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the story of Star Wars as told through retrofitted lyrics to John Williams' blockbuster theme songs, including Close Encounters, Indiana Jones, Superman, E.T., Jaws, and Jurassic Park.

my sister just posted this, and it is so CRACKTASTICALLY geeky that I had to share.

sorry for the spammage :)

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sometimes I hear things on my clock radio before I'm fully awake and

wait. New Kids on the Block is staging a *reunion*? I feel like I just had some kind of cracked out dream, but I'm pretty sure they really said that. how the fuck old are these guys now? there should be an age limit. srsly. boy bands. *bangs head*

I was pretty young when they were The Thing. I remember being over at my friend's house after school and she wanted to play with the uh. like, new kids ken dolls, and babble about how awesome so-and-so was and who she wanted to marry and which one did I want?

and this is where I know I had good taste at a young age because I remember thinking that they were all lame, and I didn't want any of them. bwahahahaha.

Mark Wahlberg on the other hand. *licks* you did good bailing on that shit early, Marky Mark. *snickers*
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"Hey, alternating current...why don't you just admit you're bi?"
--and this is, in a nutshell, why I heart Stephen Colbert

so, random quiz of the day. You're reading something set in present-day know, sometime after the invention of the horseless buggy, and the author describes the passage of time with the term "fortnight."

[Poll #1145998]
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last night I had a dream about being smack-dab in the middle of an orgy with someone I loved.

it was actually kinda...romantic.

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Texans see UFO, fear end of days *facepalm* dude, why us? I actually knew someone from Dublin who was always talking about how much they hated Stephenville (I guess it's their school rival?)

just once, I want someone to say they spotted a UFO that looked like a 30ft long penis. with no seams or bolts. saucer-shaped is so last year.

also, Dear NY Times:

Please stop insulting my intelligence with headlines that race matters in Obama's bid for nomination. *Duh*.

--Someone with a Brain

ETA: also, no reading of the morning news would be complete without the love(s) of my life. *hearts pop out my eyes*

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I had a nightmare last night that I did a drabble call in an attempt to kick-start the muse and you all lynched me because I haven't actually *produced* anything from the last like...3. hahah. *facepalm* but for real, I have the urge to write but no nothing when I sit down, so I was thinking about doing one. don't hurt meeeeee. *ducks n covers*

[ profile] madame_meretrix got me a llama. just what I always wanted! *snogs*

today I'm driving 3 hours round trip for a haircut. and color (red highlights...and yes, I know it's winter. hush). whatever, my hairdresser in Austin's going out of the business, and this is my last chance. I still can't believe I'm going all that way, though.

I miss Jason :( Jason being Bethany's cat and my new best friend, for those that missed the memo. random cat babble, wherein I sound like a new parent )
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*alright, folks. I'm moving today, finally. I'm going to try to steal internet from my neighbors because I'm poor white trash, but if they don't have any, I might be disappearing for a few days. I'm not dead, just very busy :) I've stocked up on CW AU rps on my hard drive to get me through a drought, haha

*Evan got home safe and sound on Tuesday, btw, so thanks for keeping him in your prayers.

*btw, thanks to [ profile] darklingdawns, [ profile] felisblanco, [ profile] dark_amia, [ profile] altyronsmaker, [ profile] philips, [ profile] adorkablefae, and [ profile] so_sharlemaine for uploading music yesterday for me to enjoy. yall rock my socks off, and bethany and evan were quite impressed by teh power of the flist :) I invite you all to go see if you want any of the songs they offered, since they should be available for other uploads. spreading the wealth :)

also, special thanks to [ profile] elisi for solving my (our) m4a problem. I haven't tried it yet, but she reports that the site will convert the file for free

*ps, I found this photo/interview with jensen ackles when he was Very Young. is it wrong that I want to molest him? according to bethany, I once told her I wanted to keep a freshman in my closet and reward him with food for learning sex tricks. I think he would have made a lovely candidate.

however, as molestable as he was, boy grew into his face well. he's more attractive now, I think.

*also, if anyone's wondering if I've forgotten about the Sooper Sekrit Scheme human AU site now known as The Human Condition, it's nearing completion. my sister's a busy little worker bee, though atm she's cussing me out for the fact that yall write 30 chapter, 300 page books of smut :)
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we went to IKEA yesterday.

let us pause and reflect.

I'd never been to an Ikea, and I never *wanted* to go, but after 3 weeks of listening to me stress over how I couldn't find a dining table and bookshelf like I wanted for the new office, Bethany smacked me upside the head and dragged me there.

in the end, I must thank her really, because I found some things I like for far less than I was beginning to dread paying. but nevertheless--

that store is my own personal version of hell. wandering endlessly through the maze of little fake bedrooms and living rooms and kitchens...yes. an eternity there would be more than enough payback for my earthly sins, I believe.

it was traumatic. I was overstimulated with choices. my head was literally spinning. I think they design the place specifically to overwhelm and bamboozle you. I mean, jesus christ, it's *literally* a rat maze. they make going back to review your possible choices into a serious obstacle course.

and they are evil for putting food in the middle, just when you're about to keel over from low blood sugar. EVIL.

