever anymore but then Ezekiel talking about possessing Sam and sorta soft-selling Dean into agreeing with it got my antennae up. and then I was thinking about how the angel in the parking garage couldn't read who "Ezekiel" was and so now I'm wondering HMMM, COULD IT BE LUCIFER? IS LUCIFER POSSESSING SAM RIGHT NOW ZOMG THE END HERE WE COME.

I would be super stoked if this is what were happening. swear to god, I could forgive them for seasons 6, 7 and 8.

btw, I adore Death. I couldn't stop cracking up when Dean arrived because Death totally understated aura of exasperation like, he's seen this episode before and it's been rerun approximately 1000x and dear god is he bored. <3


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