I slept 10 hours last night, and I dreamed of ready-to-assemble furniture.

on another note, I believe shopping for furniture in a hatchback was probably a bad plan. it fit because her back seats fold down to open up the trunk, but I was kissing the dashboard the whole way back from Round Rock. also, the guy helping us load the car was cussing in Spanish the entire time he was shoving stuff in. I heard "mierda" muttered no less than a dozen times.
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stolen from all over, mad lib drabbles. some of my words actually make perfect sense in context, haha

I should also say, nothing but love for my spuffy friends. *snorfle*
*pets you*

There was nothing left for him anymore, nothing licked him, all was frothy. )

For seven days and seven nights, Angel nursed Spike, cleaning his hip and feeding him Blood-brand rat chow. )

Angel paced up and down, jiggling his armpit. )

He smiled to see a rat hopping along, carrying a stake in its mouth. )

what do you think, guys? I think this may be some of my most ingenious work yet! *waits for copious praise to roll in*
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uh, hi! haha. I just thought I would pop my head in and say, not dead. I'm just uber busy right now and have nothing of particularly fannish interest to say, so I've been (and will probably continue to be) quiet.

well, there is the fact that last night I was considering writing Josh/Sam slash from West Wing, haha *facepalm* I was just wondering how they originally met and then there were half-baked bunnies and. ew. half-baked bunnies. yuck.

where was I? *wanders off*

oh! I thought we could play a fun game. I do the majority of my christmas shopping online, because I'm a lazyass, haha. so I'm going to show you my favorite gifts that I'm giving this year, and then you can do the same. is there anything particularly nifty that you're proud of thinking up? showwww meeeeeeee.

my favorites:
*I'm giving my sister a book on the anatomy of yoga. she'd asked for a few yoga books and this wasn't one of them, but I really think she'll appreciate the geekiness, and it's definitely a gift *I'd* give her, you know?
*my brother-in-law is a seriously smart guy and he soaks up info like a sponge, man. seriously. always learning. so I thought I'd get him something brain-feedy. either a subscription to the New Yorker or the sister's doing recon to figure out which he'd like better.
*my BiL's brother lives at the frickin north pole (or at least, one of those midwestern states) and likes to go running outside, the nut. anyway, I'm getting him some ear warmer headphones. fuckin nifty little gadget.
*his girlfriend (fiance? haha I don't know) wants new slippers so I'm giving her big hairy polar bear feet, which make me snorfle.
*my best friend is craaaazy about the houston astros. it's an obsession, really. a few years ago I bought her an astros calendar and penned in all the birthdays of our friends (because I always have to remind her anyway) and stapled a little folded to-be-opened-this-month note on each page, each one giving a new reason why she's awesome and I love her. it was a biiiiig hit. I'm getting her another one, this time with birthdays, this day-in-histories, and some super sekrit notes with inside jokes and geeky medical stuff (she's in med school).
*Bethany's really into sewing and knitting presents for people, so I'm getting her her own "made by" labels

I haven't been enthusiastic and really giving at christmas for a few years, so I'm especially excited about this year. gift-giving is normally Very Important to me. I like finding the perfect thing to meet the recipient's interests, my interests, something that bonds the two of us together. plus! Chicago this year for Christmas. yay for snow (and yes, I know how fucking cold it is in Chicago in December, haha. but I get to go back home to Texas afterwards, so it makes no never-mind to me)

okay, dish! what are you wrapping up this year?
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so, I have a facebook account which is useless and stupid, imo, but tis the convention of my generation. all the cool kids have one. anyway.

point is, I ended up doing this tv trivia thing somehow (*cough*[ profile] nyghtpet*cough*) and I zeroed in on Buffy-questions only, and this made me snorfle:

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Who said, "I don't. Xander, I'm, I'm sorry. I-I just don't think of you that way."

note that all the options except Buffy are MEN. even the mainstream sees the slash :)
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the world is entirely too serious for my liking this morning. I'm here to bring the fun to your flist.

so...talking kitty, the encore! (I'll be answering comments to my last few posts tomorrow...still a busy bee today)

here's a grouchy kitty to start us off:

more kitties! more! )

happy thursday!
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I've never been one for watching the food channel, but

THE ACE OF CAKES WINS. *hearts it hard*

[ profile] entrenous88, I'm lookin at you. if you've never seen it, you gotta.
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I was searching youtube for nostalgic images of my youth :) maybe more later

it's like time-travel, only safer. )
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but we're arguing about something over here. so humor me.

[Poll #1025348]
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so I was packing, and I ran across a folder of my writing from my senior year in high school. oh lord. maybe it's a *good* thing I stopped writing for 5 years. :)

two under the cut, for your amusement and entertainment. one of them is pretty good...or at least, I like what I was trying to do, and there are moments of okayness. haha. the other god save us from the melancholy drama of youth.

come...laugh with me. )
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still from my earlier surfing of

slashy overheards, with a side of het )
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thanks to [ profile] 1more_sickpuppy for reminding me that exists. heee!

Sixth grader: Wait, I don't understand. When you have oral sex you don't take off your clothes, so how can you get AIDS?
Student teacher: Ummm...
--University Neighborhood Middle School

what the hell are they *teaching* you guys up there? )


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